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“Put your face in it, bitch”

“Oh yes, Goddess…”

NH posted a video, Shadowman/Nattylifter has not posted in years

If anything he’s in the IDF bombing Hamas-affiliated mothers, infants and grandmas

Oy Vey

He doesn’t masturbate, he’s too sophisticated (and drugged up) for that

He thoroughly analyses the director’s work

You and anyone else that posts these types of threads needs to be skinned alive

Pig Leggy’s deduction:

Transvestites exude feminine traits, so despite being biological men it’s heterosexual

Studs exude masculine traits, but they’re biological women so it’s heterosexual

Or maybe in Leggy’s mind it’s the opposite, and rutting with Kiah (Keah?Kiya?KIA Motors?) was the most heterosexual experience he’s ever had

So is Pig Leggy

And nearly everyone else in the Misfits sphere

Magic mirror on the wall, how could I have seen this fall?

I expected worse handwriting, accompanied by him lambasting his customers for not deciphering his unintelligible scribbling

I can’t fault him for anything

He’d make a better male role model than the overwhelming majority of contemporary prominent male figures

What Pig Leggy says never held and never will hold any weight

So do you plan on creating a post for every video ever related to any member of the misfits?

YouTube has a search function for that.

It’s his hijacked account

He streamed entering his password for Fortnite, and his Twatter account held the same password

Occasionally the troll(s) post(s) something short and sweet

You’ll say that until you see a dog spread its dander in a restaurant or hospital

Or a dog mauling toddlers in a library’s reading club

Eyes wide open, like an emotional predator

Venomous animals have vibrant colors

People have the sociopath stare

If we flip the script, we can deduce that despite producing 2.8% of all popular songs, women still perform a good chunk of popular songs and get paid damn well for it

I do not want to be reminded of this barnacle’s existence

His 3 main arguments against dog culture are hygiene, safety and remaining civilized

You’d do well to immerse yourself in the anti-dog community

He doesn’t appreciate pet ownership in general, either

Neither do many other anti-dog advocates

I know this isn't related to the misfits, but the only thing worth mentioning would be Pig Leggy's eventual death after another hospital stay that his PPP Loan money will not pay for In the meantime, let's focus on this extreme case of cynophilia Some of you JQ and ZOG believers might add pet worship to the list of degenerate behaviors that are used to undermine the supposed Aryan race I don't personally believe in the intent, but I do believe in the irreversible damage pet worship does to the human condition (The YouTube link is around the title somewhere, just look harder)

He’s wearing sunglasses indoors in a white shirt showing off his chest - he’s got life figured out

With a 3kg watch on his wrist, too

She’d be better off proposing to close her account for $5

Have you recently studied Payday 2’s lore and you’re writing about The Kataru now? Are you DarkEternal? Are you going to spin a story about how you were a Kataru breeder?

He’ll directly beg Klaus Schwab for handouts

“Please respond, asshole”

Holding an object in your arms, or single-leg squats

I’ve read some very good fanfiction

If anything it’s mainstream porn that’s too banal to be arousing

Goes on a short anti-woke rant, but we aren’t buying it anymore

Pig Leggy is a bona fide closeted coal burning estrogenic gossip & size queen

Prostitution 🍄 needed to pay RENT today & completely ruin my future

Parental disappointment, taking simps’ money camwhore style, mental gymnastics & then getting ridiculed online until I slit my wrists

She’s already grieving the loss of her chances at raising little Schlemps, no doubt.

Pig Leggy, once again submissive and docile as can be

Posting pictures of your food like an Instagram thot…

Now we know what happened

Laith wanted to drink from the toilet bowl like a dog, but there was a plumbing malfunction and the bowl was dry, so he beat it with the ferocity this neanderthal beat his woman

Only the toilet bowl fought back

Can you type out 5 large paragraphs about what’s elite, what’s extra-terrestrial, what’s divine and what else isn’t elite?

Who’s this? Dick Dastardly?

A German NEET streamer that gave out his address in a challenge to his trolls The trolls proceeded to vandalize his house and host gatherings over years Ultimately he was forced out of his home and got charged with assault There's a hell of a lot more to learn if you understood German Like that time his trolls convinced Russian or Turkish news outlets that he was an Iranian mass shooter on the loose in Berlin I don't speak German, but perhaps some of you do

We could use a mascot called “Popofo”
"Pics of pooper or fuck off" Let's start with the appearance - a brown monkey?

Only the main page is protected. You can edit all other pages, upload your own files and the suggested pages will change accordingly. You could probably convince the main domain that you are the wiki admin.

Pig Leggy goes crazy for this ethnicity

What do you guys think of Greydon Square and his music?
I'd be quite interested to know what the regulars' opinion on Greydon Square and his music is. To make it DRM relevant, let's speculate on which Misfit would most likely enjoy his work.