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So why exactly did he feel the need to have to share this?

That happens when you drink nothing but energy drinks for 20 years and never sleep. Looking horribly aged.

Jesus I am not even a native speaker and even I can see that his spelling is absolutely horrible. Imagine not even being able to spell the simplest words in a correct way.

Just a lil 1% PeeJay, don’t be mad huehue

Damn need to get over there one day !! Hood trash make problem me !!

He should rather hop on gear and go to the gym regularly

Fuck, Tony was a ment machine. Sad day today fans !!!

Fuck this rat, he should be 6 feet under for turning on bother PeeJhay and killing his athletes

True freak… I would love to have seen more of him and Lenny, he is menty as fuck imo. He is a degenerate and doesnt give a fuck

Lenny wont die that quickly, did you forget his cockroach genetics? Robust as fuck unfortunately. Will probably die at 80+ and outlive all the other misfits except granny Genova with her daily diet of fetus blood huehue

She is starting to look worse and worse, legs ass and stomach horribly worn unfortunately, not even the tit job can save her. Weird. Looks like she has not enough estrogen somehow. Weird body

Would fuck the shit out of the one on the right unfortunately. Make problems doodle me

Yes fanbuddy, had to take care of some personal issues but missed this forum too much. Weeeeeee happy to be back here

Holy fuck look at the violent shaking when Janoy films Andrew shooting, Jesus he is fucked up on stimulants

It retard strenghtening

Remember when he deadlifted 405 with some maniac in old world gym and just double overhanded the weight like it was nothing huehue, freaky retard paw strenght

The “horribly wronged genius by society” stack huehue

Gets mistaken for a professor in university

What a freak, you think he posessed that gorilla retard strenght?

Maybe even 160. Because he isnt even close to being 5’7, he is more like 5’5 or 5’6.

Those were the times where we legitimately didn’t know anything about Lenny. The more we saw of his personal life, the more disappointing it got.

Same with Jason, back before DRM we only saw him in the gym, so some people even speculated that was only an elaborate act

Classic. This was Lennys first appearance on the piss or did I get it mixed up?

I think it’s only Piss_O_My and PissNChips who occasionally wipe their accounts. But both are legit and good posters.

And then there is this other JayGoodrum tiny weiner man guy, who only spams bs, or maybe there are more of them and I mix them up, who even knows

I usually never block anyone except for these super retarded spammers, because I don’t want to have to scroll through their shitty pictures or insults on every page. If these pictures or insults were menty at least, all would be good.

Impisster posts interesting things imo and provides ments, and how would you even know what his private life looks like? We are all anonymous here. Then again idk what you guys argued about

I love these bargaining ments from DSL. Lord likes cash!!

I agree, but some fanbuddies can imitate it pretty perfectly, for example:

@[email protected]

And there have been others in the past who hacked his fb and did some legitimately good retard speak impression.

![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/ygHbOKT6Vf.jpg) Huehue, wee, would love to read more of this.

Anyone of you maniacs tried Sarms?
Has anyone of you tried sarms and would you recommend? If so, which ones? Or are they just not worth it and it's better off just going on Tee Arrr Tee?(and young pussy) The idea of just taking a pill to help a bit with training sounds intriguing to me. I would love to have some extra motivation right now, just some extra strenght gains would be nice to keep going and not stagnate.

She looks happy, do you guys think she is still with brother peejhay?

I miss our fucking pet monkey, start of the video he is in his best maniac MENTal state huehue. It mentyyyy

I already fucking hate the present and the future looks even more bleak fanbuddies, feels like everything gets worse and worse, all good times have ended, society is going downhill, women are horrible cunts, staying alone forever and mentally broken, used and abused me. Getting older sucks, not necessarily the body itself but in the mind, I feel set in my ways, feel trapped, no energy left to change things and probably too late anyways, waking up weird hours demons haunt my sole etc. Want more power but I know I shouldnt. Every day is same shit. Feel cold want to travel back in time to happier, mentier times. No energy, no positive emotions, work all day then sleep, feel like having wank going sleep with fishes forever.

A classic tough guy story from Lenny, when we didnt yet know that he was full of shit.. but my favorite part about this ment is Jason in full pet monkey mode laughing at every absurd shit Lenny said Huehuehue

Thoughts on Fronk Yong fanbuddies? Scam artist? Truly enlightened? Attention whore? Or did he figure out life? What is his motive?