Chef Crackhead has just reported us.
The Chef Rosen just reported us again to the web host. This guy is insane.

where is the video of robzilla and lenny shitting on andrew outside during a live?
i think robzilla strikes any remaining footage of this from the internet. we cant let this pece of media die... this moment killed the misfits. please someone with the archives help on this one. im making a documentary on the subject

This is pure piss, actually dying reading this stuff "Complaint Referral Form Internet Crime Complaint Center FBI Description of Incident Provide a description of the incident and how you were victimized. Provide information not captured elsewhere in this complaint form. MY business is being attacked on google by internet trolls posting derogatory mean ,nasty inappropriate pictures, fake derogatory profiles, harassing life threatening phone calls, voice mails, texts, various social media fake derogatory profiles and basic trolling tactics to defame by reputation and my online business presence and interaction of my potential customers. I am being attacked by a group called the Delray Misfits. I do have a large amount of saved recorded threats on my voice mail. My home address and pictures are being displayed on several social media sits such as Reddit,Instagram,Facebook, U-Tube The Jason Genova and Delray misfits U-Tube pages,Blogs such as and Muscular ect.Myself and my mother are receiving physical death threats by cell phone and comments on all these sites , the trolls are ordering attacks and harassment to other trolls as an army of aggressive threats because my nephew Jason Genova is mentally ill and legally mentally disabled with no judgement of any of his illegal actions ordering these trolls to attack me because my mother is in the process of Marchman Acting Jason for illegal steroid use not administered by a legal doctor.Jason has been marchcman acted 8 months ago for stacking and injecting illegal steroids. Its already on record with Child protective services. My mother 2 days ago inspected his condo and found more steroids ans syringes. We called CPS and filed a report, the officer made an inspection and found more illegal steroids so he is retaliating and ordering individuals(trolls)to attack my online business , my home, my mothers and my life threats all over the internet. if you type into google David Rosov with Jason Genova together all these incriminating threats pop up. Also just type David Rosov in google and see what comes up under indexing and images. My sister is his legal guardian and not cooperating in any such way as I do believe she is also involved and directing him to retaliate by ordering the trolls to harass us as. This is motivated by income made off U tube which is actually the root of Jason's abuse issues and drug abuse issues. Jason has no sane judgement , he is being directed and poorly influenced by a group of steroid injecting body builders dosing him illegally see U Tube Video the intervention and please review U- Tube Videos on Jason Genova(1) most recent "the Trolls have ruined my life" (2) "My Biggest Struggle" (3) Internet reacts after Rich Piana slapping jason goes too far" for trolling his business and online media. ++++IMPORTANT++++ (4) THE DELRAY MISUNDERSTOOD INTERVENTION" these documented videos should show the total scope of this problem.His legal guardian Jane Frantzen his mother is also involved and displaying herself as an incompetent legal guardian. her mother wants Jason in treatment inpatient. Jason and his mother are not aware of his problem to be proactive and effective in monitoring his mental heath she is unfit. In turn the trolls don't want Jason to remove his social media because they make fun of him and his family to degrade and belittle him as a sick demented form of entertainment at the expense of Jason's sanity and mental health and well being , this social media activity is degrading jason's mental heath as he is attacked and ridiculed with fake profiles on all forms of social media to control his popularity among the troll attackers. Jason's grand mother and myself as his uncle want him away from this sick social media as he is mentally ill (legally)and unfit to participate in normal social media in a healthy non harmful manner , not effecting his entire family creating direct threats and bodily harm affecting himself and now affecting his direct members of family. We have a significant record of internet abuse on me and my family dating back to 2015 all on line to view publically. myself and his grand mother have exhausted all normal ways of rectify these issues, with no co operation from Jason's own mother. We only want him to get treatment and stop with the internet cybercrime activities. +++++MISFITS LEADER WE BELIEVE IS THE RING LEADER BEHIND THE ATTACKS AND COORDINATING OTHERS TO ACT AND PARTICIPATE IN TROLLING AND THREATS HAS A HANDLE ONLINE , HE GOES UNDER thee_bedroombully +++++ known as big Jay , also another Delray Misfit Leader Prince Andrew is of great concern as the intelligent brain behind this attacking campaign. Jason masterson is not smart nor intelligent , he lives with his mother and is a truck driver. Which of the following were used in this incident? (Check all that apply.) ☑ Spoofed Email ☑ Similar Domain ☑ Email Intrusion ☑ OtherPlease specify: Law enforcement or regulatory agencies may desire copies of pertinent documents or other evidence regarding your complaint. Originals should be retained for use by law enforcement agencies." ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![](

![]( Uh, yes, though you may claim this is a biology lecture and you are a so called professor, I was up all night listening to Hans Zipper film scores, therefore I need to lie on your desk and self regulate. You'll have to move your lecture somewhere. Also, that project isn't going to work for me, I ran out of windows to write on, so I can't complete it."

Another interview that Bravo didn't get first dibs on. Instead he's stirring drama with other youtubers for clout. This interview is like an hour long character witness profile. So much more substance than Bravo's bullshit speculating and speaking in riddles with a mysterious voice and delayed sentencing.

Ian was never dumped by tranny, or got botched hairplugs, or have top yootoob and then lose million subscribers, so award goes to nate nigs unfortunately

Chef crackhead

Remember the time Ian McCarthy got a donation of a few hundred dollars for a hotel room
and claimed he misbooked the hotel, so he needed more money, and someone on facebook, think maybe Vogel? stepped up and paid him again. Then the infamous one where he was "cleaning up the party room" in the hotel he was staying in, and would drink whatever dregs were in the leftover cans and ate the leftover pizza. Menty menty.

Uncle and Gains Goblin ruin life unfortunately.

He violated the same womb from which he came to this world. He fucking raped his sick mother. Apparently, he has been released from jail.

Tension fan bout to hit legs today then got doctor office down in Fort Lauderdale unfortunately.

pale 2 who wanted a ten

the third one looked like it was 2" but they gave him it. rulesening.


THE CRYPT KEEPER CANT BE STOPPED! He stole Laith and Bostins andrenachrome, not many know this.

Correct ![](

Don't blame him, it less stress in prison cell

who’s the white chick with dyed hair On Tony Hue videos?
who is she and what is she doing in Thailand hanging out with deviants? I assume she joins Tony in ladyboy orgies anyone have info so that I can stalk her and play with doodle???