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Bahahahah he deleted his account for like the 10th time. What a putz. Trying to act rich but he’s flexing with a $900/month disability check.

I really wish I made $862 USD per month. Super jealous man congrats. Save some Lambos for the rest of us.

You’re rich but you’re trying to flex on getting an extra $885USD per month and you live with your girlfriend? So you don’t own property and think $885 is a flex? Why would someone rich even go out of their way for that lmao just stop man you sound ridiculous. Janoy levels of delusion thinking $885 is something rich people would even put forth the effort to go out of their way for.

Doubt it. This dude has said he is rich before he was 30, said he made a ton of money off crypto while we slave 9-5 and on one of his many old accounts asked for an easy work from home job that requires no skill because he was “bored” being wealthy with nothing to do all day. He’s full of shit, can’t even keep his LARP straight unfortunately

Even homeless people begging on the corner make more than that.

He also said he made money off crypto. Just another ethnic LARPing unfortunately.

So you get like $1500/month in your early 30s. You’re very successful. I’m sure everyone here is jealous of that. Just 12 months and you’ll be able to afford a shitty used car, but I have a feeling you never leave your basement anyway…

The fuck is wrong with you fanbuddy?

What website is this posted to? He looks like he’s responding to a fake review or some shit.

He’s the most popular porn star on the planet.

This is the reason nobody outside of a niche community takes powerlifting seriously.

I’d kill for his traps in his prime… Probably just went off most of the heavy hitting shit since he’s in his 50s now. You know he used to be a pro NFL player right? He definitely knows how to train and what to take.

Holy fuck the more I think about it the funnier it gets

Definitely a non cookie cutter outfit

CNN couldn’t build a fucking sand castle, just like a PM unfortunately.

Why the fuck does he always look like he just got done working in the coal mine for 10 hours? It dirty.

Gave her an ice bong afterwards to sooth the damage the BBC left unfortunately.

Not to mention he went to a hair mill facility. Basically he got the cheapest and worst hair transplant you can get, so the doctors most likely didn’t do a good job. He got his for free, but I think he said they would’ve only charged a few grand for it. That’s the equivalent of a back alley surgeon unfortunately quality just isn’t there. A good transplant cost 15k or more. It Wal-Mart hair transplantening unfortunately.

Correct ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/PWZgr3249l.webp)

Lans current “depression” stack unfortunately.

Doesn’t suck black cock… ANYMORE

“Gonna have NFL scouts coming down the street any minute”

His hair transplant video he put out. Was trying to show off the progress, of which minimal was made huehuehue.

Jesus fuck that’s menty just thinking about it. Same with PM Kai Mussle and CT Fletcher. Maybe there’s some truth to that McDonalds diet?

I agree. Either go all in or leave.

Will somehow get on The Rocks instagram again huehuehue.

I love how just removing the letter “v” in livestream completely changes the word to perfectly describe when coach talks to us.

The best troll comment I ever read was in a troll video of his. It went something like “Although he doesn’t have Klienfelters syndrome he fought hard enough against his genetics to achieve the physique of someone that does have it.” Laughed my ass off at that comment.

Yes I want those ments. Love listening to those calls and how you baited him into talking to you lol. Have you tried an alt platform to upload those to? If not link me to the archive if you can.

Hey it you. What happened to the Deep Purple youtube channel? Went down at the same time as the discord unfortunately. Had some very menty trolling on there.

No, client Mikey does NOT share the same last name as him (he is completely unrelated) nor does client Mikey have any mental disabilities. He is NOT being groomed either guys. He just happens to wear the same exact outfit as coath when he lifts, has the same workout as coath, developing the same physique as coath, wears a belt on lifts that don't even remotely require a belt just like coath, unclips his belt after every lift just like coath does and just so happens to set up and approach the camera with the exact same walk and mannerisms as coath does. I have no idea where you're getting the idea that they're related, that he has a mental deficiency or that he is being groomed guys. Nothing they do is even remotely similar nor do they even look alike. Okay that's all I have to say about it for today. I hope it's been informative and I will talk to you guys next time.

At least he's accomplished I guess, but he completely destroyed his body by age 50 just like Big Gyay. Was it worth it former nigger? CALL 911!!

