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Salad. As in Jane’s tossed salad. Unfortunately.

Cause soccer is for fayugs

We don’t care about purpose and spiritual fulfillment, we bugmen !!

Jay is incredible at coming up with absurdly well fleshed out and hilarious fantasies on the fly.

Pretty much sums Nate up. Lowest common denominator mass appeal is the name of the game. He wakes up, goes on social media, checks celebrities news, watches the netflix shows hes been keeping up with only because they are popular on social media, then edits videos for a girl. It sick.

Jason had the same cert allegedly. Though I feel his was gifted and the certificate isnt even real, kind of like when celebrities get honorary doctorates. Its not NASM or ACE though so WHOOOOO.

Nobody knows if Cuban was actually talking shit cause no one watches or cares about him huehuehue

Jane being a certified trainer is menty.

This is normal, he will delete his account and come back under a new name. No big deal. Yaaa he is good guy.

True. I remember his story with Collura and how proud he was of high school girls wanting to suck their dicks. He got off telling that story and how young they were.

He has insisted on multiple occasions that lowering the age of consent for marriage is the right decision. Always praises countries for having kids marry at 12-14. And has said he would marry a teen girl for a “stable” relationship. I dont call him that but if someone calls him one I wont argue it.

Joe it early, go back to sleep unfortunately huehuehue

I could picture him trying to outdoctor the doctor and tell him what he should be doing based on the medical abstracts he read. Seems like the only time he has ever had to take a genuine look at himself and his ego was when Lenny tore into him with the assoom shit.

The lack of self awareness from Ian has to be satire at this point.

Lenny is a junkie who cant take care of himself. Of course he is full of shit. Isn’t it funny how drug attics always claim they’re owed money or getting ripped off by everyone? They’re delusional.

Quality ment. Hate people like Emma always finding themselves in self inflicted shit asking for money, glad Janoy did this. Its like a parody of those people…