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i remember this freak. didn’t he use to work a physical job too. pretty crazy what some people can get away with, until they don’t get away with it(e.g. former ronnie).

oddly enough, Lan already has another sugar mom. had to replace the mother, had to get rid of it

I had the same thought when watching NH’s recent bloho video

  • both come from rich families
  • both exiled from said rich families
  • both are groomers(alledgedly)
  • both are narcissists
  • both leech from partners
  • both are innernet celery exercise science coath LARPers

it twinsening. it dumb and dumbering

“I have received no meaningful response, if any.”

i can only image the response Lan, after you aired the family’s piss stained laundry for all the fans to see.

some juicy ments from Lan today. arrested for calling 911!

Dr. Lan Macthey back on the streetz?

used to watch his videos back in the day. looks like he’s into freediving now. from one retarded sport to the next

macthey would have to be 30 now. he was 19 when he got diced in that debate with Dave Pulcinella

he went to hospital around his birthday last month. i’m betting that was his 30th.