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Lenny is learning the art of mentioning people more famous than you

70IQ organism in need of euthanasia

True Polish ubermensch vs gypsy trickster

Woman pretending to be man, man pretending to be woman

It’s a real term though, used to differentiate steet shitters from squaws

That could be fake, remember all institutions are at war with white identity

Super strict, isolated, there will be no cheat meals the only… every ffffrikin 9 10 days I get one cheat meal, and that cheat meal’s a box of sushi, 8 pieces, simple, brown rice

I always thought he was one of those poor unfortunate hapa souls

Anything Dale touches turns into a pile of trash, just look at his car and that woman’s porch

He doesn’t look bad here, discount Lee priestening

You're built for NASCAR Dale, not the stage

NH is embarrassing and boring, not much else

Brad killed him with that mail route, obviously

I don’t wanna tie my canoe in Natalie’s port anymore, man

That’s true, but every exercise has that balance of risk and reward, steinborn style would probably work really well for lunges but not for squats, I don’t see (at least myself) loading a decent squat weight in that style. Also I forgot in my previous post to mention all the variations of barbell row

If I were to make another most bang for your buck addition would be a doorway mounted chinup bar, they’re dirt cheap and you can do all your vertical pulling on them

A barbell and plates only already opens the door to a lot of really good excercises, deadlifts, powercleans, thrusters, overhead press, clean and jerk, snatch, push press, push jerk, and of course all variations of curls and triceps extensions, all of these will build your upper body and require only a barbell

wake up at 3am, drink protein shake and microwaved pizza, look at phone, pace and respond to trolls for 10 11 12 hours, message andrew go gym, gain goblin shows up to clean up, put up with her FUCKING UP MY VIDEO!!!, then go gym with andrew, drive by burger king, come back home, edit star wars motivation videos and self tributes, drink pre workout before bed, sleep 1 2 3 hours, repeat

I wouldn’t compare historical greats with modern metrosexuals going through a quarter/mid life crisis

Struggling with adulthood and wanting to look young forever go hand in hand, usually people like that have wasted their youth and want another crack at it

Kai mussel, Kai mussel… Kaylee mussel, Kai Kyle mussel… Whooo cares

“I’m not in the mood with all the supplements I’m on bro”

The barber shaved a bad hairline into the lord’s perfect hair out of jealousy

Kidnap flesh sacks, rape in basement, dump dozens of offspring in orphanage

Don’t talk shit bro, he’s like 450 and taking supplements

I think it’s the barbershop video

“you gave me the exposure when nobody else did” fat faggot gypsy Lenny says to greasy crypt keeper man, unbelievable how he forgets about Andrew

Jason “Janoy Cresva” Genova was conscripted to take over Gaza
If the IDF can even pay for a vehicle that can carry that Hindenburg

The online “natty lifters” make me wanna not lift ever again
alphadestiny, omar isuf, the natural hypertrophy guy, they're all just so embarrassing they make me want to hide my enjoyment of lifting and strength sports and pretend I'm a rock climber or some shit

I’ll make a book recommendation for those of you with painful joints, the book “legendary flexibility” has a lot of good info, however:
It is written by fucking fairy nerd cocksucker chinese loving twinkle toe faggot Jon Call that goes by some homosexual nickname, so all the irritating fantasy gay shit fluff has to be taken into account and ignored, but if you get past that retarded gay fiction loving redditor shit you have some very good and practical info, so it gets my, although hesitant, recommendation


Bodybuilding faggotry encapsulated in one video
Look at this faggot pulling his pants up and using the pendulum squat machine to do this gay trendy exercise. Miniature bodybuilder faggot dwarf

“Lenny will partake in cookie cutter activities as long as he’s not paying”
A brilliant comment by a maniac in lenny's "daytona freaks" video, were lenny says he's gonna watch a guns and roses concert so he can OOOOH AND AAAAAHH at welcome to the jungle, the gayest song ever like a fucking fairy. if you ever find yourself being a bald bearded fat fuck oooing and aaahing at guns and roses just kill yourself

