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I am more impressed by the 365lb behind the neck press tbh, although the 650 is also great. He and Lenny were probably massive fuckwits back in 2004 or whenever too so I don’t feel too sorry for how their lives turned out. Both are very regretful

What is Collura’s actual job?

Jay is a loser who lives with his mum. I am not surprised he is the most popular misfit on here

No faggot on here has ever touched a barbell lol

One of the first to catch on to jasons manipulative bullshit ways and wanted no part of it after that

This place is honestly terrible and should be shut down

Someone please brick this cunt

You probably look like some wimp that can’t even bench 135

deleted by creator

And most if not all of misfit maniacs actually lifted. Once it moved to Reddit all that shit changed ___

Nate is just a simpleton unfortunately. Does anyone know why Richard and JT didn’t like each other (according to Genovapedia)?

On ep 53. Rob sounds like a whiny bitch with a low iq. It’s no wonder these guys all fell out with one another

Shut up faggot

The podcast

Is it worth listening to past ep. 50? It is already getting a little tedious listening to the same subject matter being discussed. Are there any ments from episodes 50-75?..

Never knew much about Bard or what he was like off-camera. A degenerate by all accounts, and it makes sense now given this explanation. Jay would always look completely bemused as we listened to Brad calling him a fat drunken animal and whatever else

Does Nate pay for his subscribers? His videos average about 40k with the occasional viral yet he has almost 500k subs. Who cares I guess