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Castrated with porn, jewtube, goyslop, and rules preventing aggression around women. No wonder testosterone down in dumps for men.

Not convinced this is what happened with Leo (don’t really care either way honestly) but is there even any truth to shithole countries like Thailand hating when western men come to start harems?

Wasting his and everyone else’s time. The second someone in a science class shows more promise than him (which will be immediately) his ego will shatter and he’ll quit. Wont be mistaken for professor, will be recognized for old arrogant loser who brings zero to any class because he has spent the last years listening to movie soundtracks, disregarding different opinions, and asking FB friends for cash. Should save himself the effort and can this pipe dream early.

Liked the groping and doesn’t touch wife unfortunately

Lied about that and the diet being complicated, then lied about it becoming boring. Took everyone a looong time to realize fat retard was never going to stick to a diet and has the discipline of an untrained german shepherd puppy.

I can go with Nate there because Ian has been pretty consistently a fake depressed lazy bum for a while now. Nate shuts the world out when he faces an inconvenience and goes into sadfag mode. And I actually think Ian has a more realistic bleak worldview whereas Nate just expects whores to love him and his clothes to impress them. When it falls apart, Ian just says “fuck it what else is new” whereas Nate becomes a wreck.

All of the people commenting on his posts are dyel “depressed” fayugs too talking about their medication for sympathy. Anyone bonding over mental illness in facebook comments just needs bullet unfortunately.

Didn’t hate Nate until he went on the podcast post livia cucking. Spent two hours clumsily talking in circles, defending livia and tyler, and shit talking maniacs. Even Andrew had to call him out on it.

Not surprising, been a grumpy asshole for years now unfortunately. Just needs shot.

Menty when even Jane calls you her “fucked up brother”

“Genova’s need for attention from trolls” still throwing mentally ill nephew under bus unfortunately

Get what get, should have stayed out chef retard. Business in shitter because of only him.

Menty how eager people are to turn brain to mush. Does the pharma dope FEEEL GOOOD Ian ?!

Wish had crazy puerto rican bitch live next to me, would make doodle funny !!

Mr. Persin dying alone and miserable with a tranny loving son would be fitting.

Just needs Elon to buy jewtube and fire all the fayugs like he did Twitter unfortunately.

It doped up pharma stare. Just what the tribe wants for all of us unfortunately.

Way worth it, if you’re gonna become an old decrepit man who shits himself anyway, might as well have been a legend in prime.

All of that is post workout and post ayuss eating calories easily.

Just needs crack pipe and tackled by officer

Most maniacs would have not minded and even enjoyed him joining as a regular member. Insanely impressive feat for the short time he was around.

Lou’s party looked hilarious start to finish. Wish we got a non cookie cutter director’s cut of it fortunately.

Lenny’s story about his mom finding tranny porn on his internet history was menty. Such an avoidable problem but he is boomer IQ in technology.

Freezing maggot filled pan to becoming quite a cook. It growth.

Would have been great, add Lou and catman in the mix and send them to thailand WOOOO

Really is sick. Rent free in granny condo thinking he actually supported anyone including himself. Non cookie cutter delusions.

MFW the board comes back up after its 13299548th shutdown

Failed to get Dale that day brother. Feel cold.

Fighting with husband, next logical action is girl trip. It code for whoring

G4P Chuck doing homo dances, who would have thought

Call center not paying unfortunately

Last Neovibe post last July, not good man
![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/Ekbm9RslZU.jpg) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/8KjcOOGAlo.jpg)

What garlic parmesean wings and not brushing turns a man into. Not even once fanbuddies

It no self awareness

2 for 30 buck. Because the originals sold so well huehuehue

Livia got that freaky gunt look. It lil Rod in the oven? Huehuehue

But thought I’d show you this real quick

Post McCuck record 315

Be careful Livia

Its anniversary fans. Just needs celebration.

Nate couldn’t step up

We don’t have fuckin time for a podcast assholes. Stop with that shit.

Hate my mom bro !! I put money on the table for her ass man !!

Should have helped Jason. Car assidents bro.

Guys, lets get some crack

When you successfully ignore Lenny at the store

Just gonna profit off a dead person’s trailer park shithole. Business is booming, WE BIG INVESTORS NOW !!
![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/HQtGtcIFo3.jpg) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/rERjYk45I3.jpg)

Just needs flank steak to go with those 168 eggs

Hard at work. Cant talk.

MFW I wake up every day and realize we arent in pre-ruby era or Coath Adam era anymore

“Im gon’ get my pro card next year” -amateur bodybuilder Dale Chance

Big Jay checkin in from the Hells Angels!

Escort unfortunately
![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/Ri2bkjQP3V.jpg) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/sAfKd2NrOx.jpg)

Not good fans. Nate not being careful unfort

Think you can kill this species, Mad Max!? Cmon tough guy !!

Nate spending more sickening condo money on Paty for new years
![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/qD7Sn1W4Xw.jpg) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/5o2kehf7bX.jpg)

Hey food ninjas it me