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I like it here too and lurk now and then. Is Nate and his Trish Stratus hate really gone? That was all the way back from the Biden election and he was just as obsessed then. 2 years less stress right?

You guys are like a day room at times. Controlled chaos. Funniest shit I’ve ever heard has been from maniac comments on YouTube/boards.

I get spooked when the doxxing starts up. Even though I never get involved. Better to switch accounts and stay neutral. Last time though my cock didn’t work so I ran away but at least didn’t delete my account. There was no doxx wars going on. Tranner Hunter I considered a surrogate friend. He was a misfit as far as I’m concerned.

I’m BTK. Aka the guy who ran Laith off Reddit “drop dead”. Put some repeckt on dat. I’m still fucking that handicapped girl too. Huehuehue

Hey what the fuck ! MysteryxTranny come back!

Don’t worry I’m leaving later today. This place sucks

Only one in particular

Your fault for sending him signals

I don’t think I can post here anymore with you soft fags

Pussy way to think. Next time apologize and pay for his drinks too

Lmao get out of town I’ve lost more fights than I can count and have never seen that happen

Go back with a gun and light that place up.

That feeling won’t go away. You will always feel it every time you go to a bar now. Next time throw a sucker punch. What’s the definition of a sucker punch? You are the sucker for not seeing coming. You got picked on because of your looks. Fix your own problems

Also get TRT for free. Just lil steroid treat for so mentally ill doctor panel agrees this nikka will never be able to work.

Your cell phone is your identity. Also add in cctv. You are always watched.

Second paragraph is me. Can’t take away SSDI since 18 and 40 now. Can do what want. Minor scuffles like I had the court looks at me on paper as mentally ill and troubled. Recommend counselling. I don’t return the intake call and never hear back from them. When in the mental health system since 14 you straight outta the hospital baby! Do what want !!! Not everything is as it seems misery hunters!!!

I know there are videos of him smoking but I need a high resolution photo for a tattoo artist to replicate. Tattoo the size of your calf, except I’m not getting it there getting on obliques.

Need pic of Lord smoking cigar for tattoo

Going to get Janoy smoking a stogey with WHOOOOOOO in some artistic black and white. Need pics of M’lard smoking. …

Yeah man it was freaky. Androgynous face because they lift and run and shit. So sharp features. Wears jeans t shirt running shoes and sunglasses with ponytail look but has tits. So like ugly farm girl looking. Was brutal and I wish I could remember the name of it I saw it on yootoob years ago. The person seemed like a super nice guy, but still a guy and not pretending. They said to be with another guy to them would be gay, but to be with a women to him is straight but looks like a woman so is actual lesbian but since he already has the upper body then he has a problem with the lower body. If he already had the lower body he could build the upper body but since they don’t have the lower body the upper body won’t be as good as the lower body.

You will get caught because of location. Just drill them out because you will catch the charge anyway. The way the courts are you can beat most charges these days. I had 2 assaults drop. Victim retracted statement because doesn’t want to go through all the legal proceedings. They were fights heat of moment, end in about 8 seconds. All this guy would have got was remand then charges later dropped by the DA.

Brayd can get it too. I’m sick of this shit. Fuck whores

I’m getting involved with a woman who has done prison time for assault in order for her to prove her love to me by beating the absolute fucking loving shit out of my brother’s gf.

15 minute run good workout take it …

Once these happens you can’t stop drinking. He has maybe 2-5 years left if he keeps going. Soon will be a stroke and he’s done for…