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There are tons of hot ASMR whores who are putting themselves out there and thus looking for the bigger better deal - but having the plausible deniability that they are just doing ASMR. They do all sorts of intimate stuff like whisper to you like they are your girlfriend and it goofy. This particular one has caught my eye recently. Small nice fit body and small hands and feet. No tattoos. nice whore. Many disgusting whores get posted here but this one not bad.

No I couldn’t lace his shoes, my friend. He has TATTOOS.

Did that tough guy c0inman leave already?

that’s very true. I probably wouldn’t have been working out during filming times anyway. But I’m just being objective. Of course nowadays - knowing what I know now I’d pay a lot more than a regular membership to witness all that piss firsthand.

As much as we loved watching that freaky era of world gym. I put some thought into it and to be honest, if I was just a member of that gym that had no clue about the piss I’d be really annoyed trying to have a legitimate workout there. I’m sure there were tons of members that hated all the shenanigans.

he saw your thousand cock stare, bud. father always wins

Well it would be an upgrade from this. You would have to complete a rep to be scored at all. This may be determined a completed rep but it would have the lowest possible score for a completed rep at said weight (easily beatable). Then short people will say they’re at a disadvantage (as tall people do currently) …well then they would have to arch their back less or squat deeper to create a larger range. Probably too futuristic for where most people are at now. Maybe if Elon Musk creates a powerlifting federation one day.

Or create some sort of algorithm that determines weight + distance moved and scores it. That might sound like a convoluted mess but it would be a more accurate measure of power than this satire

you’re definitely one of the bigger cookie cutters on here. between you creating topics about your tatts and taste in single moms with trailer park drama. not good man

maybe he asked to be yuman toilet and she turned him down

sickening. who is that on the right?

comes pre-equipped with high androgen levels. dont need to put her on gear to turn her into a nymphomaniac

ex-navy seal, ironman athlete, motivational speaker and nikka.

he kept saying the ice cream was cold. very astute.

I call bullshit on that. it’s modernized… probably by some gay leftist university i’m guessing

Lenny is David Goggins when compared to Ian

if teleports existed we could teleport to these whores’ locations. rape them then teleport away. no liability. plausible deniability

You’re right on that. Last time i stumbled on her was a year ago (maybe longer) and since she has increased her tattoos and masculine body language. She could’ve definitely been pretty hot in some alternate universe but chose to be a disgusting retard.

onlyjayus is a dyke closet racist liberal (like most of them). i stumbled on her tiktoks before and she is a talentless retard. almost but not quite hot enough to cum to

What’s your beef with her specifically? There are thousands of whores like this.

100% legit like Lenny’s and Janoy’s stories … …come on man.

You’ve heard of Brad Pitt? Well this is Brad Prick.

we’re fucked because men became feminine. You can no longer point out that the you-know-whos have inferior intellect and low impulse control that leads to hugely disproportionate criminality and other social dysfunctions in a developed society

yup that too. I’m talking about how its becoming all about leverages and reducing the range of motion. A 5 foot tall 4 foot wide woman squatting 400-500 lbs using a super wide stance and the bar moving a total of 8 inches down from her starting position should not be considered the same lift as a 6’3 guy doing an olympic style squat where the bar is moving 2-3 times the distance down from his starting (standing position). The problem with that is people will have to admit just how complex measuring strength accurately is. They want to go on playing under bullshit rules, because it’s far simpler.

powerlifting needs some type of revolution. Lifts should be judged by total distance moved. He lifts it like 6-8 inches inches off the ground. Halfthor probably lifted his 501 over 2 feet off the floor, not the same weight class and record, I know, but just an example. At least in other sports like sprinting they are all running the same length.

As Todd approaches Lenny after Lenny talk shit. Lenny changes his body language turning sideways and starts to stutter his words while Todd stays relatively cool. Post clip Lenny goes on to say it's people from the 'Carolinas' that were talking about Todd.

only queers and scorned women care about a mans penis size. straight guys we know in certain circumstances we’ll have a shrunken penis as its temperamental …like when its cold, too much alcohol or being old will all be common causes. You queers wanted him to have a big hard dick or something. He just had an average old fat alcoholic limp dick. Sorry to disappoint.

Some NBA coaches were commenting on it as well, very suspiciously like it was rehearsed. What the average person doesn’t understand is stuff like that is negotiated behind closed doors. They don’t understand those are corporate sponsored opinions. The same intuitions they will burn and loot on another day. It sick

drm world gym trivia
2 part question: What month and year was the motor city madman introduced on camera and which gym member did he say needed to be cuckolded?

in the earlier misfit episodes he actually did some good intense workouts, wrote everything down in a regimented way. As time went on he just talked about needing more caffeine pills, slept on the machines and played games on his smart-phone while hogging benches/machines. Added his two cents and did his fake laugh at his own mildly witty remarks. 'Great guy'. He didn't become known as the cat abandoner until later on. I'm only through episode 75 of rewatching the gym episodes, it's possible something else interesting happens with chuck later on but I doubt it. Maybe not the ultimate cookie cutter because he has no visible tattoos, but he's definitely up there as far as his behavior in the gym.