This ogre shows up as your "taxi cab" driver. You tell him your destination and notice he is driving in the opposite direction, giving off some "weird energy" as he mixes up mutiple unknown substances into a moldy shaker cup. He tells you "we're headed to Dixie Highway to pick up tan tens." When you tell him to turn around because that's not where you want to go, he replies "ARE YOU GONNA MAKE ME?" You proceed to spend the next 3 hours (against your will) watching a man in a wig shit, piss and spit on your taxi cab driver while he screams "ROBERT, PLEASE!!! GET THESE THINGS OFF ME!!!" while foaming at the mouth. You call the police the next day and a slight, slight 1% barely noticeable police officer replies "whhhhhhhhoooooooooo caaaaarrrrreeeeessss" when you try and file a report. Welcome to Delray Beach, unfortunately.

Just a little treat. Little drugs, little gag. Don't be mad PeeJay.

In the comments of Jay's new live, begging to be let back on the board. Chad [@[email protected]](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/u/delraymisfitsboard) laughing at his request as he seethes that he can't make 10 new spam topics per day and talk about that retard Essy or whatever the fuck his name is. DRM board always wins.

Not trying to be a hater troll, but the board can't stay up for more than a week before it goes down for a whole day or more. Can we get some sort of update thread on what's happening here? I'd like some transparency instead of the website telling me to eat crow when I try to log in on a Monday unfortunately.

"Man who loses his brother has perfectly normal reaction litally every other human being who lost their brother has." Thanks Jahn, we really needed a video essplaining that a person that just lost their brother recently is going through a hard time mentally. Thanks for essplaining the human condition to us that litally all of us essperience first hand when a loved one close to us dies. Couldn't have done it without you unfortunately.

Adam: "Brie, I'm here to fight for you... Because I love you!!!" Brie: "Heeellllllllpppp!!!"

Stop letting the board go down or I'll give you a wedgie huehuehue.

In the gym basement today gyuys, hiding out gyuys. Not gonna talk about Dale anymore gyuys. Uhmmm, someones jumping rope today gyuys. Andrew and Brayud wouldn't like it gyuys. Dwarf bodybuilders built like a turnip gyuys, not good bro. Need to bring back ryeal men that are 6 foot tall. Need to carry a little more fat and bulk on body bro, not everyone wants to wyear panties on stage. McCuck, stop talk shit. Okaypeaceoutbye.

To the Admin/Mods: There is obviously one guy that is spamming and causing trouble for the board. You ban one of his alts every other day and he upvotes his comments with his 10 other accounts. Not to mention the constant spam and stupid ass comments that add nothing to the conversation. Can you just save all of us (and yourself) the trouble and get rid of all his shit for good? I'm tired of seeing his dumbass alt accounts and comments, and now with the recent board issues (which he is probably behind), it's getting out of control. This dude is litally logged in with 11 accounts at one time, just to upvote comments on this niche message board. There's obviously something not right with him. Let's take out the trash for good.

-1 new comments huehuehue board update make problems me.

You just got done typing a 3 page rant on some intellectual topic nobody gives a shit about and someone types "whhhhooooooooo caaaaarrrrreeeeessss" on some other comment that took you an hour to type up, erasing everything you just wrote. Amazing how one little change got him to stop writing books in the comments section huehuehue.

Presidential order fanbuddies huehuehue don't be mad PeeJay.

Imbezzling from drug cartel is not good man. Will end up with entire arm cut off soon unfortunately. Be careful Adam. ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/HCUNAEVuIa.jpg)

Thank you mods for banning that dumb fuck Jay_Fudali. Now please ban his 10 alt accounts as well. These morons clogging up the board unfortunately.

At 18:10 he states the first drug he did was marijuana at age 14 then started steroids a year later. This was way earlier than I expected. Thought he would've at least lifted for a few years as a natty, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Do you think him starting gear at 15, very early in puberty, and fucking up his hormones at such a young age led to his sexual perversions (trannies) and him "sharing" women with a 30+ year old pervert? I think Lassie got a hold of him while his hormones were all fucked up and convinced him to indulge in his own perversions since he couldn't find someone his own age that thought fucking trannies and crackwhores was a good idea. I can see how his fucked up hormones along with being groomed by a 30 something year old pervert would cause that switch to flip unfortunately.

Came across this on Cuckbook Marketplace huehuehue just a little gag. Amazing how I view shit through the eyes of the Genovaverse now days.

Who was Urban Farmer?
I've heard him be brought up a few times. Watching an old Jay live and he said the guy apparently went nuts over his Asian girlfriend and had a "Mexican Standoff" with the police in Canada. Sounds very menty huehuehue. Did he have a youtube channel, or was he just a maniac? Anybody know his real name? Want to read up more about it as there surely is some news story or something I ASSOME.

