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There are tons of hot ASMR whores who are putting themselves out there and thus looking for the bigger better deal - but having the plausible deniability that they are just doing ASMR. They do all sorts of intimate stuff like whisper to you like they are your girlfriend and it goofy. …

No I couldn’t lace his shoes, my friend. He has TATTOOS.

Did that tough guy c0inman leave already?

that’s very true. I probably wouldn’t have been working out during filming times anyway. But I’m just being objective. Of course nowadays - knowing what I know now I’d pay a lot more than a regular membership to witness all that piss firsthand.

As much as we loved watching that freaky era of world gym. I put some thought into it and to be honest, if I was just a member of that gym that had no clue about the piss I’d be really annoyed trying to have a legitimate workout there. I’m sure there were tons of members that hated all the shenanigans.

he saw your thousand cock stare, bud. father always wins

Well it would be an upgrade from this. You would have to complete a rep to be scored at all. This may be determined a completed rep but it would have the lowest possible score for a completed rep at said weight (easily beatable). Then short people will say they’re at a disadvantage (as tall people do currently) …well then they would have to arch their back less or squat deeper to create a larger range. Probably too futuristic for where most people are at now. Maybe if Elon Musk creates a powerlifting federation one day.

Or create some sort of algorithm that determines weight + distance moved and scores it. That might sound like a convoluted mess but it would be a more accurate measure of power than this satire

you’re definitely one of the bigger cookie cutters on here. between you creating topics about your tatts and taste in single moms with trailer park drama. not good man

that’s faginese language

maybe he asked to be yuman toilet and she turned him down

sickening. who is that on the right?

comes pre-equipped with high androgen levels. dont need to put her on gear to turn her into a nymphomaniac

unmatched strength

c0inman more like cookiecutterman

ex-navy seal, ironman athlete, motivational speaker and nikka.

he kept saying the ice cream was cold. very astute.

As Todd approaches Lenny after Lenny talk shit. Lenny changes his body language turning sideways and starts to stutter his words while Todd stays relatively cool. Post clip Lenny goes on to say it’s people from the ‘Carolinas’ that were talking about Todd…

drm world gym trivia

2 part question: What month and year was the motor city madman introduced on camera and which gym member did he say needed to be cuckolded?..

in the earlier misfit episodes he actually did some good intense workouts, wrote everything down in a regimented way. As time went on he just talked about needing more caffeine pills, slept on the machines and played games on his smart-phone while hogging benches/machines. Added his two cents and di…

I consider myself to be very versatile. I’m always interested in trying out new ideas for photoshoots. Im all about the bizarre and the strange. i know how to find my light and angles and don’t mind spending 8 hours on a good shoot. I have lots of experience with pinup photography but love doing all…

Lenny reaches a new low - now blocking people on youtube

I left multiple harmless comments that aren’t showing, no youtube banned words in them at all. Maybe he’s been doing this for a while but i’ve not heard anyone else mention it yet…

The art of trolling females online

They are just like Genovas. Insecure and not self-aware, yet also vain and delusional. …

What stands out

About the identity of most mass shooters from 2019…


We got up to around 40 with Genova. Can we get to 20+ with Jay?..

delraymisfitsboard character popularity index

Based on topics created dedicated to them including photo memes, name mentions in title. Group photos didn’t count. This is based on all the topics created since the beginning of this forum (9 months ago). Some of the hated names are inflated but that will still count as ‘popular’. …

Lenny back in hospital due to excessive water retention

Woke up couldn’t breathe this moanin. Brags about drinking 3-5 gallons of water per day for years now. sickening…


Gotta go see gummy…


We used to call this nigger lipping …

"Since like 1970-80 people been running their mouths on the internet ever since the internet was like 80 or mid 90s 2000s people been talking shit about people who have dyslexia or fucking hearing problems who are very intelligent and have slight little learning issues and you know societys fucked u…

You fucks wanna listen to a fat lazy slob like Lenny for PED advice, go ahead suit yourself. You guys think you can bust my balls about me saying Deca makes me mean…I don’t fucking care, assholes…


For you haters who said Lenny is the creepiest character in the genovaverse. Have you never looked at a woman you just met with bulging drug addict jaundiced eyes while sucking her toes in public and told her “Look at your meat wallet!” …


Actual Misfits: Andrew, Genova, Big Richard, Brad, Lenny, Jay …

Since, the pandemic is over, do you guys think I’d do well if I started hitting up malls?..