Based on topics created dedicated to them including photo memes, name mentions in title. Group photos didn’t count. This is based on all the topics created since the beginning of this forum (9 months ago). Some of the hated names are inflated but that will still count as ‘popular’.

Jay Masters 235

Jason Genova 177

Big Lenny 117

Brad 64

Robzilla 63

Uncle Dave 58

McCuck 44

Diana Maybrook 41

Blaha 33

Laith 27

Emma 25

Cuban, Ian McCarthy 22

Big Rob 20

Dale 17

Nate 16

Pj Braun 15

Coath Karen, Jane 14

Pomps 12

Big Richard, Taco Queen, Ratprick 10

Doc Plum, Rich Piana 8

Livia, Prince Andrew 7

Celeste, Adam Harper, Kali Muscle 6

Todd, Hamberg 5

Lou, Sol, Kim Haynes 4

Cynthia, Tamika, Coath Debbie, Victoria, Harvey, JT, Tony Huge, Alyssa Racine 3

Jennifer, Vegan gains, Liz, Will, Collura, Singerman, Chuck 2

Jasmine gains 1