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Just remember the math: 4 testicles equals homosexual activity.

I know. Instantly thought of the movie as soon as I saw the screenshot. Legit looks like one of the random people coming for them unfortunately.

Piss straight from a girl’s dick. Also only time he’s ever squatted to depth unfortunately.

“That devil shit. That devil shit.”

-Bards Co-worker

Uncut footage

I’d you watch her instagram videos, she does workouts without underwear on. One video in particular you can damn near see her whistle blower. Want bury my faces unfortunately.

It Follows

Just got done banging out slut who told me I’m going to see these “things” following me around until they catch me and kill me. …


What you do to her batman? Chained in basement maybe?

Exodia Masters:

Instant win: Assemble purpley wirpley, steel reserve, menthol cigarettes, Keisha and “friend betrayal” on your side on the field.

Opponent must skip every Sunday for each retarded child under their control.

Spell card: Overtime

Effect: every turn place 1 overtime token on your side of the field. When you receive 5 overtime tokens, pay 5000 life points to take 1 weekend off. Your opponent does not collect their alimony payment this attack phase.

Grace Smurry:

Trap card: Deflection: “when an opposing player describes why your life is horribly worn, bring up their retarded child to point out why your life is actually better than theirs by comparison”

Card text:“Aww who cares do whatever the fuck you want”

Power: Alimony: “In order to keep a single mom with child under your control, pay 1000 life points every turn to the opposing player”

Perfect teeth, perfect smile, in shape work very hard in the fitness industry. How still single?

Searched and searched and can’t find unfortunately. Wouldn’t doubt if there was under some obscure location though, just can’t find.

Kept posting the same screenshots over and over unfortunately.

JaysConeHead gone too. It confusening. Mass purge? What goin on fans?

Jokes on you, Richard never leaves the house, so he doesn’t have to ever “come home” to her huehuehue.

Where's Emma?

No posts in almost 2 months. Blocked comments on posts. What happened? Nate8000, care to essplain yourself?..


Jesus their apartment is just as dirty as Blahas lmao living in squalor yet home all day. No time to clean unfortunately, busy eating, videogaming, getting fat and sexually frustrated by wife that turned into gender neutral meat sack huehuehue.

What you fuckers don’t fucking realize is that I have a fucking job where I work outside in the fucking heat all fucking day. I don’t have fucking time to “primp and preen” like all the other instagram fucks do. If you don’t fucking like what I have to fucking say then turn it the fuck off and go watch something else.

“It won’t get hard”

“$10 to sink a finger in my ass”

Before the health complications Jay’s strength and motivation have been stagnated for probably damn near a decade. Lets be real here. He will never get any stronger than he was before his health problems (505 for a double). The only reason he has “motivation” to lift everyday now is because he lost …

Too much ask? No cheating BTW huehuehue…

A review of Richard’s wife by no other than Richard himself. Quality content fortunately…


For anyone that needs a little motivation, just remember there’s more billionaires on the planet than people that have benched over 650lbs raw like Collura did. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT BEZOS? While your super yacht is stuck in Rotterdam, Collura is stuck under weight you wouldn’t even be able t…


Baby momma number 5 make problems me…


“I’m here to fight for you because I love you!!!” Unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere. Was epitome of PeeGay ments…



It a mystery why Jason ended up the way he did unfortunately…

Ultimate ment

Jay comes out of this alive and once fully recovered returns to mommy’s house only to see that she has married Bard, stealing his inheritance, violating his mother and seeing the only two people in this world he truly loves have betrayed him. What think fanbuddies? What’s your idea of ultimate ment?..


What think? It make problems me…

"Team Blaha" client bulked a little too much

Very freaky 25% bodyfat. Glad I paid $250 to get fat and do some shirtless pullups for you coath. Pause near the end of the video to see his physique. Literally the same as Genova lmao…

"I want him GONE!!"

So according to Bard Lenny’s story of how he got fired was complete bullshit. They offered him a transfer and just didn’t “hire” him when he went for the interview. Lmao. So instead of lawyering up once this happened he just said fuck it and went back to his shitty hovel to suffer. Remember when eve…

It Groundhog Day

Good moanin this moanin fans I’m up. I’m up this moaning. Going to the gym today to do my weights. Eating eggs for breffis. Got any questions fans? *Stares at camera not answering questions for 2 minutes. Okpeaceoutbye…


Listen fuckers. Just because I got a fucking picture of myself kissing another fucking guy it doesn’t fucking mean that I’m fucking gay. Okay? I fucking come home every fucking night after I get off fucking work and I fuck Taco Queen in every fucking room of this fucking house. What you fucking keyb…


This has got to be one of my favorite screenshots in the whole Genovaverse. Bard dragging him for a minute straight and m’cyborgs 1% brain malfunctioning from all the insults that he couldn’t keep track of to lie about afterward. That video was fucking menty. Any other fanbuddies got some Genova scr…

Pretty much sums it up fortunately…