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His FB story was pretty menty. Telling some totally inane long rambling story that went no where while constantly fidgeting and looking around the room like he was checking no one was in there. Then locks himself out of his room lol

If blaha is out performing you, you know you’re doing something wrong

Or Nate’s too much of a wimp “nice guy” and is still in denial about the whole situation and dumbo as a person. Honestly think that’s more likely than dumbo having dirt on him. He’s got tapes of her blowing him so he’s got some pretty good dirt. On top of her also illegally marrying him for a green card which he can report. I think he’s just too much of a wimp and won’t stand up for himself

Pretty evil woman to be fair, but Nate’s also to blame for just letting her walk all over him. It’s actually shocking, like the writing was on the wall for soooo long. Like you’d think he would’ve thought twice before marrying her after all this bullshit but his dumbass just went for it. I wonder if she paid him for it or something because it actually makes zero sense.

Says he’s gonna try to start making videos again. Thing is the dumbass can’t figure out how to log back into his account lol

Need lifer transplant

Nate seriously got what deserve. Wtf did he think he would gain by flying 9 hours to Germany to nearly cry and sit there like a wimp on camera? Women don’t like that shit they think it’s pathetic. I’m glad he went the Turkish hair transplant route after getting fucked, shows the intelligence level

PMs get mad at people calling them names because of their skin colour, white people don’t let that shit bother them. Like Janoy’s shirt said “it’s great to be white”

Pisstroopers are everywhere man. I commented on a mma highlight video on YouTube with my genovaverse account a few weeks ago and the creator replied with “it’s sick it’s piss”.

Showcased a number of forms of degeneracy. Porn addiction, alcoholism, childishness/pinwormism. Just needed Lan and Janoy tweaked out on adderall and pre workout to complete it

I can go to 4 or 5!

5 minutes later

Uhhhhhh mummy. Like littaly mummy. I’m so drunk, I’m so hungover, uhhhhh fuck man

I’m glad bloho never had the opportunity to reproduce. Yuman filth genetics

Nate really isn’t helped by his insect-level IQ either unfortunately

Nate looks and sounds absolutely crushed, she seems happier than a pig in shit. She got to save face for definitely cheating and wimp nate just sat there and took it. What makes it all the more worse is I believe nate married her AFTER this, of course she dumps him afterwards. Nate really did get what deserve, like it was so obvious to everyone but him what her end game was.

I’ll see you later

Come on tough guy! You’re a real tough guy!!!

JT checked into World Gym shortly before this was shot

According to Lans Facebook story, the genius spent his night feeding and helping a homeless guy, then when night time came he refused to leave Ian’s room and slept in his bed. Nice guy Ian then sat outside the door making Facebook stories explaining how he’s got so much empathy he helped a bum out d…

Whose still around if Father croaks? Cuban? Beg Lassie? Idiots actually think Brayud and Andrew would actually come back and do stuff. They’re done people, and have been for a while. Who knows how long the lord will be gone. I really hope father pulls thru. I wouldn’t call him a good man, but he’s p…

You want it more than the next guy? You gotta take it. AGGGGGG! COME ON!!! OH SHIT. Call 911…