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Bowls and Sumo Wrestling.

It’s more the fact they overlook the White talent in favour of carrying out the Zog agenda.

You have chosen the side of global Jewry over your people, you will regret that.

You seriously got vaxxed? You failed the courage test goy.

Unfortunately hundreds of millions of people, probably billions, all cookie cutters.

He provides entertainment and makes us happy, good enough for me, you seem a bit jaded fan, wat means?

Go read the Kalergi plan and you will know it was done on purpose so the White sports fan can worship minorities.

It was between the Italians, some real greaseball shit…

Those here who don’t like me are default enemy’s of Father.

Would you take us to the gas station to buy smokey chokeys?

Any of them niggers in the building try to whack you because of your musical talent?

As far as places for eating, sleeping and growing go I rate it a 7.5 for texture.

Jordon Peterson sucks diyuck unfortunately, it Kermit the Frogining. What think of the weird Cyberpunk album Billy made? It kinda weird actually.

I doubt Andrew Tate has ever had a woman he didn’t sex traffic.

Fixed it.

Stop talk shit bout PissNChips, he a good guy.