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He’s got the worst phucking proportions I’ve ever seen. Short dwarf like arms and legs, not an ounce of muscle, skinny fat gut. Worst genetics of any species. Imagine him propping his phone on the ground and taking this pic 15 times cause he’s got no real friends who can take a pic for him. the absolute bottom of the barrel subhuman

Tldr Tony Hue killed Leo cause Leo was a faggot. Love that for us

He was the biggest quack ever. BiOhAcKiNg is a crock of shit

I haven’t seen this video. Can’t do it. You fags can say what you will, I still love our chocolate gollum

Macleod ejaculates to this pic

I can confirm I was Leo’s doodle

Miss that freaky forum. McCuck will never be forgiven for what he did

I remember some freak posted Ana Noemi Macleod’s contact details and within 5 mins they got rid of us. If McCuck wants something done, snap it will happen

The last couple days have been insanely menty unfortunately. We show no remorse we are cyborgs baby

His favourite tranny came in Leo’s mouth and Leo swallowed without snowballing said tranny’s semen. He crossed the line so Tony smashed his head on the toilet

I’m disappointed playhardtolittleget, didn’t think you would be a Tony taintlicker

That shit is gotta be murder

How the fuck does someone get that bloody without getting smashed in the head

Tony Hue killed Leo

On his instagram story, he wrote “I heard noise from downstairs like he was moving furniture around, but he was actually moving the toilet” …

Daily reminder that this genetic trash

Moved his entire family to another city just to be able to hang out with a mailman that he fell in love with on the internet. Pays the misfits to be able to hang out with them, only for them to laugh behind this manlet faggot’s back and not even invite him over. Spends his time making accounts on th…

Unfortunate an ethnic faggot is impersonating me here

How is that even possible fanbuddies? I triggered Jaysconehead/jaymargera faggot by blocking him and now he’s made an account with the same exact name …

Beware of the fake DMs screenshots manics

This worthless faggot @WHOABabyImlastin@delraymisfitsboard.com was caught faking DMs to create drama on ruqqus and he’s doing the same again, dragging Prince Andrew’s name through the dirt. Just look at his post history. …