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kinda breaks my heart unfort. Jane should be ashamed of herself, she’s legit a dumb greedy cunt

Wtf is this real? Too much CRAAAAAAAFT BEEEEEEEER with bard

Who the hell wrote that message

She’s another freak with a pair of Delray Delusion Glasses on

Changed her from a girl to a woman

i always thought taco queen was pretty menty despite the fact that she cockcaged bardley the mailcuck

he’s such a loser retard that he’d just suck it up and do it. Just needs mopped

Yes please. I know the maniacs revolt at the slightest hint of any control or direction but this shit is ridiculous

Can do 5 buck unfort take deal good haircut take haircut

UMMM…sniff…brayuuuud? B-brayuuud burns his STAAAAYGGGGKS

Just needs no holds barred Steel Reserve 8 hour long nightmare live

terrible odor in the kitchen unfort

At the end of the first day, Janoy puts his claw on Puto Nate’s shoulder and says “Sorry bro, it’s just not working out. Politics bro. From corporate bro.”

Granny Figgs was a good woman. Unlike her chinga gusano puto grandson

I’m going to hold your head in a toilet until you die. Its a good death for a person like you

Jaaaahhhhny Braaaaaahvo’s fake accent
Fake everything but especially that accent. You're from new jersey, you goat-fucking sand nigger, stop with the weird chicago accent. You sound like Pesci in Casino when he remembered his character is supposed to be from the midwest. Nigger.

might be ment starvation but I’m kind of enjoying the Tony Huge vids on Leo
Tony Huge is still a creep who lies about his age. That's fucking weird for a guy to do that

So seriously was Leo murdered?
aware me fanbuddies. Really esstremely freaky if so

Did the Piss play a hand, even minor, in Leo’s death?
I guess what I'm trying to say is get what deserve, leo longinus died of his death, he died of his, he died, he's dead, he's gone, Leo, he's dead baby he's dead he's CAN YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Thanksgiving Eve
Hope all the fanbuddys have a good Thanksgiving

Ment Request: Janoy gets ejected from local business for being 1% during a video
It was a bakery or a juice bar or something. Thanks fans, lots of luv

I saw someone wearing a Delray Beach hoodie today
It was like a tourist boardwalk hoodie. I had instant piss flashbacks.

what happened to Buu aka grizzly jr?
where did that fat little freak go?

Ancient ment request: Adam Pollard’s commute to work as Janoy Cresva
please tell me someone has this. Also, a mini Pollard ment was him calling the podcast and confusing Lenny with his Jason impersonation

In awe of McCuck’s cringe existence
For a grown man who allegedly has a family to want to emulate the personality of a mailprick is fucking weird. Stating the obvious but man what a fat little creep. And his bullshit fake tough guy routine. Nigger

lil tribute to big gay

losing memories like a bimbo

I expect the entire metropolitan area of Atlanta to donate 5 buck or i'll kill myself, it serious this timening

Can someone explain the current Macthey timeline
First of all, why was he homeless in the Southwest, what was he even doing there to begin with? And who gave him money for a plane ticket to a destination where he had nothing lined up? Lan is pretty pissening currently

Maybe its the Polish porters I've had this evening, but this recent Lenny vid is kinda touching my heart

Wooooo it stalwart survivor, it Iron Toad, it wheeling dealing kiss-stealing limousine-riding jet-flying blueberry WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Welcome back, handsome

remember when Blahino menaced that nig that came to his door
Hemingway took that PM's identification at gunpoint, those were menty days

Took two weeks off from the gym like a bimbo
Wooooooooo it out of shapening, not good man

“I’m getting bored with this”
Big Gay when he goes live to an audience of trolls knowing full well that he's on his period and in a bad mood. Just needs menopause

Are niggers natural born narcissists?
Everyone agrees that children are narcissists. Full grown niggers, with their pathetic childlike intellect, are also narcissistic to a toxic degree. If you're unlucky enough to witness two subhuman coons communicating, watch how they talk over each other the entire time, both chomping (chimping?) at the bit to make their inane retarded point heard by the other dumb fucking ape. I hate niggers fans

I hate teenagers in the gym
On one hand, it's good that kids have an interest in getting fit and lifting. On the other hand, teenagers are stupid faggots that just sit on machines and bullshit with their faggot friends. Feel become boomer yell at kid get off lawn

Pornographic Vulcan unfortunately


Jay and the Cuban don’t have any dirt on Pomps
Come on tough guy, you're a tough guy. If they had it, they'd release it. The Cuban is an actual retard anyway, nigger couldn't research the weather if he was outside.

Started relistening to the podcast

Ummmmm...*sniff belch*.... Martin Luther King..... is a nigger

for the love of god please tell me someone saved that entire jay live
I have no hope of cheese or boobjob uploading it to jewtoob but come on man have some humanity

Bard said he wanted to fuck my mom so I was in the right to expose his kid to trolls
Come on, man. Bully is menty but he's always been a socially retarded woman faggot

Why do PMs in the gym pace around constantly
Woooooo it subhuman it lower lifeform pacing around like jungle critter between sets