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All these years of crying how superior the vegan diet is just to look like shit and have underwhelming PRs. Years of dedication to lifting and has dick to show for it. If Veganism gets you that fat thing in the blue, fainting during workouts, and no strength or aesthetic gains through years of work, count me out.

She was ugly as sin but nope, wasnt fat at all. Not sure what the hell happened haven’t seen her or really VG in forever.

Low test sunken in face. Bags around his eyes from working too much. Boss tells him to jump he says how high. Thats why he tries to sound like a tough guy every chance and pretend he has control over his life.

New Jack was a lunatic. Would kick the shit out of people in a match and cut his head up so bad blood would spew in all of his matches. Non cookie cutter.

No chance, thatd mean Nate is benefiting from a woman. He’s allergic to that too huehuehue

The only reason she can’t be a tranny is because that would make Nate a non cookie cutter freak. Hes allergic to that.

After a shot of test who wouldn’t want a couple of sex slaves to call your son as well. Not gay bro, just for ments huehuehue

Yeah thats essentially my conclusion. He is no doubt her editor and anyone who watches 1 minute of her YouTube videos can see that. I like this girl though, just showing how 1 percent Nate is to fall into this trap again immediately.

Its honestly odd. He posts her on his story, has a picture with her and her nephews who he spent his birthday with, comments on all of her shit. Not sure exactly how she feels about him but we know she doesn’t reciprocate nearly as much. But way back when, she would have emoji filled lovey dovey comments that could easily confirm they are together. Weird situation.

Too much cardio and machine weights unfortunately. Needs to shrink that head.

She never uses emojis when talking to him through comments and social media whores use emojis in every sentence, it kinda weird. Look at her other comment replies, every single one has at minimum a heart emoji, now it really weird huehuehue

Dude eats pie filling all day. It goofy

Love BFD too bro, he good guy !! Good mod !! Come condo ?!

Hasnt been any fun since these Bradford Manor vids either. Only time for Taco Queen and cookie cutter friends, off camera bro.

Needs some Nair to get all of his fuckin greasy hair removed. Tired of him getting it cut once a year.

Gotta be Nate here. Ruqqus had some freaks though. Real non cookie cutters.

This video was always kinda creepy. Sucks knowing that the videos around that time was the beginning of the end for a lot if misfit shit…

If this is the Jay we are getting from now on, we’re doomed unfortunately

Holy shit he has been terrible. Banning left and right, talking shit to all his viewers. Answering every interesting question with “I have no idea”. Been cunty the whole time but I’m gonna chalk it up to quitting his substances and hope this isn’t long-term…