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I honestly don’t think she makes any real amount of money on it. I mean you have dedicated pisstroopers here who won’t even purchase it and leak it on here for piss-points.

Random guys aren’t going to pay for some random whores videos. I think you really have to market yourself (tease heavily on IG/TikTok/YT to entice guys.) OnlyFans “models” are legit a dime a dozen.

Just get wife that play with doodle and don’t have kids. Not lonely yet no burden of family. Simple.

Hopefully collab with m'lord soon at coin convention

RZ just kind of disappeared. Abruptly stopped uploading 3 years ago without explanation.

Holy fuck this was menty, thanks for sharing fan buddy.

According to Jane Jason is a STUPIDO

If real this is not something to be proud of brotha. You are the wrong type of freak.

• No one knows what Jason will do after Granny dies. We know he is a shut-in due to Granny threatening Jane and him with their inheritance. After she’s gone obviously Jane will want to still keep Jason off social media, but with that barrier gone who knows what would happen next.

• Collura will continue to do lives every few months. I genuinely enjoy them when he does them.

• Brad will continue to do his quarterly live streams. Likewise I do enjoy them and they can provide a few small ments.

• PJ getting out of prison could deliver some new ments one way or another. I don’t think he and Jason will ever collab again but he could do things like leaking conversations he resumes with Jason.

• Nate may eventually return and we can make fun of him for the insect he is.

• Jay? Honestly who gives a fuck. A shell of his former self and will likely never return to form.

• Lenny is going to have a huge change soon, one way or another. I know it’s a running joke that he’s on deaths door, but we all know no one lives forever. In the next 5 years he will likely lose his feet, or just die.

• Then there are endless side characters that can provide some very rare ments or come out of hiding. Bloho, Coath Adam, Bessie, McCuck, Ian, Coath Debbie, Duncle, Emma. The list goes on.

Yes, the golden years are far far behind us, but I will still gladly gobble up the ever drying up tinkles of piss until the drought-stricken Lake Cresva eventually goes dry.

Double amputee within a year unfortunatel, new era of ments though.

Ooey and gooey
![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/FhorHkepze.png) Also uploaded to his YouTube https://youtube.com/shorts/7l2-EVzprno?feature=share4

Putting aside that the article is on beta heaven Buzzfeed the rumor is Midjouney only had to train on Jay Masters pics to replicate typical Michigan resident fan buddies

Slap Emma for sure. Maybe in her “prime” in the Delray Fitness era she would be a fuck. She could never be a marry because she’d just end up stealing from you and/or selling her body to fund her guaranteed relapse into heroin again.

Bessie would be a fuck I guess. She’s so fucking annoying that I’d never want to be tied to her forever.

Reluctantly marry Dumbo. Just have to stay away from sphincter hole for 72 hours after anorexic binge unfortunatel.

Some Favorite Ment Clips
Good morning fan buddies, Just sharing some funny ments. Hopefully a few of these will give you a giggle during these dark times. Jason tells Jane she actually looks like a goblin or the woman version of the Grinch who stole Christmas https://youtu.be/dDR-vUO0zyw?t=115 Jason tells Jane she has great tits https://youtu.be/G4WsR3qc8xI?t=83 Jason says he has TWELVE fans out there https://youtu.be/SRKsXUzzGH8?t=222 "Well it's a puppy" https://youtu.be/AW_VCTzszFc?t=18 Lenny impersonates Jason https://youtu.be/1hU3F_nSnPU?t=1982 "Nine Ten Elevghghgg Tweghghgh" (Lenny runs out of breath counting to twelve) https://youtu.be/7ys2fm2VUjA?t=562 "Whoopie Goldberg lets one rip on live TV" https://youtu.be/1zICq-TUXjs?t=1067 Jason has true T-101 cyborg moment https://youtu.be/k1Y7ecQone8?t=352 Jason laughs at Chuck's stepdad dying https://youtu.be/alz-Up7lNVc?t=338 Possibly Jason's first whoooooo cares: https://youtu.be/Vdk6mBlzWsw?t=66

Insect Nate reactivated his IG today.

In fairness he’s only sucked chicks dicks, never a dick on a guy.

Other than that though father can’t compete.

Andrew has had both elite strength and been in bodybuilder shape, meanwhile father has always had turd physique. Father lives at home waiting for mommy to die with no job, and whatever you think of Andrew’s job at least he is independent. If we’re talking of a loser scale I think we know who would be on top of the other…

Nate Editing Randy Santel Videos
![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/xEXdt5Fzld.png) Insect Nate has been completely MIA for several months now after he rage-deleted IG since man-hands moved to Miami because his new hair looked more like his ass hair than real human hair. Not a single peep elsewhere on Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook. For all intents and purposes (or intensive purposes if that's your thing) it was RIP Nate for not releasing the tape. However it looks like Randy Santel spilled the beans about 2 months ago and we missed it. Nate is tucked away in his masturbatoreum surrounded by his dope "lids" and sneakers trimming away video clips of a grown man eating burritos and pizza. Truly sickening. Should have released the tape like Lenny said. Deserve what get. Perhaps we should ask Randy if Nate is OK. Ok peace out bye.

Fast forwarded to Denise Rutkowski part near the end and seems legit. Watching now, thanks fan buddy.

Eh it OK fan buddy, biting the bullet and listening in full. Very ment at the beginning after he stops crying about that stupid song and ship and he starts yelling at his phone for playing ads. Happens at 8:00 if any other fan buddies interested in that.

Any part I should focus on fan buddy? 1 hour pretty long time.

Thanks fan buddy, this gave me a good chuckle.

