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Ian accepts nothing less in his sexual encounters.

Muscle guy has the right physique for Ian. The muscle Victoria couldn’t provide.

Bro, have some respect. You’re talking about a veteran who spent his teenage years hunting armed men for his country with his comrade Coppertop. Jesus, have some fucking respect for our wounded warriors

What do you expect? Most trolls of any kind are either incels or 86 year old Type II diabetics

Unless it’s Joni or Cassidy Campbell, in which case it is cower and hide mode

He “bumped glocks” with a guy while they were taping some TV show Mooncookie was in

Joni’s trial is in a few weeks. I’d love video of Blaha testifying.

He may think that actually happened. Haldol is schizo medicine.

Making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out whose cheek to slice

This is highly disappointing. I was waiting for his next homeless stint. Before someone started funding him again, he was fully willing to get in my car and go to my house in another state.

We need Cassidy Campbell to show up. Blaha shit himself when he came by his gym once.

Get Cassidy Campbell to show up in the gallery.

Thin skin. Won’t be getting in my van unfortunately

Ian finally blocked me over this.

Hope that life insurance is aigned over. Then it’s off to run with the bulls.

Bard keeps ruining his life, but he was on that track way before misfits. TQ situation will not end well.

Chinese women make problem me. Not a sex thing; they are hard to put up with.

I don’t know NH or Noble Natty, but I can assume it is a group Blaha tried to be a part of before his ego got him kicked out

Funny how when people say Lord Vader, I think of Jason before I think of the movie character

Just wound him with leg shots. When he’s awake light him up.

PhD in grooming high school girls

The reboot ending was worse than the season eight ending. Villain Clancy Brown was good though but he’s a solid actor. Can only do so much with a shit script.

One girl called hima monkey. A monkey prick you might say

Agreed. Reboot sucked hard too. I hated how he drooled all over that Hannah woman. Needed to be put in her place Jay Masters style.

Sopranos is GOAT. Dexter had two good seasons and a lot of mediocre seasons with a shitty ending and then shittier reboot.

I hated how critica drooled over Mad Men when it was coming out. Okay show but by no means a great show. BB, BCS all superior.

I would marry Kim Wexler. Put out a cigarette on Skylar White

Mad Men was an okay show but incredibly overrated when it was on. It was all style and nothing else. Dexters first two season were peak television. The rest of the seasons were bland or flat out bad. But Mad Men every season was bad. I tried rewatching it recently after a decade. Was so bored, didn’t finish the first season. I get it, he cheats on his wife and is moody. Big fucking deal. Draper was a whiny cunt but a well dresses cunt.

We need to make him into a feeder. Get him up to 300 lbs.

He tagged his location as Sterling Cooper and Partners.

Ian is one ugly son of a bitch



Image spending a two decades playing a game to just pick fake flowers and still be bad at it.