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An image of something Lenny was oddly obsessesd with on one podcast

Mel Chauncy - he got to go meet hulk hogan and go to that event for free Dale - Bought him a bunch of gifts and was nice in person Mr. G - Is now helping Lenny make money off those cookies

My advice that isn’t generic cookie cutter bullshit is to not buy into any dogmatic mindset. Train the way that gets you the best results

Every time I start to feel sorry for bloho he does something to make me hate him again

He never got fired he said that as a joke If I recall

Unsurprisingly Jay never summoned the nerve to say any of that to him in person

All these years later.

He’s still just leavin’

She must have been physically repulsive otherwise he woulda shown her

Lenny says he’s a maniac and he once qouted Lenny

Yeah Mr. G has a big heart even though he’s kinda retarded.

Gab, Gamer uprising, the fitmisc replacement Neanderthal World and a few more I can’t remember. The internet is basically like TV now where you only see what is approved and promoted

Probably from starting his frequent Brad breaks at that age

My only theory is that maybe since I’m quite a bit bigger than I was back then I need more idk

Maniacs who use phenibut get in here
I started using phenibut again and I just do not get the europhic feeling I got when I used to take it about 2 years ago. I'm using liftmode but I also tried cosmic nootropics which was slightly better. The biggest dose I did was 1.8 grams. Any tips or advice?

Inflation has increased the price of Costco boxed wine

As Andrew would say I don’t think so chief

I saw a ghost once as a kid. I was walking my dog somewhat late at night and I saw a figure at the end of my block that looked like a silhouette made of tv static. It was just floating there and moving closer at an incredibly slow pace. I was a pussy as a kid but for some reason I remember not being scared

I had sleep paralysis I would always get it when my buddies would stay over for the night when I was a kid and I would sleep on this big rocking chair. It was unnerving and terrifying in the moment but I never saw the shadow figure people report seeing

I believe all those catman stories. Collura does not strike me as the type to lie about past lifts

Animal i become unfortunately

Idiot. Government employees are the laziest people least productive people in the universe

Yes lemonade stand Brad and I are still on speaking terms

Although there was a 90 percent chance that the guy he was working with tricked him and was manipulating him

Which drunk live does Jay say he’s going to slap taco queen?
I can't find it. I'm almost certain it's not on chuck e cheese ranch's channel

The likeliness of Brad and Lenny making up is lower now. But still menty

If you go to his protein cookie website it says the domain isn't connected to a website. No wonder he hates Lenny so much I garuntee you he blames Lenny 100 percent.

Drinking water today unfortunately

The only funny thing about Mccuck is his obsession with Brad. He is so easily impressed. All it takes is a beard, tattoos and a "cool kid" attitude and Mccuck is in awe.

Big Lenny’s back workout
Rack pulls 3xfail Done for the sole purpose of being able to put 6 plates on the bar. Barbell rows 3xfail Be standing almost completely upright and bring the bar upwards like a shrug. Grunt like DUH DUI DUI DUI on every rep Lat pull down 3xfail Do the entire stack and move the bar 3 inches

Post your best life advice/things you’d tell your younger self
I figured I would ask since you freaks are the only people on the internet whose judgment I trust

The only ment he was ever apart of was Lenny grilling him on the podcast for running out. Pomps wouldn't give a real answer just kept saying he was "over it"

One of the mentiest vids from Lenny in a while

It fresh mango-ening

What was Prince thinking about in this picture?

According to ratprick…
Jason was 18 years old as a freshman in high school. Can we confirm this?

Jason’s daily routine
Wake up at 5am after 2 hours of sleep Skip showering or brushing teeth Do a "Mornin this mornin fans" live video Eat microwaved stir fry Walk to the gym (stopping at dunkin donuts on the way) Do 3 sets of cheat bicep curls with a 60 lbs pre loaded bar Do a few sets of bench press with 135 then leave Walk around the mall or walk the ave for a few hours hoping someone recognizes him Eat burger king Neurotically scroll social media until 3 am Go to sleep

I was laughing out loud watching this especially 0:43

So, How did you get redpilled?
Pretty much everyone on here is redpilled it seems. How did it happen to you?

"What's it gunna take for Jason to get abs?"

Most legendary Genovaverse items
The no homo bandana The Janoy Cresva shaker Jay Master's puke bucket Synthol Mark's don't tread on me hat Prince's lifting gloves (Currently) Brad's Enjoy the moment poster

"Advertise free cotton candy and orange soda and then burn all their houses down"

"I'm extremely extremely extremely challenged, extremely challenged." "I don't think anyone is going to disagree on that one Jason." Also towards the end Adam just gives him the honest truth and tells him he'll never be a bodybuilder, what he said aged well. You can tell Harper really had is heart in the right place