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Lenny must do it like fatherrrrr and do a 6 hour drunk live

What happened to that sandPM

RIP Foxprick
Sad news, apparently m'foxprick has passed away RIP

Three months, Dale
Three months ago Dale said he was going to confront Big Jay and beat the fuck out of him. What happened DALE? Afraid of getting .45 through chest unfortunately

Eat crow Ethel you feline cookie cutter

RIP Tim from Tim’s Powerhouse Gym
lack of AC and bathrooms caused him to die of his death unfortunately

Can’t forget how mad Brayud got when Lenny started inviting random people to Bradford Manor huehuehue

Thoughts on Brayud's butt buddy Pomps?

Lenny & Collura are cat cucks
If you own a cat you're a fucking cat cuck and should neck yourself kpeaceoutbye

you’re mad because Big Jay raped your whore of a mom lmao

Lenny will show up ooey and gooey and sexually harrass female customers unfort

RIP Vince Goodrim
rest in peace M'piedmont porch puffer

4chan and/or misc goons ordered 500 pizzas to his house unfortunately not good man…

also when was he wearing German hats?

better than literal faggot scooby

order 66 scooby for being a fayug

Father is entitled to it unfortunately.

It wasn’t comic books Lenny Sr. ripped apart - it was gay magazines or something like that unfort

best FATHER quotes
“Gray Smurray would never get on a fuckin train to a fuckin death camp if I was an SS officer. I would fuckin stomp her fuckin brain on the fuckin sidewalk.”

were you the fanbuddy who called Dale during his live and talked about Gray Smurray? Menty af

Did Lenny get a job?
Has anything come from applying at that car dealership or the vape shop?

I bet some hooker he was fucking told her pimp that Leo had money in his apartment so they sent over some goons to rob him.

RIP Andrew
RIP m'Fiedelman...

FATHER will destroy cuckold bard and Lenny will die of his death unfort

FATHERRRR never had social anxiety, think he is a sociopath who doesn’t care about other people unfort

Sassy Savage Goddess
has M'sassy shown her balloon knot yet?