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He is losing the battle against his left ventricle unfortunately.

RIP Emma
Adam McCuck just confirmed her death unfortunately. Overdosed on fent apparently feel cold

Just tellin it like it is there, ya know

I’ve seen the post on mccucks insta but maybe cuckboy is just trolling

From now on there is a mandatory Lenny tax. Every pisstrooper has to donate 20 buck a month to Lenny or else order 66 their candy ass unfortunately.

What’s his new address?

https://www.gofundme.com/f/6evh7-powerhouse-gym Still at 600 buck unfortunately. Donate to Tim or else you're a ment killer.

It was the reason Big Richard turned away from the misfits. He didn’t want to be associated with that piss drinking homo Big Lady.

cyber ghost vpn 85% off good deal take deal

order 66 onyx

eat crow you feline cookie cutter

Thank you Nick Gurr69. Yes, I plan on having kids and getting married soon.

FATHERRRR needs to make more videos and go live daily or else order 66 unfortunately


What happened to Lenny’s PPP loan?
What happened to all that money Lassie & fat faggot Lou scammed out of the tax payers?

Sad news maniacs. Lenny's friend Collura has passed unfortunately. Couldn't believe it until McCuck officially broke the news on instagram.

Is Dale Chance in on it?
Lenny trying to get views by shitting on Dale and Dale responding like a triggered tard. Is this a fake beef? Both of them just want attention and views and are acting out their script.

thank you modern day winston churchill

With an oxygen tank strapped to the seat unfortunately.

Penny Lersin is an insulin-resistant pig and a PM who lives off his EBT card unfortunately

RIP Adam Macleod
Rest in peace M'lardass survived by his ugly mail order wife and his defective kids

Big Jay would capture him and fuck this lil fairy’s ayuss unfortunately

Mcthey claims to be bisexual for clout lmao what a tard

His first name is Bradford you retarded subhuman

What happened to Sassy?
what happened to M'slampig

Trannyx should be doxxed so Big jay can send him 500 pizzas

Retard Dale still thinks it’s a real pic of Jay taken by a nurse. Dale gets trolled so easily, it 85IQ unfort

Back in the day Lenny promised a 1000 DOLLARS if you beat him. Will I get paid if I knock his ogre ass out?

Powerhouse opens again in 2 - 3 weeks
not closed permanently TIM always wins

The piedmont porch puffer has sadly died of his death unfortunately

When will Bravo realize
When will Bravo realize that Adam completely destroyed him and showed everyone how much of a vulture he is. Order 66 Jon Bravo.

Order 66 Lassie for not making videos with Cobra as promised

Dale ATTACKED Jay Masters
You all know Dale is in Florida right now. IT HAPPENED: Dale hit Big Jay in the face several times and from what we know Jay didn't call the cops afterwards. More to come soon

Father always wins. Tim's Powerhouse Gym has been closed for almost 10 days now. It revolting it insulting. Tim drowned in the piss unfortunately. Google page deleted, IG deleted, official facebook page not available. Died of its death.

Sad news, Chuck has died apparently. His wife confirmed it on instagram.

fuck it sucks maniacs, FATHERRR has passed away in ICU after suffering a stroke yesterday goodnight sweet prince

Gray Smurray
Thoughts on Gray Smurray?

Order 66 Jon Bravo
Adam MacLeod is 1000 x times better than Jon Bravo. Order 66 bravos candy ass kpeaceoutbye

Rest in peace M'collura

Father has just passed away apparently. John Bravo just confirmed it on his IG. Could've been a stroke or a heart attack. Feel cold fanbuddies it saddening

Lenny’s passport
Why does his passport application take so fucking long? Thank you Sassy Savage Goddess. Yes, I will come to Canada soon.

Sad news maniacs, this was just confirmed by Pomps. She died after a car accident. Rest in peace Valerie...fuck it sucks for Brayud

Father has passed away apparently. John Bravo just confirmed it on his IG. Feel cold fanbuddies it saddening

Jon Bravo
Is "Jon Bravo" as he calls himself the most pathetic loser in the genovaverse? Even McCuck is more of a man than him.