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This sounds like when Bard would ask Janoys weight and he say he was 200lbs when he got up, then after not eating and working out, would weight 215 at the gym. Literal Genova logic unfort.

Alcohol ruined him. He was a Chad before that, remember?

During his “comeback” cut unfortunately

This is what Jay actually thinks he’ll look like if he cuts.

Imagine if steroids existed during times of conquest. Go ahead and give up now unfort.

“They ask if I’m a bodybuilder or powerlifter. I tell them I’m an ass kisser”

Wait… what are we talking about?

It slash strongman bodybuilder unfort

Shadowman hasn’t posted anything in like a year man, you’re thinking of NH.

![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/ASrFyk7VKc.png) Unfortunately.

Forgot 15 minute Jesus rant unfort. Listen to me or you’ll be tortured in hell for eternity it threatening.

He’s right but he’s still a fayug who sucks diyuck. At least Dale has a job and doesn’t sponge off litally everyone he’s ever met.

More applicable to Lassie unfort.

Jobless, 50+ year old man with rotting shins who lives with mommy, alone at the bus stop, yelling at his phone about how another mans body should look (while their half starved to death and oiled up in a bikini) so they can win a posedown in front of an all male judging panel. Very productive use of time. Next critique those lazy PMs who just leech off the government and contribute nothing to society. Just needs a $14k PPP loan, immediately.

Can someone essplain why this is funny? I’ve seen this before but don’t understand.

Honestly she litally is a better bodybuilder than Dale, which is pretty sad.

He divorced the women who’s family got him the job, with one of the family members on her side being a higher up at the company. Of course he got fired bro come on. You really think he gave up and easy ass 100k per year job where he lives?

Life insurance and pension going to welfare queen. Will never have to work again. Bards real kids can get fucked, she won’t hand over a nickel unfort.

Pretty sure his wife was taller than him.

Bard is constantly looking unhealthier every live. Probably because TQ has him working double overtime so she can relax in the pool he has to fund. Also Bard needs to STEP UP and support her child.

A house, kids, muscle cars, $5k half cup of white rice meal plan, "virgin" wife. Threw it all away for mid life crisis mustang, 50+ year old leather skinned female bodybuilder with probable large clit, no more children, fired from $100k/year job his wife's family got him with zero education or qualifications while living in one of the lowest cost of living areas in the USA, coming in Genova condition and embarrassing himself at every bodybuilding show he enters. Even worse is how he has negative self awareness and shows off to people on IG like a 16 year old thinking he's cool or impressive when in reality everyone is laughing at him and hate his smug attitude. Maybe the DRM are cursed. Everyone but AnJew and Bard seem to completely ruin their lives (or die) after associating with any of them. It kinda weird but definitely menty in certain ways.

Chat GPT created image of “Dale Chance physique 2 weeks out” unfort.

Time to pay Cornelius 6k next prep. Just needs half a cup of rice, it gold star meal plannening

No straps, wraps, belt, bench shirt, not even chalk. Just loose t shirt and day after tranny diyuck taste in mouth. Also trained by Big Lassie. Could’ve benched 750 raw if he had a real coach unfort.

He just needs to get over this bodybuilding shit and lift heavy and be big. He’s pretty strong for a midget.

Gassed up here getting offended over schizophrenic delusions unfortunately.

“Tell me to tuck in my fucking shirt one more fucking time and I’ll get the fucking union rep over here, asshole.”

You mean 35 year old single mother pusst?

Bard: "The mirror is definitely not YOUR friend."

Huehuehue just a little trolling Scooby don't be mad.


Very upset because he can't pose oiled up and almost naked in front of an all male judging panel this year unfortunately. On every drug under the sun but still tears muscle. Crying because he can't get plastic trophy and "ohhhs and ahhhhhhhs" from random niche community of people that idolize drug addicts that are litally killing themselves for no reason. I'd say there's always next year, but given how bodybuilders can die at any moment like a heroin addict, that's esstremely wishful thinking unfortunately.

I would like to answer you some questions. Every time I hear a "bodybuilder" talk on a podcast or just an "informative" video, they talk about how important it is to eat healthy, get you blood taken to make sure your cholesterol levels and such are good, sleep like an infant, etc. Then off camera they go inject tren made in a bathtub in China. That's like Emma trying to essplain her meal plan after she just got done sucking cock behind the dumpster for heroin. It goofy as fuck. Why so retarded fanbuddies? Do they really think some spinach and chicken salad is going to offset the drugs that are enlarging their organs 3,5,4 times their normal size? Are they actually that delusional to think they can take diuretics and become anorexic bodyfat levels and have zero effect on their heart all because they got 9 hours of sleep? Litally permanently disable themselves with the amount of weight they lift, causing lifelong immense amounts of pain but bro they were totally jacked in their 30s. Just a little rant, little gag.

