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Do not feed trolls by creating posts about them. Report the posts, email using the email address on the webpage if something is more urgent.

Wasn’t aware, it’s now fixed.

Will check this when I find time. Upload to https://imgur.com/ for now.

We do not control the board software. Install Firefox/Brave/Chrome browser on your phone and it will work most likely. I do not have a cookie-cutter iPhone to test it.

I did not write the board software so I have no idea why it randomly breaks. Next time it does I’ll look into it in more detail, instead of just restarting the server.

There is an email in the sidebar for notifying me when the website breaks. Nobody emailed me so i was not aware.

[email protected]

I think someone must be attacking it again, I will re-raise the security shield around the website now.

edit: Done

Did the board break again?
I just noticed no new content in 15 hours, did the board break again? I just restarted the server and it now seems to function. If this happens in future please alert me via email at [email protected], that way it will get fixed faster.

Said Chef has tried 340 times today to access this website (His IP address is blocked)

Downtime update
The site wasn't working for about 15 hours as someone decided to perform a DDoS attack on the website and I was too busy to notice. I noticed 10 mins ago and now they're blocked from doing that. Site is back online and working 100%. Since I've blocked this loser they've now stopped their attack.

The server ran out of disk space so the board silently stopped allowing new posts, this is now fixed.

Any subversive posts suggesting site shut-down will be removed and possibly a ban. There is no need for these posts since this situation has already been explained, thus all posts about this will be considered a subversion attempt.

Post purges are due to a spammer signing up and continually suggesting we censor speech, doing this will result in an instant ban and post removal.

Please provide screenshots of the problem. I don’t have an iPhone to check

Recent board downtime
The board was down recently so we could move web host. This is due to *someone who will remain nameless* complaining to them about perfectly legal content being posted on the board. So, we changed host to cover the small chance where that web host could decide to kick us off (for whatever reason they pull out of a hat). Freedom of speech here is protected under The First Amendment and always will be. The board now has a protective shield enabled around it, however there may have to be another day of downtime soon to finish off some work in this area.

The board software has been updated. Is this still an issue?

Email verification is now enabled.

Board software updated!
I have just performed a huge update to the board software. It looks the same but you may notice some changes (I'm not aware of them all myself yet). MODS: There is now the option to Ban a user for a certain number of days, rather than forever. If you notice any big problems comment in this thread.

Will look into this, may take some time as will need to update the board software which may involve taking the site down. And it could all break during that, so I need to duplicate the site, test the upgrade, then try it…

We cannot control how the board software works, someone else built that. So you have the below options:

  1. Stop getting blocked
  2. Do not care about this issue
  3. Make a new account

Which posts are you referring to, specifically?

Ruqqus was cucked by it’s owner and relaunched recently under a new name, and without freedom of speech: https://syzitus.com/+Syzitus/post/fr/we-need-to-have-all-speech/mo

Link problematic posts below this comment, I do not have time to be monitoring the forum generally.

@[email protected] if you continue posting videos from that off-topic channel you will be banned. This is your one and only warning.

Missing images on the board
Because of an issue with the board software we're using which is written by leftists, a significant amount of images are broken. if this happens to your profile image, reupload it. as for the images on the posts i will try to fix these but no guarantees. it may take a long time. if you want to post an image and be 100% sure it stays online, upload to https://imgur.com/ and post using the link.

This user requested that their posts all be deleted along with their account

Talking about Jay, mentioned both of his lungs are full of blood clots.

Calling all piss-troopers, Operation Archangel activated 🚨
1 up-vote = 1 piss-prayer for Jay Masters it pull-throughening ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/NSJPDxjFfW.png)

Recent board downtime
The board was offline recently due to the server hosting it running out of storage space. This has now been increased. If it ever goes offline again do not worry as there are constant backups so it will always get fixed and back online.

So she used Nate to build a youtube channel and get a green card. And now uses this guy to get a job and a slice of his business. Livia the user.

Bad idea. Discord does not allow freedom of speech. We have a self hosted board for a reason.

Guide for protecting yourself from autists
There has been some doxxing on this board this week. By some sad persons with too much spare time and no life goals. Here is a quick guide on how to protect yourself: 1. Do not use a username on this website which you have ever used on another website. (If you've already made this mistake logout now and re-register under a new name) 2. Do not use your "real life" Instagram account to comment on DRM content or live-streams. (Autists will use patterns in your sentence structure to link your real Instagram identity and your DRM board persona) 3. Similarly for YouTube, do not comment using a personal YouTube account, create a special one for DRM content.

This is correct. This board will never be taken offline and we back up all of the content every single day automatically. Have a nice day.

Why are you posting a screenshot of https://delraymisfitsboard.com/modlog/community/2

Which clearly shows all of these moderation actions are 1 month+ old, and most are 3 months old.

If you post another subreddit link I will have to IP ban you. So stop. Reddit is cancer.

If you want this place to grow then make it grow.

  1. Post more content
  2. Re-post content from this board onto Reddit to drive people over.

If you do not do this it will not happen magically.

Downvotes disabled
Downvotes have been turned off as an experiment. Comment below if you do/do not like this change.

You play to win the game. When the subreddit is taken down again people will flood in here. Rather than complaining make some posts (and re-post those to the reddit subreddit to drive people over)

p.s. No, this website will not be taken down, it is perfectly legal.

Brad said many times he would not get the "vaccine". Time to put your money where your mouth is BRAD.

PSA: Word filters are now disabled
Following on from https://delraymisfitsboard.com/post/24 All word filters have now been turned off. That was the reason for the website being down for some time today.

PSA: Naughty word filters
A few users reported hitting some bad word filters with this website software we are using. I saw people saying they could not use some words in usernames, is this happening anywhere else? If so, where? Once that is known we can get started disabling all of these filters for you. edit: **Update, we are working on removing these filters now.** edit2: **Done, see https://delraymisfitsboard.com/post/24**