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Legitimately as delusion as when Jane stormed out of Jason’s show because he thought he should’ve won

This dudes training routine was about as dumb as janoys too. Genetics and having to walk everywhere going a longggg way

Blaha often gets less than 1000 views per video, he’s an absolute bum. Literally just an oddity for online folk to make fun of

It’s pretty wild that Dale showed up almost at Genova level, no exaggeration. He’d beat janoy but it would be close

Gary fuller pulling a Genova huehuehue sometimes nobody shows up and you automatically win

Looking fat and sloppy m’coath. I can tell you know what you’re talking about when it comes to fitness, definitely someone I’d purchase programs from. The amount he seems to do and travel while apparently being crippled by depression and unable to work sure is strange

Huehuehue did I do that huehue I’m Steve Urkel

Not freaky enough. Rich was too crazy and unique to be replicated. Guy was a ment machine. This guy is a cookie cutter in comparison. Not nearly as brash or larger than life

Which is definitely more likely. We have that audio recording of rahbbbbb calling what he thought was Jon bravos gym and trying to get him kicked out. Of all the autists in the Genovaverse rahb was one of the dumbest and it is absolutely in character for him

Totally agreed Richard, because look how veganism worked for you! Living in squalor married to an ex cop and constantly injured while being weak af and soft. This guy is on Ian’s level in terms of being a bullshit wannabe intellectual genius

“Did I mention I’m 46 years old? I’ve had many people come up to me and say I look younger. Telling me I’m ripped”

We can tell from your physique coath don’t worry we know

Pretty sure Lenny called McCuck “modern day Winston Churchill” to fuck with him and McCuck didn’t pick up on it and took it seriously. Beyond cringe

Goes to attack the tribe, first one he encounters “I felt it pull!!!”

Attorney Scott Miller is a seriously underrated character

George Carlin wouldn’t have smiled asshole!!!

It’s such a dumb thing to say. Like sure, go ahead and not lift and disregard people caring about it. But then don’t act like your coaching business is real or like you’re trying to grow it. Youd have to actually be retarded to think it’s a good look to not lift and then try and sell programs

This is what I’m confused about too. Im guessing parents have just accepted him back in and are now taking him with them on vacation. It manchildening

Dave he’s gotta go!!! We’re family he can’t be saying that shit Dave!!!

Check the comments below, ian gets BTFOd for being a strength coach who doesn’t lift, makes excuses, and shits on bodyweight exercise

M’lord looking inyuman as usual

“Last seen wearing a University of Michigan shirt from Walmart and in the company of a black known prostitute and drug user named Keisha”

Fond of the reverse grip bench, brought his triceps up ayyyy-lot. Used to do 500 pounds on that exercise

Jason please come the dog is dying

Mother would you shut up goodbye!!!

I’ve found almost everyone finds them funny despite not knowing who it is. It mystery. Also post rare father screenshots below

Could you imagine the relative renaissance it would provide. Lennys done, prince gym videos are done. Father is all thats left. Please father!!!!! Argh!!!!!!!! Ill get you a pee-arrrrrhhhhh!

When from condescending alpha male larp to trembly voiced cuck in an instant

Still think this is the greatest father pic of all time

He’s got like a turn signal going in the back and at one point says “we’re gonna get after it in the morning, during the morning, tomorrow morning” dead serious . Plus the whole video is like something janoy would make, a 90 second video about how he’s not training now but will be later. Is father becoming the new Jason?

Literally describing himself and he doesn’t even realize