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A few live streams ago he read a comment from a username with that name. He read the whole username “Penny Lersian”. It made me laugh.

Always laugh at that pic of Lenny. Looks like a leaked area 51 photo of a bloated dead alien.

If you call losing all self respect and shame coming out on top then sure

Send it to Janoy. Tell him you’ll exchange it for a video of him doing a Hitler impression huehue.

You fuck wit me you fuck best bitch!!

He use to do G4P, but his youtube content is spot on. Check out Matt Ogus and his diet videos.

Steel mill. According to Jay he made decent money.

Sometimes somebody shows up and you lose

I will say that “bro splits” are not the way to go imo for people with average genetics and work related obligations. Best split imo is 4 days a week, upper/lower off, repeat.

Was he competing in a special ed bodybuilding show? Why do all the competitors look retarded?

Fuck, can you imagine if he were still drinking!

Huehuehue. Muh 5x5 programing is something I picked up at Langley!

Dumb fuck and dumb fucks paying for this shit. This basic template is free and would yield 10x the gains, but people don’t want to spend time on the basic heavy compound lifts when they could spent their time in the dumbell rack showing off their abs and 13 inch arms

Sickening 100$ google docs spread sheet

Don’t be coy Collura. You know you used to double team these creatures with Lenny back in the day.

He would go up to the non misfit gym members and be like "yeah bro, I've already been on RX muscle twice bro!" "I'm gonna be training with Skip Lecore next week bro!"

Why cover the nipps Bessie? We’ve already seen your cement tits!

I mean her starting point was cooking salmon for a retard that was farting on her in his cramp kitchen. It was probably always gonna end with her selling her ass in one way or another.

I just don’t see the appeal in this dude. Every generic video he pumps out get’s a million views and it’s just pure regurgitated garbage.

Lenny’s truth is just the truth that sounds good to whoever is buying him lunch

Lmao, not watching that shit. Lenny sucking off Mr G while they bake cookies like an old married couple. RX Muscle morons.

What the fuck is this from? Is it recent?

Menty part was he wasn’t joking or talking shit. Just genuinely thought Janoy was full retard.

Trust me, there’s some faggot out there who will. That’s why so many of these dumb whores are living in nice apartments in their late 20’s with a job history that’s shorter than Janoy’s dick.

Show pusst send you Morgan dollar!! It silver!! It good deal!!

when mommy walks in on you and Godiva playing under the covers huehue

Dumb slut already accidently posted her full body shot and it ended up here

I honestly do hope Lenny pulls through. I know I'm gonna regret all my jokes and shit talk once he finally eats crow. I do respect that he's still doing his shitty lives mid way though actively dying. He's always went all in for the ments.

Conveyor belt of shit fans! Father relapsing, Janoy return, Prince getting an itch to film, Brad finally divorcing Taco. There's still ments out there somewhere. Just have to be patient. It's been quiet for a while now, but there's got to be more. Just keep hope alive! Keep the ment alive!

![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/LaPuyrfgy1.png) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/E04rwHwV87.png ) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/tybhQ7VM2M.jpg) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/LQBaO0S4A4.png) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/s9Fy02yM2w.png) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/i51D3I3Ju5.png)

Neighbors were blasting music at midnight outside my house. Went over there ready to raise hell. Instead I was not nearly aggressive enough. Let them run their mouths and didn't speak up. There was about 8 of them, both women and men. All much older than me, and I could have taken any of them on. Most were also drunk. I bitched out. I want to re do it and be much more aggressive. Don't feel like animal I becum. Any of you ever bitch out in a possible street fight or conformation? How do you regain your confidence? Lick the men's room floor before your next gym session??

This is the same guy that less than a month ago was calling people selfish on Facebook because they wouldn't send him free money. Also doxed his own parents and told people to call and harass them for not helping him. Now he's not only "acquiring excess computers", but bragging about it on instagram. What the fuck does he need multiple desktops for? His online coaching shit? You need 2 computers to make spreadsheets on google docs?

Lord appears to be enjoying retirement.

Funny how I believe he was trying to use the phrase "hit the hay" instead of literally hitting the bed lol. Just a lil OCD, ADD, DVD.

Yeah, we get it. The most wholesome true ments are long gone. Still, in the last month we've gotten Lenny's rotting shins, abortion gate, Robzilla getting what gets, and Ian delving farther into drug addiction and homelessness. Another week or so and he may end up sucking dyick for a monster energy drink. We lasting baby!

This leg workout where Jay and Black Andrew forced Lenny to focus on range of motion over weight was the best workout Lenny ever did in his life. He was much more out of breathe after each set and you could see an almost nervous look on his face during it. He never mentioned it, but I'd guess he was as sore as he had ever been after it. He could have turned his physique around here. Sure, he'd still look like shit with his descended gut and old lady arms, but would probably have a much better quality of life right now. He should have let go of his ego this day and focused on full ROM from then on. Maintained a 225lb squat for 5 sets of 10 each leg day. Maintained either a 185lb bench for sets of 10 or if his arms would not lock out some sort of machine press for high reps. Instead of his "tension reps" that have turned him into the walking mummy he is today.

Good to see this fat bastard!

You had your own personal camera man and were in Daytona for the weekend. There was live music, racing, and the beach. You could have filmed hours of content. Going up to women on the beach and saying menty shit to them, and other pranks or "social experiment". Instead you and this creep johnnn film 3 or 4 low effort 5 minute clips talking shit about Brad and listening to shit music in the car. Hell, you could have gone live at the beach. Literally 0 effort. I mean we all know he's lazy but this is new levels. You saw many fans turning on you and instead of winning them back with funny content you doubled down on your retard comments.

No more posting pics??
What fuck?? How can we repost ments and menty pics? Can someone fix this?

What’s with this John retard talking so much shit about Brad?
Anyone see Lenny's new car ride video with his boyfriend from his past? Dude talks mad shit but won't let Lenny film him. Why can't they just move on from Brad instead of continuing to talk about him? Lenny has his camera man and is at the beach. Why can't they film videos of Lenny going up to strangers and saying funny shit? Instead they want to stir up more drama. Lassie just looking for content?