The manlet that abuses steroids from that one video Goddess Victoria shot in the supermarket? Deleted his account after someone pointed out his name and work info huehuehue menty. I was wondering how he got those menty texts from Lan. Wonder if Lan lurks here and knows his friend betrayed him?

Giving off the stupidest answers, making herself sound like a total moron while the guy she's fucking just looks at her with the stare of "bitch what in the fuck are you talking about?" Making guys cum in a minute or less, "healing energy" sex that isn't even sex, finding out what a guy "needs" before he comes to her to fuck (STEP UP and provide anal, I NEED IT!!) Asked about her body count and she freezes like she just saw a demon and refuses to answer, then says it's around 30 to 40 lmfao. Litally giving Genova level answers. All this coming from a women that once said she's very mature for her age and has a six figure job she can fall back on if her fitness influencer career failed. Jesus christ this is a ment overload. If you just think about all her answers she gives and relate it to Genova/Genovaverse it's so fucking funny. You could make an hour long compilation of her saying something retarded and then splicing in a Genova clip afterward for the ments. This shit is extremely menty given you know about how her "fans" she's talking about follow her from her days of collabing with a retard. Holy shit. All this and Jahn Brody still couldn't hit it huehuehue.

I never thought about this, but it actually makes sense. Lenny's dad probably found a gay porno or Tranny porn and got so pissed at him he had to quit football and run away. This actually makes more sense than daddy ripping up a comic book and him getting so mad he ran away. What kind of ath-uh-lete like Lassie would give a fuck about his daddy ripping up a free comic book his classmates gave him? Unless the person that gave him the comic was his boyfriend or a tranny he liked... What think fanbuddies?

He needs to STEP UP his research and find the most potent stimulant known to man or else he's going to threaten to jump off a parking garage and call 911 7 times huehuehue.

What in the fuck am I looking at? I was going to say check out the chick's face on the right since it's a perfect cicle, but that piglet freak on the left is catching my eye as well. Definitely no cookie cutter women. Lift more than Dale does too, fucking FAT LITTLE FREAK!!

Huehuehue someone tell TODD how to use marketplace unfortunately.

It real bro, Dave told me huehuehue.

Bard: "The mirror is definitely NOT your friend." Huehuehue menty comments by Bard unfortunately.

Why does RAHB Zombie look like a 60 year old version of Bard in this music video unfortunately?

Imagine these guys walking in good ol Delray Fitness back in the day and telling Penny and Corolla they needed to give up the squat rack because they had to use it. Big Penny: "ARE YOU GONNA MAKE ME?" Came close to never seeing any ments fanbuddies.


"We're gonna stab you 100 times and let all the sickening pissening oil run outta your body and you're gonna die a slow death" Huehuehue

Total moron disgracing his body for his "friends". Anything to look cool huh cookie cutter? Innit great? Take notes BRAYUD, this is your future.

Lenny's video quality on mommy's Internet is horribly worn. Also a valid question above it, but we all know the answer to it unfortunately. It lazy.

Working triple overtime to pay for 35 year old single mother pussy, TRT, child support and alimony has made Bard look 15 years older since the DRM videos unfortunately.

Usually don't post Richard unless its a rage compilation but he hit the nail on the head here. People like Jahn Brody posting on what a tragedy a guy that's obviously on ayyy lottt of drugs is has gotten out of control. The whole bodybuilding industry is goofy. Dude was on drugs, body dysmorphic, eating disorder, drinking 4 LITERS of coffee per day just to suppress appetite (might actually have Janoy beat there) and everyone was talking about how healthy he was when he died at 30. His legacy? "Bro, he was totally shredded" - Greg Douchette when reading the eulogy at this 30 year old kids funeral. When there's local crackheads and heroin addicts outliving these dipshits, when are they going to realize there's nothing healthy or worthwhile about bodybuilding?

Me and Bri are doing fine guys we love each other very much, look at how happy we are together. I always wanted kids so bad, bad enough that I proposed to two other women before Bri. Okay gotta go guys I have to get on a plane and pick up my kids that I haven't seen in a while because I was on vacation having "FUN", which wouldn't be possible if I had them with me the whole time. Did I tell you how much I love them though and how bad I wanted them, even though they're never with me on my weekly vacations? Okaypeaceoutbye.

