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I think you are right. He is probably trying to give any good reason for why he wasn’t in contact with laith after him dying of an overdose. He probably entered and started cleaning up any drugs he gave to him but don’t want to directly involved with police.

haha this is too funny! His closest buddy saying that he died manically ripping toilets from their fixtures.

degenerate whore

strickly retarded

Is this leaked footage from her onlyfans?

Elon Musk is not an idiot. He is a sociopathic scam artist whose house of cards is starting to wobble. Hope he has a public mental breakdown before going to jail/die.

FB: 2 likes Delray Misfits Board: 5+ likes, 10+ comments.

What the fuck is she wearing? Already soliciting for a new man?

The type of class only a CEO would have.

Bessie phone home

Disgusting beard. He is too much of a faggot loser to be allowed to look this horrible.

Yeah, Collura seems very aware of his position. Not going to help unfortunately. Seems like a good guy and I still think he has potential to do better if he puts his mind to it.

Spot on. Every other post is done by intelligence agencies. Moot became a traitor in the end.

Video request of Janoy picking up shit at brad's estate

CEO baller picking up shit and doing rap freestyles. Very menty! Anyone have this video? I have a suspicion that it was taken down together with jasons youtube channel unfortunately…