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Alan Thrall is the last good yootoob celery

Family man, natty (I think) and puts out good content

Bleha can eat diyuck

This is the guy that defeated Dale

Chest didn’t respond to the diet unfortunately

Dale gets another 3rd place
Piss poor, Dale ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/pilTB8sutq.jpg) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/wEPFVHeX4t.jpg)

No, he’s just a midget skinny fat faggot

Coath isn’t wrong here

Eating meat isn’t “masculine” like some of you dopes think

And this is coming from someone shoving a steak burrito down his gullet huehue

All that work for 2 likes

McCuck level of yootoob stats

I thought the podcast with this porch was menty af

Just need 700 trillion dollars from US taxpayers. Entitled to it

Manlet faggot creep

My fav sports moment was when that porch monkey slashed the other twink’s neck unfortunately

“Big Lenny looking like an offseason Debbie” 😂😂😂


Anyone that watches this sport needs to be euthanized unfortunately

It’s the lyrics of the song dumbo

Did you also shoot prophet Mohammad and Allah in the diyuck for being pedo retards fanbuddy??

Allah is a pedo creep, unfortunately. Neighbor’s dogs are worth more than that yuman filth

I’m so sick of this broad

You’re not even a misfit maniac you little faggot

Jesus he’s still strong as fuck

non lifting skinny little wimp ragheads like@[email protected] on suicide watch

Troll account lmao. He’s following “rhondas last only fans”

“What is in the preworkout?”

“Wild berries”

“Yeah it’s wild berry flavor but what the fuck is in it Jason?”

“… wild berries, dumbo”


Watermelon eating, fried chicken guzzling, Koolaid grape soda drinking porch monkey

Most of the hate comes from raghead camel fuckers (srs)

Getting rawdogged by a trucker while licking the stick shift. Non cookie cutter

Makes sense why McCuck is so angry at Jay. The pic in the OP kills him

Defacto faggot

Easy solution for Lan Macthay
Throw away all your IDs, pretend to be an illegal alien, take a bus to NYC and get 3800/month and a free stay in a hotel huehue

Correction: The last time I begged Brad to invite me to his house

Why do manlet faggot bodybuilders pose like this 👉

Most DRM podcast episodes are gone
Go on Apple/any other platform and try playing the older podcasts (14, 18, 19, 23..) Been like that for weeks It over

Well, there’s a lot more to come out 😂😂😂

Do not buy anything from MisfitGearDivision
The money goes to this fat pedophile creep ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/k19LdtA3bq.jpg)

McCuck’s IG is as cringe as it gets
https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cs-ouTdPS2k/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== Hopping on the cringe “reaction” videos trend and getting 5 likes lmao A fucking 50 year old unemployed skinny fat bald manlet whose only accomplishment is getting his legs crushed as a kid so the taxpayers can fund his failure of a life. Will never forgive Lenny and Brad for bringing this moron into the genovaverse

Faggot manlet doesn’t know how quotations work unfortunately

Dope labs, here we come 😂😂😂 I remember crying laughing for 10 mins straight when this ep was uploaded

Big Lenny’s IG story, he is doing a tiktok skit with some little porch monkey tranny

Bard is a good guy

Went on a cookie cutter Hinge date
Grabbed a drink, then got in my car with her to take her back to my place and eat her ass. Soon as I turned the car on, my phone Bluetooth connected and DRM Podcast Ep 2 started playing out loud- Jay: Did you want her foot down your throat? Lenny: I wanted her fecal matter down my throat Immediately paused it and she goes “.. the fuck were you listening to??” Unfortunately

All DRM podcasts gone unfortunately
Not able to play on Apple Podcasts and the website isn’t working either Feel cold

This one’s for McCuck’s ejaculatorium

It sleep paralysis demon

Careful of the narrative manics
McCuck is a complete faggot loser, and had made tons of account here. He upvotes his own threads to try and sway the waves of piss. He was caught doing the same shit on ruqqus. Start ignoring this manlet subhuman’s posts. This cancer faking faggot will make posts threatening his own wife and kids to gain some sympathy

Tony Hue killed Leo
On his instagram story, he wrote “I heard noise from downstairs like he was moving furniture around, but he was actually moving the toilet” But says on YouTube video “I entered the apartment, and there was no one there. Then I tried the bathroom door and it wouldn’t open..” Then deleted his IG story He killed Leo cause of tranny jealousy. I’m some what of a private investigator myself huehue It piss. Good Job Tony Hue

Some jerk material for McCuck

McCuck’s son when he grows up

Dale’s new girl. It freaky!
Dale is 5’5”, so she’s a literal midget ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/t2kGUN44IF.jpg) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/ftxbqI8HKD.jpg) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/xqdHOgplgB.jpg)

Daily reminder that this genetic trash
Moved his entire family to another city just to be able to hang out with a mailman that he fell in love with on the internet. Pays the misfits to be able to hang out with them, only for them to laugh behind this manlet faggot’s back and not even invite him over. Spends his time making accounts on this forum and on IG creating drama, and bases his entire useless unemployed life around the DRM, even though literally no one likes him. If this useless human filth was my dad, I’d legit swallow a bullet IMMEDIATELY ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/SQWkpdGQY1.jpg)

Big Lenny with a young Nate Figgs

Any hot black trannies up to my standards, give Brad a shoutout


Bout to loot Target #BLM

Found this in my camera roll
Walkening my dog ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/m83po4eyAI.jpg)

Unfortunate an ethnic faggot is impersonating me here
How is that even possible fanbuddies? I triggered Jaysconehead/jaymargera faggot by blocking him and now he’s made an account with the same exact name [@[email protected]](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/u/heyitmeyootoobceIery) [@[email protected]](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/u/heyitmeyootoobcelery) Same username too? It confusening

Poor pinworm