You're filming an innocent live, trash talking every person you come across, calling everyone you've ever seen a "coward", pocket full of liability waivers that you carry everywhere you go. You hear what sounds like a horse running up behind you. You turn around and this guy is staring straight at you and asks "Wanna go?" What do fanbuddies?

Graphic design wagies are seething because AI can produce an entire weeks worth of their work in a couple of minutes, with just as good if not better quality. They want to remain in regressed society while the Chad computer programmer takes their job, does it 10x better and charges 10x less for the service. Maybe we should go back to riding horses, solving math problems with an abacus and using a pigeon to send important mail? Heuhuehue time to update that resume and get some different life skills wagie, don't be mad.

According to Connor Murphy, every dude has a little guy in them because they stroke their own cawk.... Tony used to be so shy he used to watche girls with binoculars out his window... He's more weird than I thought. The fuck did I just watch?

A prison guard overheard PeeJay and mysterious man known only as Dr. Hue talking about "getting rid" of "someone" after a conjugal visit this past Wednesday. The guard stated, "Mr Hue told inmate Braun get rid of it. I had to get rid of it." This news comes days after fellow black genetic and penis worshiper Leo Rex was found dead in the bathroom with his doodle hanging out. Will report more as the story develops.

As per recent terms of service updates, any person using the word/phrase "correct" is legally required to post the above picture accompanying said phrase. If a user does not comply with the above ruling, mods have the express written permission to shoot them dead at their hovel. NON-NEGOTIABLE.

A look inside Brayuds head before he got his manor and 35 year old single mother pusst along with her child (previous father still not known). Obviously this is old, so what think to add/update to bring it up to current?

8 days to celebrate his 40th birthday like a high schooler on Spring Break. This dudes whole life is a party, just like the PMs. Honest opinion, but does anyone know what this dude actually does for work? How the fuck can he take 8 day vacations like every month? I want to get in on what he's doing so I can party all day unfortunately.

It chicken boy. Dress up in costume before the game instead unfortunately.

Jesus fuck I forgot Jay was completely black out drunk when he said this. "Meanwhile nobody know what the... who it'd the father of his the child is of his old lady. Does that make you a tough guy?" "Whatever you say tough guy. You're a real tough guy. Come on tough guy." Menty as fuck. We need father back.

On last attempt to access my account and can't beat this captcha. What think fans? Can help? Shouldn't have skipped this one unfort. ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/78VTwI0Vd5.jpg)

Imagine how disappointed Granny Figgs is with Nate. She was probably some migrant, barely spoke English, didn't have 2 nickels to rub together when she came to this country yet was able to work hard and save up to pay off a condo in a desirable state and area. Then she croaks and gives her lifelong possession to her ex meth addicted grandson so he wouldn't have to struggle in life like she did, only for him to immediately sell it to buy CONSOOMER goods such as dope shoes, shirts, hair transplant and funding a "women" that won't even refer to him by name. What a fucking shame. I'd come back as a poltergeist just to make his life a living hell unfortunately.

His 1-2 year stint of drunk lives were the only thing keeping the ments alive. Very menty moments when he was shit faced, ruining every friendship he's ever had by talking shit about everybody he knows. Waters of Lake Cresva have ran cold since then. What's your favorite father ments fanbuddies?

Good moanin this moanin Misfits Trust and Safety Board. It me, FBI agent Fuckwad here to enforce your companies ToS. I'm about to essplain I've noticed user 'Anon572903843' has made a post encouraging people to go out and vote on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, it goofy. Since people are dumbos that can't think for themselves we can't allow this deadly misinformation to put our countries democracy at stake. Would be a shame if you didn't investigate and "take action" on this post. We have 50 people making 6 figures per year working on taking down these posts, very esspensive. Boss has made this a top priority over investigating corruption of vice president sons laptop. Okay I have to get on call with Mark Shekelberg and make sure nobody is talking bad about future president Biden or the vaccine, it safe, Bill Gates told me. Okaypeaceoutbye.

On a lot of supplements bro not feeling so well. Sorry for you condolences. Memeber me.

"I'm much bigger ~~___~~in person~~___~~ on camera bro. "Camera angles and lighting" unfortunately Blaha spouting wisdom about these instafag fitness personalities.

I wonder who got this piece of ment history. Belongs in a museum. Wonder if that manic still has it 8 years later? Would be very menty to come across.