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@JAYGOODRUM@delraymisfitsboard.com if you continue posting videos from that off-topic channel you will be banned. This is your one and only warning.

Missing images on the board

Because of an issue with the board software we’re using which is written by leftists, a significant amount of images are broken. …

Father always wins

Still bigger than Dale

This user requested that their posts all be deleted along with their account

Talking about Jay, mentioned both of his lungs are full of blood clots…

Recent board downtime

The board was offline recently due to the server hosting it running out of storage space. This has now been increased. …

So she used Nate to build a youtube channel and get a green card. And now uses this guy to get a job and a slice of his business. Livia the user.

Bad idea. Discord does not allow freedom of speech. We have a self hosted board for a reason.

Guide for protecting yourself from autists

There has been some doxxing on this board this week. By some sad persons with too much spare time and no life goals…

This is correct. This board will never be taken offline and we back up all of the content every single day automatically. Have a nice day.

Why are you posting a screenshot of https://delraymisfitsboard.com/modlog/community/2

Which clearly shows all of these moderation actions are 1 month+ old, and most are 3 months old.

If you post another subreddit link I will have to IP ban you. So stop. Reddit is cancer.

If you want this place to grow then make it grow.

  1. Post more content
  2. Re-post content from this board onto Reddit to drive people over.

If you do not do this it will not happen magically.

Downvotes disabled

Downvotes have been turned off as an experiment. Comment below if you do/do not like this change…

You play to win the game. When the subreddit is taken down again people will flood in here. Rather than complaining make some posts (and re-post those to the reddit subreddit to drive people over)

p.s. No, this website will not be taken down, it is perfectly legal.

Brad said many times he would not get the “vaccine”. Time to put your money where your mouth is BRAD…


There is a dropdown option to sort however you prefer. The default is ‘active’ which I think means a combination of votes and comments.

Post content here then post the link on reddit.

PSA: Naughty word filters

A few users reported hitting some bad word filters with this website software we are using. …

Test post for the board…