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Parents are both munchkins, will grow up without their hillbilly father because he was too busy training for a third place bodybuilding show and tuning his small block mustangs. Pathetic.

Your dopamine receptors will recover and your doodle will get excited about the mundane again.

Will we ever know the truth? Maybe it was the Goddess?

Stop watching porn.

The Dragonlord stuff seems more depressing than menty unfortunately

He’s an actual child molester

Bard has a can’t adult today bag instead, just a big duffle bag full of Bottles of Jack Daniels, cases of White Claws and weed.

Ian the master of going to the library to read the pack page summary of 10 books then walking out without paying.

This is all gonna end in a murder suicide.

Yes she will make a fine tribute to Father, just needs cigarettes put out on fleshy tits…SHA-BURN-GURR

She isn’t being polite, she is fucking terrified of getting on the wrong side of the pisstroopers huehuehue

The kinda whore Father would pick up at a truck stop and behead in the forest at midnight.

With the interest owed now, it’s gotta be around 6 million

You’re about to go back to the register? Are you a repeating sex offender, OP?

It’s more like 100k he owes Big Lassie

Janoy’s main problem with singing is he doesn’t take a breath between verses, if he learned how to control his breathing better and knew all of the lyrics, he’d be better Elvis Pissley than most in Vegas huehuehue

In American frontier times, people used to offer their young daughters to cowboys like Jay so that they would have one less mouth to feed and hopefully get dinero if Cowboy made it big

Yes, also stop watching porn.

Brayud cares more about not adulting today than to show up to his number one fan’s party.

Orders are orders, Father still has that 66 on McCuck

Oil workers spend 90% of their time aboard their rigs fucking each other in the ayuss

McCuck can forgive Father, how about you, Brayud? C’mon tough guy, you gonna play tough guy, tough guy?

So we’re all supposed to treat him like he’s a good guy? He’s no Hamberg.

McEwok only gets a reprieve if he delivers a new golden age of ments

Over my years as a seasoned pisstrooper and commander of the 12th Armoured Monkey Prick Battalion, I have seen the shores of Lake Cresva fit to burst with ments but also seen it on the verge of drying up so many times I've lost count, I have witnessed waves of enemies fall by the combined efforts of a few brave men who would not let the ment die, who would not only defend this "Thing of ours" to the death from any who would see us crab depleted but violently destroy them in retaliation. This last few years especially where ments have died off over time all we have had left has been each other, our fellow brothers in piss to sustain the warm liquids we bathe in, we have lost good men and bad along the way, from platform to platform our numbers have diminished leaving only the most dedicated and non cookie cutter fans around in any space on the internet, From youtube comments to reddick, to discord, to Fitmisc, to reddit after reddit sub to Ruqqus back to reddick and here at our secret Island of Hitler and everything good in the world. Every day on here never fails to make me huehuehue, just seeing some of your names keeps the ments alive for me, I feel as though I have piss running through my veins, I am in that deep. I think what motivates me to post so much here is to try to give back to you guys and keep this alive as lil treat for all the laugh's the Genovaverse and all who have contributed to it's existence have provided me, you are my 1000 1% freaky bothas and while there is air in my lungs I will never give up on you bunch of strawberry sandwiches. Special thanks to @DelrayMisfitsBoard for giving us this sanctuary and to @BFD and @MyWholeLegIsHuge for stepping up to moderate this place, as well as the other guys who helped mod on Ruqqus like YouriNRemco and others. I don't have any social media because I would be banned for any of my views and those guys in the genovaverse subreddick are not as dedicated or freaky as us, but here I can say whatever I want within reason and call a spade a PM, it sick baby! Kpeaceoutbye!

Just did something Hamberg doesn’t have the balls to do
Pissed standing up, whatdya think about that, Dale?

Big Swoll may not have dreamt grandiose plans but he was a man that would not let death get in the way of his short time, he lived life on his terms, raised a beautiful family and died doing what he loved. God rest his beautiful soul.