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France gotta lotta former colonies in Africa. They scout out the best PMs young and bring ‘em to their youth academies in france to become pros. Simple, brown rice

Zipper was saying Andrew was getting money from Jane/the government to serve as respite care for janoy. Watching him and taking him off janes hands for a couple hours a bunch. I mentioned how a few years ago a maniac on reddick (maybe finnishinncider) who was close with janoy irl revealed Jason had been using a pay-for-a-friend type website for years. It didn’t seem like an escort thing but it might’ve been now that I think more about it. Not 100% sure but it was definitely the type of thing a special person would use for companionship

Felt tainted, by the dark side. Had lost souls. Losing everyone I love father 2003 aunt 2007. I want more power, but I know I shouldn’t.

He’ll be back

Non cookie cutter for sure. Fellow Ontario fan?

I don’t believe a lot of what Lenny said about his father, but I do believe that his dad wanted nothing to do with him far before the misfits happened. His dad was probably an abusive, shitty father and didn’t like that he ended up with two gay sons and a retard

Whips it out without hesitation and only warned of some hair. Alpha af

I’m familiar fan, it wouldn’t surprise me if Andrew or even Brad did that. But I also remember a specific website that was like a pay to have a friend for the day type of deal

Hey Ian, if I called you a retard for acting like a retard would it bother you???

Lou was the first guy who started getting in Lenny’s ear telling him he was owed money and could be a pornstar and shit. I think if we trace back the downfall of the misfits, gym closing was first big factor but second big one might be Lou getting in Lenny’s ear. Lead to Lenny losing his job and getting greedy and thinking he was a star and not just some niche internet curiosity

You may be onto something fan. I remember a few years ago some maniac that was close with Jason revealed he had been on some pay-for-a-companion type sight for years. Where you can like book friends for special or lonely people to hangout with.

If I wanted something to happen it would snap just be done

“Dale, I’m gonna drive to North Carolina and fuck your wife”

-big Jay

AKA I’m a spoiled manchild that was coddled and cared for my whole life, who had mommy/GF clean up after me and now I don’t know/want to do it. It big babyening it brattening it slobening

Jus a lil cerebral palsy in that screenshot

Good to see them together, Lenny is just so flaccid physically and mentally compared to before.

He’s got like a turn signal going in the back and at one point says “we’re gonna get after it in the morning, during the morning, tomorrow morning” dead serious . Plus the whole video is like something janoy would make, a 90 second video about how he’s not training now but will be later. Is father b…

Literally describing himself and he doesn’t even realize …