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I will enslave and cannibalize the Nates of the world after the bombs drop

He watched pornography with a child also

Lenny has a terminal case of nigger brain

You mean Lenny, the unemployed drug addict liar homosexual pedophile? That Lenny?

I see your Kramer Baretta guitar fanbuddy

My good friend and mentor

That’s kinda surprising

No his mom moved him down south to be with family a few years ago. I think he’s retired

No i havent. I also havent seen elegant elliott offen either. I did once see the Bobo from the O&A show waiting for a train once. He looked like a dipshit

Brayaaaaad i didnt meeeaaaan it

Thanksgiving Eve

Hope all the fanbuddys have a good Thanksgiving…

I work in Chelsea in NYC and there are roving bands of crackhead tan ten tens and gay thugs wheeling and dealing. There’s one specific block with sidewalk scaffolding that they’ve set up as a base

Ancient ment request: Adam Pollard's commute to work as Janoy Cresva

please tell me someone has this. Also, a mini Pollard ment was him calling the podcast and confusing Lenny with his Jason impersonation…

In awe of McCuck's cringe existence

For a grown man who allegedly has a family to want to emulate the personality of a mailprick is fucking weird. Stating the obvious but man what a fat little creep. And his bullshit fake tough guy routine. Nigger…

Its Fuckin Cold

lil tribute to big gay…


losing memories like a bimbo…

I expect the entire metropolitan area of Atlanta to donate 5 buck or i’ll kill myself, it serious this timening…


Can someone explain the current Macthey timeline

First of all, why was he homeless in the Southwest, what was he even doing there to begin with? And who gave him money for a plane ticket to a destination where he had nothing lined up? Lan is pretty pissening currently …

Maybe its the Polish porters I’ve had this evening, but this recent Lenny vid is kinda touching my heart…


Wooooo it stalwart survivor, it Iron Toad, it wheeling dealing kiss-stealing limousine-riding jet-flying blueberry WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Welcome back, handsome…