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He truly had 100s of nicknames lmao

Just a lil gay

Braaaayud let me suck your caaawk

“For energy I eat chocolate”

Absolute freak

All these steroids and training all these decades just to look like shit is hilarious and sad at the same time

Delusional Jason was always the mentiest version of Jason imo

Lenny would absolutely dwarf Bloho, despite Lenny having not an ounce of muscle on his geriatric body anymore

I remember some fanbuddy who took this picture claimed this was not shopped hahaha

Simple, it’s not huehue.

She is not really dead though…

I agree… maybe should start deleting this shit tbh

Ah that’s true he has great genetics but his age seems to have caught up to him now somewhat. Still insane to be in this shape

What the hell happened to Will? He looks like he aged 20 years. Still ripped as hell but damn.

Lenny wants everyone to be a homo just like himself, so he doesnt feel like the homo he is

Come on he didn’t suck diyuck. I refuse to believe it.

650 on his TIPPY TOES

Is this guy worth it to get into rabbit hole while Lake Cresva is dry? Asking for friend huehue

Ahhh who gives a fuck. Belly full balls empty.

Kinda weird I mean what sense does it even make to compete in front of gay men if you don’t even make money from it?

He’s not big on social gravy huehue

Got the Lenny pancake tits huehuehue

Ian couldnt even bench a plate, that’s the sad reality

Sometimes it’s the biggest faggots that are the most openly anti gay, just look at Lenny haha. Claims he is not a homo and said it’s disgusting to be gay several times, yet he clearly likes diiiyuck.

She will have to learn the hard way. She is a total retard

Jason’s TikTok videos were like a menty feverdream
Jesus Christ, feel cold that we don't have this fat little retard on social media anymore.

Definitely one of PeeJays silicon whores who would break his heart.. Just did legs today... first time in a while.. huehue

![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/ygHbOKT6Vf.jpg) Huehue, wee, would love to read more of this.

Anyone of you maniacs tried Sarms?
Has anyone of you tried sarms and would you recommend? If so, which ones? Or are they just not worth it and it's better off just going on Tee Arrr Tee?(and young pussy) The idea of just taking a pill to help a bit with training sounds intriguing to me. I would love to have some extra motivation right now, just some extra strenght gains would be nice to keep going and not stagnate.

She looks happy, do you guys think she is still with brother peejhay?

I miss our fucking pet monkey, start of the video he is in his best maniac MENTal state huehue. It mentyyyy

I already fucking hate the present and the future looks even more bleak fanbuddies, feels like everything gets worse and worse, all good times have ended, society is going downhill, women are horrible cunts, staying alone forever and mentally broken, used and abused me. Getting older sucks, not necessarily the body itself but in the mind, I feel set in my ways, feel trapped, no energy left to change things and probably too late anyways, waking up weird hours demons haunt my sole etc. Want more power but I know I shouldnt. Every day is same shit. Feel cold want to travel back in time to happier, mentier times. No energy, no positive emotions, work all day then sleep, feel like having wank going sleep with fishes forever.

A classic tough guy story from Lenny, when we didnt yet know that he was full of shit.. but my favorite part about this ment is Jason in full pet monkey mode laughing at every absurd shit Lenny said Huehuehue

Thoughts on Fronk Yong fanbuddies? Scam artist? Truly enlightened? Attention whore? Or did he figure out life? What is his motive?