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that “Fuck you Alan” gave me memories of the great Blaha ments of the mercenary days

He means probably him in his postal cuck uniform at 200lbs in the car with Lenny. But Robzilla also did 2 livestreams 1 week before his death. One was interrupted the second one was saved by him but deleted two hours later.

15 buck for a porn tape. Not 2 solo feet pics


“Small dicked white boy with autism who thinks he is a bodybuilder fucks me while making goat noises, sucks boobs like an infant and blows massive loads all over the place even hitting the camera.”

I’d buy that for a dollar

We went from around $700 to $35 in 6 weeks. I’ll wait for 15 buck

That white nigga spends over $10 for energy drinks a day just to sit around all day, but can’t afford a planet fitness membership

It got hair on it. I wanna see Dinna Maybrook do a thai massage unfortunately

75 buck too much ask. Can do 5

He just applied to UPS for the bonus. Time to keel over

2 major car assidents, 1 plane crash, bad back and torn rotator cuffs unfortunately

Because Leo Rex had 20 years of expertise in penis enlargement

Robzilla spend his free money on a new car which got repossessed later, menty

Yes OG Ghost, I’ll definitely be blacked at some point

The text from Victoria was from Sep 28th, before Ian’s travel time with Joni

Rip, his cousins died 22 years ago in the towers. But he never gave up and invented the use of chains on the Hammer chest press machine.

definitely non cookie cutter use of money. His Gen Z grand kids will learn to work

Her hemorrhoids are like a plum. Just needs soaking at LA fitness pool

Cookie cutter yoga teacher with tattoos

He sold 3 workout programs for 60 buck a few days ago and is still working on them. At McDonalds he could make almost $180 in a single day.

Ian is a porn addict, no surprise. What else would he do all day in the last years with so much time and 24/7 access to internet porn? He got no energy & no motivation to do anything, because the porn satisfies the limbic part of his brain. Seeing all these new sex partners fires up his reward system. His reward system gets stimulated without doing any work before the reward. Thus he unlearned the habit of doing work before the reward. Now he needs Adderall to stimulate his reward system to be able to do basic stuff like cleaning.


Yes, the guy sounds Vitamin D deficient. Tan naked. Pull your nuts out and to the side.

She was a guest in the Ooey and gooey show era

alexaalemaniax don’t forget to send her Lenny or Janoy dick pics

The female orgasm is a myth

PSA: Ian Mccarthy MIGHT be hired in a coffee store
the General Manager has to step up and pay him $40/hour

The Emperor Sol has passed, long live the Emperor
RIP Sol, he got a lot of Nate's people in Korea

Nicolas Gurr is getting a shout out for having horrible knee grows.