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yes. by the time you notice it its already late. you will need to get on this plus alot more

@mlordtoThe Delray Misfits•dead board

The board awaits the inevitable flow of piss from Lake Cresva.

Amazon will put your account on a shit list eventually for doing that

Livia’s microtits

Fatter than ever! Must be putting in work then going home and eating 3 pizzas

His mommy is a millionaire, chill out

This guy keeps getting fatter and fatter. put down the food fat boy!

CT fletcher looking like a fat pig

I lack the skills, and lack Illustrator

Don’t watch the jewish propaganda

i’m bigger than Laith lol, so why listen to him?

Taco is late 20’s, this is not young. Prime pussy is 15-23

Facebook and Instagram destroyed most of the old forums I used to regularly use. V sad fans, it jewening