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Impisster actually contributes to the board and writes interesting shit

The live where he talks about how he’s going to ruin Pomps was the best.

“Brian Scott Pompura touches children”

Legitimately painful to watch. Fake bloopers and failed attempts at humor …

I want the misfits back together as much as anybody but I don’t blame Brad for holding a grudge. I don’t have kids. But if I did I don’t imagine that I’d appreciate a fat moron that I welcomed into my home joking about killing my daughter in a meanspirited way.

That first one reminds me of a certain letter carrier

Random things people do that pisses you off

I’ll start. Naming your dog something stupid. Like Taco queen and Bard calling their dog “ninja” …

True. But Big Richard was probably over doing it and adding in other shit too. He said on the podcast that he did tren idk how recent that was though

As delusional as Lenny is “mind over matter” is real

No it’s Lonesome Loser by the Little River band

Classic ment. Josh Foxx and Gideon should have teamed up

“FREE T SHIRT COMING OUT!” She couldn’t even do the hula hoop well and people were walking by completely unimpressed

It frankenstrat-ening

You’re right. Lenny was legitimately a freak back in the day

Then Jay was the one who almost died in the hospital. It bad omen-ening

He was working out while high off edible mary jane

Tfw you payed 50 dollars for a stack of fake 100 dollar bills

Daily reminder that 50 percent of people don’t have an inner monologue

Sassy Savage Goddess has legit gone insane

Has anybody else been keeping up with that lady? She streams all the time talking about people whose names I don’t recognize. Saying all these people she knows are pedos and so are the local cops …