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The MacLeod family dynasty may be kneeling now but in many years when you racist whites are all bred out of existence they will be standing tall over your sorry asses who are 6 feet under, holding hands with Jews and Blacks singing Kumbaya and loving every minute of the type of world John Lennon sang about!

what is he 5 foot 2 on a good day maybe?

get educated before chiming in maybe? I recommend this book

White people have stood in silence far too long. Time to speak out and kneel in solidarity for the black lives being lost at the hands of the white man.

papa john is actually a cool guy…i just wished he loved hitler

good we dont like them kind around here. they hurt our feelings with mean posts

tread carefully you may be talking to a neeter. you dont want him in your neighborhood stealing catalytic converters

og how many users do u manage here? sounds like u might be connected to the neet movement here. as a wagie im just tryna see who my opposition are i work the intelligence division in this neet vs wagie war. i speak the truth and i expect my opponent to as well, or total annihilation

She’s hot. I don’t blame him. But all the others are DISGUSTING

right! thats why he doesnt show his face on video…he doesnt want the kids he raped the last 15 years to come forward

pomps did it as a false flag framing jay to get em kicked out of the misfits

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persian women have nice feet

my bayyyud i thought you were making fun of LAN for posting gay pics, but you are posting your own so no comment. carry on no playa haaatin here boiiii

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the nigg that she fucked on her OF is cartoonishly large and shes pretty much running from it. its just boring overproduced porn. i’d rather she take an average dick that she actually desires. But then again we’re already a bit too deep into cuck territory with this chat. vote for Biden

this is what happens when you have a white liberal father with 70 pounds of muscle mass and played no sports

take the egggs out of it and just do pasta and shrimp with some sort of white semen sauce and i’d slurp it down

youd have have to be some kind of raging fag to not wanna suck these guys off

2 handsome rich neets with 9/10 wives/gfs. how can anyone not consume every minute of content they produce.

its for social justice so u neets can’t punch down on us wagies

no whore posts for pages now. miss.strong_allure this one is. she did interracial porn unfortunely

Brave man protected the integrity of our elections by not giving in to this violent MAGA supporter at the polling place

Post your favorite ment of 2022 Jay's angry drunk live after Dale visited Brad takes the prize for me.

It's good to see America getting back on track

It was simply a mythological number that the allies (early globalists) later used to pass into law across 19 countries (possibly more) and jail hundreds or thousands of people for exposing this as simply fiction. I can't find an exact number of 'denialers' jailed but I assume it's in the thousands. So we should stop saying such mean things about the jews?

This is what the hot girl you gave up so much for looks like at her core and in her least attractive moment. inspired by the not autism discussions about imagining a woman as a skeleton or taking a dump to psych yourself into not putting her on a pedestal. Combine the two and you get this comedic masterpiece.

Workplace Niggles
Does anyone have good stories of workplace niggs in action? I have worked with a few dozen of those animals and I'd say they can be very low IQ but sometimes in a menty way. I'd say 70% are cool overall and 30% are a nightmare who are always looking to play the 'card' when a person of non-color is treated more favorably than them or has a better result than them. Be careful if you work for a 'diversity' employer they will almost never have the non-niggs back in an altercation. They will do some bullshit investigation and find the nigg did nothing wrong. Ultimately you should not work for a company like that or any workplace that has niggs, because their culture is more broken and less suitable for America than ever. Niggs have an outrageous sense of entitlement and victimhood since 2020 in general. A few months ago I attempted to work at some shit warehouse job, they had some real ghetto looking niggs, I knew I was in for a lil treat. I just figured I'd give it a try and not make much eye contact. Anyway one wide-eyed nigg was told to train me on a task and he was completely unhinged acting like a crackhead and got in my face for no reason. So I just clocked out and left. The next morning I showed up but just went right to the plant managers office and told him how fucked up that was. He said he'd do an investigation and I said, yeah I'm good, I'm leaving anyways.

I’m looking for a woman who…
Will sit down and watch TGSNT with me once per year. In all seriousness I'm actually talking to a woman right now and she agreed to watch it (told me she's halfway through just now). She was already pretty right leaning, so not a total convert but it's sort of a fantasy of mine to find an above average looking girl and convert her slowly into anti-globalist ideology or at least get her to become a critical thinker and look well beyond the matrix - and eventually get to pro-white level. But I know that 90+% of the time they will just be sucked right back into the matrix if you cease speaking to them after a month, because they will only hop on board in the context of connecting with you. Women are generally not interested in truth, but faith and social cohesion. As an aside clearly there's a huge contingent of luke-warm right leaning people who are bandwagoning anti-globalist talking points, but very few will talk about the racial aspects of the decline of the West and the roles the Jews have played for over 100 years to undermine strong White countries. But I digress. Anyway does anyone have any stories of converts of females in your life and how did they go and/or end up?