The Delray Misfits

Bessie being good whore. fucking and taking loads 5 buck


Bands and chains with the princess. Let the ments begin. Unfortunately.


Unfortunately I can't find a source anymore but here's how it went: Shorty after the Adam Harper Era, Coath Adam posted something on his companies' facebook along the lines of: **"Like this post to get a chance to win one of two $75 coupons for the Delray Beach Mall!"** Guess who immediately posted a comment? Jane Frantzen (from her former real account). I can't recall what exactly she wrote but it was huge wall of text along the lines of: **"Hey Adam, I'm glad you're doing good, we haven't heard from you in a while. Here, things are pretty rough these days. My mother is currently in the hospital again for major check-ups and we're all going through hard times. It's nice to see your business is going well. Anything would help so we're looking forward to hearing from you again!"** She wasn't directly begging him (like Jason would have) but it was so painfully obvious that she was lusting for those sweet coupons. Back then you could still see people's post history and this was the first activity her account had in MONTHS. Some Miscer posted a screenshot of it in an old megathread and it was absolutely hysterical. It's honestly so fucking hilarious how the Genova clan does EVERYTHING in their power to behave like the most laughable over-the-top jewish stereotypes every chance they get. Phucking lol.

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It sick Spotify: Apple: Official Website:

SHE sent me photos of nips unfortunately by accident, but like a maniac i saved it before she unsent it, i can prove it is her, although the photo is from neck down, but the "NEO" tattoo on her wrist is in the photo so yes it is her nudes WEEEE TIME TO PLAY DOODLE K PEACE OUT BYE

This was for you guys :)

Big Lenny Butter Shakes
@OakmontDrill it wasnt that bad. wasnt good either. About to throw up frothy slick protein all over. wait that didnt sound right....

I thought surely they’d torch the place but they didn't even remove the tile, the new owners have no clue what happened here.


Esstremely irritated, STOP FUCKING AROUND AND GIVE MONEY OR ELSES! Pretty shocking behaviour from fanbuddies not giving money Ian needs. No one wants to help, fuck you!

delraymisfitsboard character popularity index
Based on topics created dedicated to them including photo memes, name mentions in title. Group photos didn't count. This is based on all the topics created since the beginning of this forum (9 months ago). Some of the hated names are inflated but that will still count as 'popular'. Jay Masters 235 Jason Genova 177 Big Lenny 117 Brad 64 Robzilla 63 Uncle Dave 58 McCuck 44 Diana Maybrook 41 Blaha 33 Laith 27 Emma 25 Cuban, Ian McCarthy 22 Big Rob 20 Dale 17 Nate 16 Pj Braun 15 Coath Karen, Jane 14 Pomps 12 Big Richard, Taco Queen, Ratprick 10 Doc Plum, Rich Piana 8 Livia, Prince Andrew 7 Celeste, Adam Harper, Kali Muscle 6 Todd, Hamberg 5 Lou, Sol, Kim Haynes 4 Cynthia, Tamika, Coath Debbie, Victoria, Harvey, JT, Tony Huge, Alyssa Racine 3 Jennifer, Vegan gains, Liz, Will, Collura, Singerman, Chuck 2 Jasmine gains 1

Guide for protecting yourself from autists
There has been some doxxing on this board this week. By some sad persons with too much spare time and no life goals. Here is a quick guide on how to protect yourself: 1. Do not use a username on this website which you have ever used on another website. (If you've already made this mistake logout now and re-register under a new name) 2. Do not use your "real life" Instagram account to comment on DRM content or live-streams. (Autists will use patterns in your sentence structure to link your real Instagram identity and your DRM board persona) 3. Similarly for YouTube, do not comment using a personal YouTube account, create a special one for DRM content.

![]( Unfortunately.

Sometimes you need to insist on a whore

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Mel Chauncy - he got to go meet hulk hogan and go to that event for free Dale - Bought him a bunch of gifts and was nice in person Mr. G - Is now helping Lenny make money off those cookies

bonus: coath adam finding his dunkin donuts receipt: ![](

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