Done, I’ve compiled all of lenny’s pedophile moments on the podcast
Podcast 01, 29 minutes in, Brad baits Lenny into talking about premarital sex, gypsy IQ immediately takes the bait and says 12 is the best age to marry, smart kike Andrew immediately changes subject Podcast 02, 17 minutes in, again Lenny reiterates 12 being the best age to marry despite Andrew nervously changing the subject on the previous episode, also one hour and 11 minutes, jay mentions that to create Lenny's perfect tranny with a functioning penis, you must take a 10 year old boy and put him on hormone treatment, Lenny doesn't disagree. At 3 hours, 18 minutes in he creeps out Jay when talking about Brad's daughter Podcast 15, an hour and 42 minutes in Lenny says he and a tranny rimmed eachother in front of said tranny's 15 year old cousin, and he gets off on it "so bad" Podcast 16, an hour 48 minutes and 45 seconds in, "if they're old enough to bleed they're old enough to butcher", keep in mind periods can start from age 8 to 16, again mentions countries marrying at 12, says the word pedophile is a cookie cutter term podcast 20, 48 minutes in, Lenny AGAIN brings up age of consent unprompted to the point where Lou gets creeped out and straight up him why was he researching children, lenny then calls Brad a feminist because he doesn't agree with 14 year olds marrying Podcast 36, 45 minutes in, Lenny mentions some politician and says he only agreed with said politician on lowering the age of consent to 12 Podcast 39, 48 minutes in Lenny out of nowhere reiterates 12 having to be the legal age of consent, even Jason starts roasting him over it saying "that's moronic" Podcast 63, two hours and eleven minutes in, Lenny admits to showing porn to a young child Podcast 64, 37 minutes in, once again talks about 13 year old girls having sex, and this time he clarifies "with older men", dropping entirely the mask of it being about young couples having better marriages, for context the older men part arose from Brad saying "13 year old girls should not be having sex with older men" to which Lenny strongly disagrees, Lenny dropping the pretence of it being about stable marriages makes it particularly incriminating, soon after, an hour and thirty three minutes in, he brings up the subject of 14 year old girls having sex completely unprompted once again Podcast 65, two hours, twenty six minutes in, Lenny lusts over high school graduation pictures Podcast 68, thirty six minutes in, Lenny says pedophiles can be rehabilitated and should not be euthanazied Podcast "68 B", Lenny again out of nowhere says "they marry at 12 in Mexico", again disagrees with Brad saying grown men should not be having sex with girls under 18, Lenny again makes everyone uncomfortable, even Andrew goes "oh god", this one is particularly bad, Lenny is extremely insistent on it being moral for old men to have sex with 14 year olds, Lenny also defines pedophilia as "under 12", therefore 13 isn't pedophilia and he should be allowed to marry a 13 year old, Andrew then desperately changes the subject, only for Lenny to bring up the issue out of nowhere AGAIN two hours and twelve minutes in Podcast 69, 39 minutes in, Lenny describes 14 year old girls as "of age" Podcast 70, 44 minutes in, once again Lenny reiterates "if they're old enough to bleed they're old enough to butcher", I'll remind you once more that menstruation can happen anywhere from 8 to 16 years old My perspective has really changed on lenny after this, I thought he was just a creepy old man at first, I thought doing this would yield nothing, but it seems I had forgotten how consistently insistent lenny is on bringing the subject of underage girls up, I can understand once, maybe even twice overstepping somewhat and saying something dumb as a mistake, but he kept saying it, bringing it up from nowhere, it's obviously something that is in his mind a lot and he absolutely cannot help himself but to lust over underage girls. Other than that, re listening to the podcast was a lot of fun, peaceoutbye

I will begin re listening to all of the podcast episodes and I will compile lenny’s pederast moments
It'll take a while since I don't have much time but I feel it's a good excuse to relive some ments. I'll reply to this tread with an episode number and timecode whenever I find one

Oh wait, we do, not only that, in this live he not only apologized to JT the fucking munchkin faggot, he also says he's not a cookie cutter and makes no mention of there being any other people there! Innit great?

Is it possible to call Lenny’s dad and interview him?
We have to find out how made up his past was

Lenny will never be back to Bradford mannor now
His bitterness and jealousy have thoroughly torched that bridge to nothing, everyone give a round of applause to the dumbest person alive, but hey at least BRAAAYUD will give him some more attention which he so obviously desperately needs like an ex girlfriend. Menty as fuck that lenny completely destroyed his friendship with Brad because Brad wouldn't drive him to his house huehuehue

Man in his 50's being jealous of another man because he owns a 50 dollar piece of sporting equipment

Lenny is our new Jason
Think about it, the comments on his channel are all negative, does all these pointless lives, looks about as muscular as hindenburg janoy, ends lives when comments get bad, the pisslord has possessed lenny