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Zero hip/waist ratio, it tranny

I was wrong, I actually take 1.25mg. Good to know, will increase it a bit when I take some Anavar shortly

Fin daily dose? I’ve been using 5mg for a couple of years now preventatively.

marriage = man slaving away for a woman, it beast of burdening

Sugar daddy pulled his “investment”

Injecting is the ideal way to do it, in the glute with a small insulin needle.

Finasteride, Minoxidil, hair transplant. No reason why you need to allow baldness to happen.

Story posted on https://www.instagram.com/leaena21/

me me me me me me me me me me me me me me

Didn’t collab with the lord!

it micro-tits in pushup bra

Yes, die to jew zelensky and the jew EU, good idea

yes. by the time you notice it its already late. you will need to get on this plus alot more

The board awaits the inevitable flow of piss from Lake Cresva.

Amazon will put your account on a shit list eventually for doing that

Jay’s training advice actually works
Before: - I was training each body part 2x a week, very high intensity workouts. Progress had stopped After trying Jay's advice (1 intense workout per week, 1 light): - I can now do 2x reps bench with my previous 1 rep max. - Squat has gone up also Father always wins.