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Everybody has a plan till they get punched in the face, mccucks gonna make you cry

Whos got a gay son and are they cute?

Yeah you can tell he’s too scared of death now though, sad going out like a cookie cutter

OK fans if McCuck knocks out Bravo we do a total 180 on him and start treating him with respect, agree?

Revolting and insulting

Who gives a shit about this worthless freeloader tony huge was paying his rent lol and he still killed himself pathetic weak specimen

Came to say this, Crocodile Dundee should have killed them all when he discovered Australia

Don’t be mad Lucie just a lil gag

Don’t click waste of time grifter video, they can’t release the details yet

Victory daughter fuck after slaying an arab

Brutal moggings of the 21st century AD…

There way no way it was a murder bro Tony said so huehue

The guys she tells you not to worry about

Of course this twink hates heavy cream

Laith fell for the whey powder meme what a stupid goy

Get him back Bard is done and this is the only option Lenny needs a chauffeur to go and train with Jay…

Menty if Lenny rang the buzzer and asked if he could work in…

Any misfits actually tried home made Hyphy Mud?

4 scoops of instant coffee mixed into a can of Coke. How was the texture?..


send ramen…

You’re not supposed to drink 2 gallons of water a day why can he not understand this…

Lenny really is a dipshit, mr g sucked it up and offered a sincere apology and this fucking gypsy shouted at him lol…