Biden/Harris 2024

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wrong account…this is too edgy for laminate.

you need to make a new topic on wage slaves. You are probably the most informed person on the subject like jordan peterson is to psychology and gender relations

i shit myself

that’s one of them photos you see on the internet where you just want to get up jump in your car then go to the local mall and just rape.

i’m not gay i just love sucking dick and its a pretty good paying career.

sometimes if you dont have the lower, you will have the upper, i think he understood that and that’s what stood him apart

i dont think he’s a real person…he is a ‘user’ …probably a lot more usernames than people here.

if we could just wipe out all the people who are vaccine deniers and don’t support our current president, that would be so lit.

she was 5 years younger and probably still working out

i dont click on any thumbnail with good-rimmer on it


It’s good to see America getting back on track…

6 Million Lie

It was simply a mythological number that the allies (early globalists) later used to pass into law across 19 countries (possibly more) and jail hundreds or thousands of people for exposing this as simply fiction. I can’t find an exact number of ‘denialers’ jailed but I assume it’s in the thousands. …



This is what the hot girl you gave up so much for looks like at her core and in her least attractive moment. inspired by the not autism discussions about imagining a woman as a skeleton or taking a dump to psych yourself into not putting her on a pedestal. Combine the two and you get this comedic m…


Workplace Niggles

Does anyone have good stories of workplace niggs in action? I have worked with a few dozen of those animals and I’d say they can be very low IQ but sometimes in a menty way. I’d say 70% are cool overall and 30% are a nightmare who are always looking to play the ‘card’ when a person of non-color is t…

I'm looking for a woman who...

Will sit down and watch TGSNT with me once per year. In all seriousness I’m actually talking to a woman right now and she agreed to watch it (told me she’s halfway through just now). She was already pretty right leaning, so not a total convert but it’s sort of a fantasy of mine to find an above av…