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Mind blown litally his twin

You can get 6 figures trucking right now also it’s just he spends it all lol

Nope misfits gonna pull a top gun 2 and be better than ever florida is full of freaks if you build it they will come it piss

Fucking gut laughing

Its also hilarious lenny does these d grade tony robbins positivity lives then changes personality to wwf tough guy and threatens to break peoples necks a very confused man just admit you’re gay and love sucking dick

Beast bro i dirty bulked like that once and yeah you get a bit fat but its sickening when people step out of your way

I’d trust Dahmer more to make me a drink than big jay

Gag reflex gains op soon you’ll able to finish all the johns on the ave

ADL came for them fan they’re too powerful we’re gonna need a bigger can of delicing gas

Unban that faggot right now

Still smarter than Jackie Aprile Jnr

I didn’t see him lick the bathroom floor for pre workout

Get him back Bard is done and this is the only option Lenny needs a chauffeur to go and train with Jay…

Menty if Lenny rang the buzzer and asked if he could work in…

Any misfits actually tried home made Hyphy Mud?

4 scoops of instant coffee mixed into a can of Coke. How was the texture?..


send ramen…

You’re not supposed to drink 2 gallons of water a day why can he not understand this…

Lenny really is a dipshit, mr g sucked it up and offered a sincere apology and this fucking gypsy shouted at him lol…


I don’t really trust Derek though because he doesn’t like beta alanine which is a good supp in my opnion, k peace out …

You only have one nut to give choose one …


Hope you’re all well fanbuddies I’m drinking a chink beer called Tiger right now…