I consider myself to be very versatile. I'm always interested in trying out new ideas for photoshoots. Im all about the bizarre and the strange. i know how to find my light and angles and don't mind spending 8 hours on a good shoot. I have lots of experience with pinup photography but love doing all types My hair is always changing color I am willing to do either paid shoots or occasionally TFP -i do not do nudes/implied nudes or anything distasteful @fairlyoddemma ![]( ![](

Never will. Young Father in background The sickening foreshadowing

Lenny reaches a new low - now blocking people on youtube
I left multiple harmless comments that aren't showing, no youtube banned words in them at all. Maybe he's been doing this for a while but i've not heard anyone else mention it yet.

The art of trolling females online
They are just like Genovas. Insecure and not self-aware, yet also vain and delusional. I've probably been blocked over 100 times. Sometimes they'll unblock you after a while for no reason, or block you for no reason because everything is emotion to emotion, no consistent standard. Females sometimes want to be shit-talked a little bit as long as you do it in a clever/subtle way. It's not about being a straight up asshole, you kinda have to build them up a bit before you start to fuck with them. You can also troll them with money in the same way you would troll a Genova. Most of the Brad types which is give or take 80% of men out there won't ever do this to females, so they sometimes like when they meet someone who will approach them differently. I put almost no time into it but i just kinda come across shit that needs to be stirred while looking for JOM on an Instagram/tiktok/reddit type site. All victimless banter.

About the identity of most mass shooters from 2019

We got up to around 40 with Genova. Can we get to 20+ with Jay?

delraymisfitsboard character popularity index
Based on topics created dedicated to them including photo memes, name mentions in title. Group photos didn't count. This is based on all the topics created since the beginning of this forum (9 months ago). Some of the hated names are inflated but that will still count as 'popular'. Jay Masters 235 Jason Genova 177 Big Lenny 117 Brad 64 Robzilla 63 Uncle Dave 58 McCuck 44 Diana Maybrook 41 Blaha 33 Laith 27 Emma 25 Cuban, Ian McCarthy 22 Big Rob 20 Dale 17 Nate 16 Pj Braun 15 Coath Karen, Jane 14 Pomps 12 Big Richard, Taco Queen, Ratprick 10 Doc Plum, Rich Piana 8 Livia, Prince Andrew 7 Celeste, Adam Harper, Kali Muscle 6 Todd, Hamberg 5 Lou, Sol, Kim Haynes 4 Cynthia, Tamika, Coath Debbie, Victoria, Harvey, JT, Tony Huge, Alyssa Racine 3 Jennifer, Vegan gains, Liz, Will, Collura, Singerman, Chuck 2 Jasmine gains 1

Lenny back in hospital due to excessive water retention
Woke up couldn't breathe this moanin. Brags about drinking 3-5 gallons of water per day for years now. sickening

We used to call this nigger lipping Moments after Big Richard's most famous ment about Jason talking to his daughter on facebook, Jason Nigger lips the gallon jug. Thank you whoever uploaded and preserved all these classics on the Big Richard Show youtube channel

"Since like 1970-80 people been running their mouths on the internet ever since the internet was like 80 or mid 90s 2000s people been talking shit about people who have dyslexia or fucking hearing problems who are very intelligent and have slight little learning issues and you know societys fucked up because people are rich and hungry and and they fucking think they're better cause people will make an average income and they're struggling and they have [unintelligible] you know ever since then people been money hungry and rude and nasty and nobody wants to date you or be your friend cause you have those problems and you know what's another thing that's fucked up...the last thing im gonna say that's fucked up is that fucking little girl remember the girl? frickin who was on myspace talkin shit about her brother who had his brother the brother his other brother had au...dyslexia and autism and he was gonna be a singer she made fun of him he was very intelligent made fun of him and the brother retalied and went to the high school and fucking beat her in the brain and now she was on the news and shes all fucked up now you know what she DESERVES it bro. SHE DESERVES TO BE BRAIN DAMAGED. now shes fucked up, she deserves it because bro she talked shit on the internet to a poor kid who was trying to do somethin he wanted to do with his life and thats how the int...thats how all these people are...they're nasty" Who can guess the month and the year of this classic quote?

You fucks wanna listen to a fat lazy slob like Lenny for PED advice, go ahead suit yourself. You guys think you can bust my balls about me saying Deca makes me mean...I don't fucking care, assholes.

For you haters who said Lenny is the creepiest character in the genovaverse. Have you never looked at a woman you just met with bulging drug addict jaundiced eyes while sucking her toes in public and told her "Look at your meat wallet!" ![]( ![]( ![](

Actual Misfits: Andrew, Genova, Big Richard, Brad, Lenny, Jay High ranking side characters (provided the most ments, were in the most videos, did podcasts, had big overall impact): Collura, Emma, Dale, Adam Harper, Nate, Synthol Mark Then you could go into mid-tier side characters who were present but not really too menty like: Saul, Will, Chuck the cat abandoner, coath Andrew, Todd, most of the other coaths, Cerebral palsy Mike Low tier side characters: Hamberg, Macleod, Pomps, Cuban ??? tier characters (had lasting impact but highly disputed): Bessie Maybrook, Jane, Cynthia, Ian McCarthy, PJ Braun, Gideon, Lou, Robzilla There are too many side characters to complete the list, for most it just turns into a 'who do I like' list. I'm not a misfits historian, but I've watched since about 2013. The actual misfits and the high ranking side characters are what the focus is on. Robzilla might be considered low tier by many based on how he's disliked, but in terms of ments provided he might be a high tier.

Since, the pandemic is over, do you guys think I'd do well if I started hitting up malls?

Janoy charging couple hundred buck for order 66 leo longevity
update he just messaged me again said it was $300. "let know by end day" he says. I respond: "Ok see what can do"