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It’s hilarious how he’ll go Tony Robbins for 1 hour lives telling everybody to chase their dreams and follow christ, and then turn around and just shit on Dale with pure hatred. Your whole life is lack luster Lassie.

I heard LA Fitness and Anytime are in a bidding war over the state of the art machines at Bard estates

Not to mention giving Lenny a reason to live, seriously what does he have besides the misfits

Fidelman had to put a nigger in the show for diversity reasons unfortunately

Lennys going to be so butthurt after this, prince anjew sticking it to lassie

Honestly recruit Ian give him a bed and a daily caffeine allowance

Hes hating on Dale again kek, Dale mogs this retard in every area of life

Get some dick pills no shame in it we are being poisoned by jewish estrogens and fluoride. Im strong but was never vascular even at low body fat maybe bad circulation.

I wonder if Jane would let him post vids with Jason seeing as he’s not Brad/Andrew gang, Ian has some charisma and gym videos with Janoy would be profitable for both.

Why don’t you drift this cock into your mouth fanbuddy

Lennys bodybulding life is over but he could still make it on my 600lb life

He should drive trucks, good job for a stim head and it’s paying well now.

Butthole eye Elvis, it revolting

Someone get Lenny on the melon diet

Kek Popeye has spinach, basketball americans have melons

ignores everybody and does what he wants ends up a millionaire. I find it hilarious that Doctors were telling him all this shit to fix his heart and how much trouble he's in, literally just starts eating only watermelons for the L Citrulline and gets healthy as fuck in a few months kek. Midwit > Jewish doctors.

Fuck this thumbnail is funny makes me Kek everytime i go to front page

and a weak ass workout, might as well train with Lenny unfortunately.

Me I’m slurping that meat

Chiropractors work love that lil nigga like you wouldn’t believe

Also go back a bit to hear Larry Pollock talk about how Rich was a snitch for the D.E.A. Larry is based as fuck find the old episode when he talks about getting kidnapped by the cartel.

Doing better than Calum Von Moger

ADL trying to take down our board of freedom

All they had to do was purchase a shitty gym franchise like snap film there weekly do podcasts and sell merch but instead now everybody is dead or hates each other its curse of the piss

Reopening as a gay sauna unfortunately

Trump talks big but loves nigs too much for me it’s Nick Fuentes https://youtube.com/shorts/qARxi-d8FhU?si=3dprehJizAK0dmrr

Hollywoods got enough niggers but they are short on retards

Bro what are you even supposed to do if you have take a preworkout or coffee shit, fair game that Jay shat outside what a stupid fucking gym.

Jay on his way to hire a rig to load those machines in

If Lenny had of been invited, squaring up with Piano man

When PJ gets out of prison he should live with Lenny at his mums house
Massive sitcom potential ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/lfSORw1eeB.png)

Lol when Big Jay brings up Lenny sucking cock and that it's devils work, Lenny had nothing to say.

Leather Daddy on the grill hope you like your steaks well done

This shit is about to pull a shib https://www.pepe.vip/ Buy it on gate.io though don't use eth the gas is fucked right now

Why did Nate retire from competitive eating? ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/AJenuqNmif.png)


Long time lifters post your 3 absolute top lifting tracks that don’t get old in this thread
I've been lifting for 10+ years and these tracks never get old for me Sepultura - Roots Bloody Roots https://youtu.be/F_6IjeprfEs Korn - Clown https://youtu.be/Fs_E9TP6cvE Mortal Kombat OG theme https://youtu.be/EAwWPadFsOA I could make this list about 30 tracks long but lets keep it to 3

Someone get that boy some Tren i hate to see him this way

Get him back Bard is done and this is the only option Lenny needs a chauffeur to go and train with Jay

Menty if Lenny rang the buzzer and asked if he could work in

Any misfits actually tried home made Hyphy Mud?
4 scoops of instant coffee mixed into a can of Coke. How was the texture?

Anyone else getting PMs from this gaylord? is it JT?

Alright fans going to rasterbate a big poster for PJs cell
Give me the mentiest pics to choose from maybe a group pic with PJ would be best