Ever since Jay got out of the hospital I cannot think of anyone more irrelevant in the Genovaverse than this guy. Haven’t watched him since Jay was on deaths door.

Was thinking of Lichelle Marie, unfortanutel porn addict

Dang brotha Lisa Marie died? Sad to hear, might pull pud in her honor tonight

Thanks so much fan buddy, this cracks me up legit every time.

Thanks for trying either way fan buddy. Caught it live and didn’t contain anything questionable, wonder why father delete, kinda weird.

New Podcast with Jason
It sick Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6Z2U8DYKLlLiTSYl9EbSpe?si=1de8c08fc34a4201 Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/jacked-athlete-podcast/id1462537296 Official Website: https://jackedathlete.com/podcast-81-jason-genova-part-2/

Enjoy fan buddies. Gave me a chuckle this morning.

Got excited for a second before I saw the date, not good.

The one thing Dale is spot on about is that Jay is a jealous born loser. Literally sitting at his Mom’s home trolling men on the internet in his bedroom.

Sent Lord $15 buck the other day for all the ments he’s provided over the years. Initially wanted $50, then $38, but sent $15. Take deal, good business man.

My God how did Coath Adam make so much money to be on a permanent vacation? I’ve heard a lot of theories but nothing substantiated, as hard as that may be.

Crypto, dealings with the Mafia/cartels, his shitty supplement company and website somehow killing it, COVID relief fund scam.

What think fan buddies?

WHO and WHAT is that

Thanks fan buddy. No way was I going to listen to this entire thing.

Always lol when I just think of “he tried to outrun a train” to market an energy drink.

Big Lenny Still Alive
Trying to think of all the people connected to the DRM universe that Lenny has now outlived with his Tom Platz of abs and freaky raw shins. I'm talking about freaks that died because they got too freaky, so not people like Sol or Big Richard from old age/natural causes/cancer. • Rich Piana • Leo • Dallas • Jerry Ward Who else fan buddies? Drawing a blank unfortunatel

I love the ments Jay’s provided over the years but unfortunatel he is the definition of a born loser. When you peak too early (high school/college) then sadly it’s only downhill from there.

Crackhead Lou will try to brag to the haters about all his Litecoin shekels yet I would still rather just be OK off and not look and feel like a sack of dog shit at his age. You play to win the game.

Agreed. I can’t stand people who are like “I used to be X.” Well what are you NOW? There are so many people from high school that were assholes and I see them now and they are beer gutted retards with multiple shit kids. What do you think about that, DALE?

What scares me most is how quickly the river of piss flows.

It feels like it was only yesterday that I entered the piss but in reality it was about 10 years ago. It’s scary to think that in that time people like Sol and Richard have gone from healthy lifters (for their respective age) to just outright dead. The ripper went from a youthful 30-something to now just under 10 years away from being eligible for social security. It sad.

My prediction is there is a minor DRM resurgence at the new gym that will be a former shadow of itself but still welcome content. Probably just Andrew and Jay appearing in one video, then just Andrew and Brad in the next.

Jason is obviously out but I am 99% confident he will be back after granny dies, but likely not to his former glory. He will simply have an online existence again and will never reach Golden Corral, dancing Elvis, freakier by the day, etc. levels.

I think there might be a few new characters at the new gym who will be fans and will be interested in joining the piss. My guess is Andrew may be getting a little bored, as friends in your 50s are all married with kids and hard to do things with so his only real comradery was from those old DRM videos. Being MGTOW means he’s obviously not getting any social interaction at home.

heh funny fan buddy to see this, I live about 20 minutes from this place (Hingham, MA)


I don’t know the full details but Jay was infatuated with her and then he threw her under the bus on a drunken live like he did with everyone else in his life.

The days he had them over for steaks he would always have the biggest t-bones or ribeyes. He must have been spending at least $100 on just steak alone to feed his friends at the manor.

Has what has happened to various DRM influenced your goals?
The more I watch the DRM members deteriorate at a really young age (40-50s) the more glad I am that I never got caught up in shenanigans common in the lifting culture. I never got into ego-lifting myself into injuries (I'm a weak faggot), I've always kept cardio as a focal point in my routine, and I never abused steroids (will probably start test when I'm 40.) • Jay - Has had limited mobility and trouble breathing for years. Only redeeming quality was his strength which in the end was pointless because his quality of life has been atrocious for years and caused him to visit deaths door in his early 50s. He will never be the same. • Lenny - Where do you even begin. Can barely move or breath. Go watch part 1 of the Vegas video where he walks out to the car to go to the airport. Jesus Christ. • Jason - Nagging injuries (5 car accidents bro, we don't care about injuries, we're freaks ) and seems to have a completely fucked up endocrine system from years of steroid abuse (largely because he just did anything and everything with his 30 IQ like not measuring dosages, stacking the wrong things, etc.) • Nate - Gets man-tits the moment he stops training or eats bad (check his IG) and also gets cucked because he's so insecure due to body image issues. • Brad - Bloated squirrel, hernias, angry mail prick (also a strawberry sandwich) • Andrew - Nothing too bad but had some bad shoulder injuries. Easily holding up the best of the bunch it seems though because he also didn't ego lift and seemed to do cardio.

Haven't watched/listened yet.

Coath Adam Money
What's the final scoop on where Coath Adam got his money? He's been on a permanent vacation for years now and just built his dream house in Puerto Rico if I'm not mistaken. His supplement business seemed to be doing OK but in the age of Amazon I had no idea how he could be killing it this much, if he's even still doing it like using Amazon fulfilment. He seems dumb enough (in hindsight, genius enough) to drop like $50-100k on BTC or something when it was under $1k. Think he hit it via crypto? How about estimated Coath Adam net worth? Entitled to know.