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Can I get an invite to the new Blaha troll discord, if there is one?

So based on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXJpvANJtVM Blaha flew out to see his ex girlfriend Jen at the time who I think lived in Illinois and when he came back Nova was dead. The dude wouldn’t even spend the little $50 a day it takes to have a dog sitter.

What’s going on with Blaha killing his dog? Apparently there’s evidence now?
Seeing Vince Goodrum talk about he and Vegan Gains both received the same information and proof that Blaha was paying a girl a lot of money to peg him and also either admitting to or leaving enough evidence behind that he did in fact kill his dog Nova which he blamed the trolls for doing (he said the trolls poisoned Nova) I guess the information regarding this is surfacing around a discord or something. Anyone have any insight on what's going on? Vince pretty much is convinced this all actually happened https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOAhm2oqKaI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hglx-AjUNE and with Blaha recently asking his community to flag videos related to him it's all aligning that there is something still that Blaha is trying to hide that is damaging to his character and business he doesn't want out.

Jason is learning money doesn’t buy happiness.

Who is she and when did she appear in the Genovese? I must’ve missed it

After watching this video I do not think there is any hope for Ian. Look at how tweaked out he seems to be. I really think he is either a non-functioning drug addict at this point, even if clean I am not sure he can ever be a normal functioning member of society with how far he seems to have taken his stimulant drug use.


Ian seems to be vehemently against doing anything that requires effort. Despite setting up a wonderful gameplan of moving back to Atlanta, living in a shelter, going to college and working at Publix- this all sounds great when you’re trying to write a GoFundMe description but when it comes time to put action to these words I do not believe he will do it simply because he still has not made any effort to do anything for himself to this day. He could go to a shelter right now, he could go get a part-time job right now and save to move but he has not. He is, of course, continuing to refuse to be an active participant in his rescue.

I do think Ian needs to be back in Atlanta with family but that’s about the extent of it. The guy has obviously burnt bridges with family if he is homeless and living in another state and begging for money to come back home. Any family would give Ian the funds to get a train, bus, or plane ticket back home if they hadn’t totally washed their hands with him. You have to wonder what he has done to be so isolated from his rich family.

And I’ve always liked Ian since back in the No Bullshit Bodybuilding days but he needs to be in a long-term rehab. I do not trust him on his own or with money.

I really really hope he pulls through. I really think he will but maybe I am being too optimistic. The fact that they still wake him up from his induced coma to me gives some type of hope that he’s in stable condition and if he’s in stable condition enough to be woken up out of his coma he can only improve… I hope.

So can anyone tell us what the newest verified update is on Jay?

I’m guessing Emma at one point was probably fucking really rich old men at World’s Gym because her entitlement is through the roof. $85 for 2 clothed photos??? Not hit rock bottom hard enough unfortunately

Off topic but I don’t believe Jason and his long-distance gf broke up. It was all for public show so the trolls leave her alone. I highly doubt she is going to break up with a guy who is allegedly bringing in over $100k a year and is just as autistic as her about fitness.

I hate to be that guy but this sorta feels like Father and Cuban playing a mean joke on the trolls. I hope it is true because I do not want Father to die or be in the hospital. I want this to be father taking a break from social media and having Cuban cry on camera to earn the fans back, the ones that would go after ment-killers. But with the way Father’s nose looked at the recent live, him stroking out on cam and now him allegedly in the hospital it all sorta seems to be a linear way of someone’s health declining very fast.

he keeps tagging some girl in his stories. Is this the girl he’s in a long distance relationship with? https://www.instagram.com/transformxruby/

Ian being offered $60k to write articles for a supplement business is pretty surprising and impressive considering his lack of experience with writing. He did formulate and sell his own pre-workout Totalis and Totalis 2.0 and he is an abuser of certain supplements so he does have the insight and knowledge to speak about supplementation so someone offering him $60k to do something he’s never done before (writing articles) was a big opportunity he completely blew and may never get again.

It’s really quite sad to see how far he’s fallen since the No Bullshit Bodybuilding days. Watching him now is hard seeing as he is a full-fledge junkie. Wonder when and how he picked up the habit