fucking lick ass bite into brest meat titty flesh kill kill kill whore butcher delicious thigh bbq fuck fuck fuck her head kill titty lick glute flesh abdominal fat hmmm slurp slurp soft blubbler my stache smells like pregnant piss feed my muscles you dumb fucking whore dead girls can’t say no

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transcript: “I would put her parents, in a gyas chamber, with a video camera, inside the gas chamber and I I would… I would torture her… you know preferrably burn her tits with cigarretes… u-until she voluntarily pulled the lever to gas her own parents”

I feel lost I feel tainted by the dark side of the force I feel lose sole I want more power but I know I shouldn’t I feel lost my sole is empty be resurected but I will grow stronger in the dark side of the force my powers re-erect, im a lsot sole right now who’s lost and whildering but I will conquer the dark side of the force is in me, im getting anger and more angrier over the years my div devils have consumed me and haunt me plague me devils of the dark side haunt my sole but lord vader will return more powerful and hungrier than ever and power I’ve turned to the darks side but… my powers have consumed me forever huanting this turd tortured soul and mind plaguing my mmmhoommymy my mind the monster and the demon has tooken over my sole the monster and the demon has resurrected me tooken over my heart sole demons have haunted me and have plagued me for years and years and years and years… just getting ripped still hard but the demons have haunted me forever my sole is haunted and resurrected from the ash i cant get over the dmonzzs who haunt me my dreams my nightmare my soles my plagues my uh my missry my pain my torture my sleep patterns all messed up getting up int e middle of the night sleeping 3 4 hours getting going back sleep working waking up weird hours to go to gym the demons haunt my sole losing my father 16 years old loosing everybody i love my aunt 2007 losing everybody i love and around me it’s conq its haunted me my devils have haunted my sole alrightpeaceoutbye

That was actually his room? I think I saw that picture

What happened to HandsZipper?

He seemed like a pretty non cookie cutter dude but he’s just gone now. Its weird how people come and go from this forum, I guess they’re just consumed by demonz bro tooken over sole unfortunately …

cybog eyes peer through the homeless man’s soul

Metrosexuality and the behavioural sink

The modern trend of men being obsessed with their appearance has an immediate parallel with Calhoun’s rat experiment, which I certainly advice you investigate as every change in behaviour from the rats as a result of overpopulation and a lack of outside threats is reflected in modern humans as well,…

That is just the normal order of things but you are a modern metrosexual, you wouldn’t understand

Men didn’t care about shit like this in the past, neither should you

I’m glad to see foxprick back and he’s looking bigger

please fart on camera goddess

I sharted very aggressively deadlifting once, felt a lot of pressure in my asshole but I figured it wouldn’t come out due to every abdominal muscle contracting, including my asshole muscles, however I believe this only made it worse as it had a similar effect to squeezing the end of a garden hose for more pressure, so my liquid diarrhea launched off pressurised off my asshole, if I wasn’t wearing pants I would have put a lot of brown shit dots on the wall 12 feet behind me

I saw a swarm of wasps just today, so my night is gonna be lots of fun looking for a wasp’s nest somewhere in my land with a flashlight while listening to Jay saying brads kid should be drowned in a bucket

That’s adam, should be obvious, he’s going the “people want me dead” route when no one cares enough. see: https://delraymisfitsboard.com/post/4430

You need to spend a good year without browsing the internet, it’s fucked your brain. I don’t even disagree with your overall message

why do you care so much about us liking or hating kikes?

Well now that you’re mad I know my lesson has taken hold so I’ll just let you be buddy

In reality you’d look like the bogdanoff brothers with cheap implants, still can’t talk worth a shit, plus everyone that knows you makes fun of you behind your back for getting such a small penis procedure done. If you’re ugly you will always be ugly and it will always show.

shut the fuck up adam

What is your favourite genovaism?

I’ll start, mine is “my wind is loaded”, “my loads blown up” …

Share your stories, what's the weirdest thing you've ever seen?

I’ll start, back when I was in college I spied one of my co-students do the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen, he took a pencil, looked around to make sure no one’s looking (didn’t work too well), he shoves the pencil in his ear harder than I could possibly imagine, he repeatedly jabbed the pencil in h…

Sassy savage goddess has joined the forum

Everyone say hello, also vote this post up so she farts on camera …

Why does bodybuilding suck nowadays? Share your opinion

I think the bodybuilding has lost popularity because there’s just no passion or humanity it it anymore, it’s been forgotten that at their core bodybuilders are showmen, the physique is the show but so is the character behind it, there’s a reason people like lenny or jason or rich piana are about as …


Adam mccuck has droopy tits …


Another big thanks to the gunting goat for preserving one of the best of the best. I remember watching this video with my mouth simply agape the whole time, in absolute awe of the monkey pricks not only absolutely shameless way of eating as the video gives me the energy of a starved wild dog going t…

I’d say freak since he served in the military, joining when he was 17 after Pearl Harbor not only that but he feared injury more than death as he didn’t want the medics seeing he was wearing women’s clothes under his uniform. If I knew more about films I would call him the big lenny of directors, it…

I can see an argument for both, the guy in the picture I think is non cookie cutter because I’m pretty sure he was a virgin and lived in an absolutely filthy shack …

I was so entertained by rich piana, were you? I’m gonna get an arm pump to celebrate his life. RIP …

This time he even omitted his human skin mask, how kind of him …

Reddit, discord, and twitter are the marks of the queer

Trust no one that uses these sites, thankfully their sheer cookie cutter poseurdom always shines through and they reveal themselves sooner than later…

Username "heyitmeyootoobcelery" killed himself right after an exchange with me

Misleading title since he only deleted his account but it would be funnier if he did, anyhow, after I told him he’s a loser he an heros, having only exchanged with him once very briefly before I’m guessing he holds my opinion on high regard. He’ll be back to humiliate himself for our amusement I pro…