He tried over 7 times to call for emergency services, but all his calls were ignored. After conSUUMIMG a whole bottle of Adderall and taking control of the situation by using his immense knowledge of deep sea exploration, he asked the crew to STEP UP to help get them back on course. When Lan exhausted all options and shot down all ideas of how to help the ship recover (using very complex mathematics and scientific analytical analysis) he then proceeded to lie on the floor for a few hours to decompress his thoughts. RIP hero, a great mind lost to unfortunate circumstances.

Find out how he added 500lbs to his theoretical total using this one weird trick... ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/sFaupTOWqb.jpg)

Finishing up my new rap album. It's gonna be "DOPE".

Coath on his permanent vacation (Bri mysteriously absent yet again) soaking up the sun in Costa Rica, not missing the USA at all (specifically the legal system that is questioning where he mysteriously got all this wealth from in the past few years, despite seemingly never working). Innit great fanbuddies?

Caleb can sit down with Bard and go through all his financial statements, adding up all the child support, alimony, medical, etc. payments he's made on behalf of his children. Caleb can then ask if nutting inside 2 women he can no longer stand the sight of was worth the $300k and 70 hour work weeks he put himself through. Caleb: "When are you going to grow up and be an adult with your finances and stop making these stupid decisions?" Bard: "Listen asshole, as long as I'm having FUN, who gives a fuck? Do whatever the fuck you want is what I always say. I'll just work another 20 hours per week at my third job once Grace becomes 18 and needs to go into assisted living."

No wonder Lenny turned out to be a doofus. His dad was basically a Karen but in the 1970s. Going up to the school and complaining about everything. Music? "That's devil shit. That's devil shit." What an absolute lunatic and moron. If you ever wonder why Lenny turned out to be a dipshit, just ask him about his father.

![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/xm9KetGVJA.jpg) Unfortunately turns out you get an alcoholic who looks like he just started lifting seriously a few months ago. Did steroids and lifted for 35+ years to look like a drunk uncle at family BBQ who does a slight 1% manual labor job in a factory for a living. Goes on a diet for the first time in his life, loses 10lbs and now can't even bench bodyweight anymore. Thinks he'll be ripped at 250lbs and stage ready at 240lbs. Goes on 20 minute rant essplaining physics and how if you don't train with bands and chains you don't know science, despite the fact that he built litally every ounce of his peak strength having never touched a band or chain in his life. It esstremely menty fanbuddies. He might actually have more delusion than Genova when he would "cut".

Uhm, it died. It died and it's died. Died of its death unfortunately had to get rid of it. Feel cold, pray for me fanbuddies.

Watching a documentary about low life British people and this was a message one of them posted to Facebook after the police kept showing up at their house for being troublemakers. "Hate them me". Sounds like Genova wrote it lmao. Had to share because it was pretty menty.

GET THESE THINGS AWAY FROM ME!!! Time to move to Florida maniacs. Huehuehue it very menty. Keep blacks in crime filled ghetto shithole big cities to commit crime. Blacks being told to avoid Florida because it's unsafe, which ironically makes it safer if they don't come. It goofy. Jay Masters endorses this message. Now, if they could issue this advisory to the entire USA we'd be in much better living conditions.

![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/6Z4iCfWTOs.jpg) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/yT60rxll18.jpg) Unfortunately.

Fanbuddies, mass media and propaganda from the USA had me believing you guys were in much better living positions than us USA cucks, making more money and having a higher standard of living. After my last thread, it's apparent you guys don't make as much as I ASSOMED and on top of that, the government thinks you're too stupid to know what to do if you kept your money, so they take half of it from you because they can "use it more wisely" (sounds like something a parent would say to their 5 year old child). I made the last thread about Bards postal job because I thought you'd get a good laugh seeing a mailman who worked for 20 years, working overtime every week 6 days/week, and only makes $70k brag about it. Apparently that's not the case, so sorry for your condolences fanbuddies. As a side note, the guy that said he's an engineer with essperience yet makes less than BRAYUD needs to get the fuck out of whatever shithole they're in immediately. That's almost a 6 figure job in the states fanbuddy. Sad to see the state of the world now days. Hope it gets better for you guys. Can't believe my ancestors who stayed behind fucked you guys so bad...

I guess he's getting ripped off since he only made $70k last year with overtime (he's an hourly employee btw, so there is no "base salary", his pay is classified as his hourly rate). This is also before the mandatory alimony and child support payments along with the single mother who's currently living with you. Why is it that these guys can't tell the truth to save their life? You're salary is public BRAYUD, you total moron huehuehue. Just a little lie, don't be mad taxpayers. https://www.fedsdatacenter.com/usps-pay-rates/index.php?y=2022&n=Murray%2Cbrad&l=FL+-+DELRAY+BEACH&o=