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Lmao yeah as if he even possessed some sort of insane power in the first place hahaha

Remember Vince G the swole nerd? Lmao and then he split up with Chris Jones and channel died of his death. Charisma of a fly.

I really like Tony Yuge, he is an insane freak huehue, wish he had met with the misfits more often

Colonies, immigrants, it sick it piss

Managed to order some Kratom fanbuddy, I hope source is legit and it arrives soon. Want to take it this upcoming weekend

You assoooomed right, at least that’s what I assooom huehue

Dude, that’s like, crazy man!

Just a lil paranoid bro lil treat

But I like him too

Agree 100-110%. Lenny is at fault here as usual. He could come over to Brad to train or film once in a while at least. He also doesnt work so he could come when Brad has time. Why should Brad pick him up? Wtf? That kind of logic is backwards, especially because Brad picked him up 100s of times in the past already, it’s time that Lenny does something himself once in his life.

Lmao he didnt steal shit, first of all he didnt even make 30k in the first place himself, and even if he did, HE started it, HE did all the work, he deserved every single penny he made.(it wasnt much, channel was demonetized also).

Did he really do it though? If so, you are right

There is no such thing as “was” a homo, this is not something you can change.

But I dont think he is a homo(if he really sucked cock though he is), Lenny definitely is though.

Unfortunately we eat loads of bugs already. It’s basically in every food available. Whether It’s bread, chocolate, or whatever. Think about it, during harvesting millions of insects sitting on the plants are being harvested too. Then everything is being processed and grinded down, just a lil protein treat, don’t be mad skip.

Anyone of you maniacs tried Sarms?

Has anyone of you tried sarms and would you recommend? If so, which ones? Or are they just not worth it and it’s better off just going on Tee Arrr Tee?(and young pussy)…

She looks happy, do you guys think she is still with brother peejhay?..

I miss our fucking pet monkey, start of the video he is in his best maniac MENTal state huehue. It mentyyyy…


I already fucking hate the present and the future looks even more bleak fanbuddies, feels like everything gets worse and worse, all good times have ended, society is going downhill, women are horrible cunts, staying alone forever and mentally broken, used and abused me. Getting older sucks, not nece…

A classic tough guy story from Lenny, when we didnt yet know that he was full of shit… but my favorite part about this ment is Jason in full pet monkey mode laughing at every absurd shit Lenny said …

Thoughts on Fronk Yong fanbuddies? Scam artist? Truly enlightened? Attention whore? Or did he figure out life? What is his motive? …