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Jesus fuck, and he managed to piss all that away on a tranny? Sickening.

We’ll have to ask his Jewish groper for confirmation.

Fat waist, low narrow shoulders and his pecs look like tits.

Thank you bro, too much nigger worship in the comments.

Which is why the question was about his genetics not his knowledge of training. His chest looks like absolute shit.

Anyone else noticed comments appearing on the wrong thread?
Just saw Brad being called a freaky looking fucker that shouldn't smile.

Blaha may be a deluded mong but he’s pretty funny.

Bro hahaha can I ask what incentivises you to do this or is it just purely for fun?

I wish this guy would just let it go.

No “possibly” about it; Marxist bullshit promoted by Jews that everyone feels obligated to say they like. McCartney and Harrison did some okay stuff but Lennon was just a race mixing mong.

This looks just enough like Andrew for me to think it could be real.

Surely that girl can do better than a gay bespectacled chink.

You’d exchange being crippled for half your life for money rapidly losing it’s value and fame in a small community?

Sure he got the trophy, but his body always looked like shit.

Still can’t believe someone would post something this gay. This is the type of thing women post to be told how good they look.

Arm genetics so bad he may as well cut them off.

Why does this random person on reddit know Andrew is going to make an announcement?

Anybody that turned up after Jay Masters is an irrelevant faggot.

Death before dishonour.

Rage personified.

Pound for pound, is Lenny the weakest misfit?
Not only is his form terrible but the weight isn't even impressive.

Monkey prick.

“I had a boyfriend who once he was done eating would ask me to rub his tummy”
"I'd rather you stimulate my asshole so I could take a big shit." Jay was always funnier when his remarks were off the cuff. ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/m0IQAuyBJU.jpg)

Jay when he’s in the shower and hears Free Bird playing outside.

“There was this guy next to me laughing the whole time you were posing”
Zero empathy from psycho Andrew. ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/ZrlHPBr8SL.jpg)

Andrews biggest Jew moment?
I’d say when he encouraged Jason to keep laughing and talking about Greg Plitt then said how bad he thought it was and that he was going to educate himself.

Last known sighting of the Holy Grail.

Catholics get rekt.

Dear Maybitch.
You’re fat. ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/74U2tol7YB.jpg)

Based Rosenberg.

Niggers seething at the white mans dominance.

When someone says the Greeks and Romans were brown.

Theory: Piss O My is actually Jason Blaha.
Nobody else is that much of a pathological liar.

This guy never stops lying.

Piss o my looks like Joe Bidens scrotum.
The guy is so obsessed with the superficial that he must look like a ball bag.

Despite being 99% of the league, niggers are 0% of its best players.

@piss o My
You try way too hard on your comments bro.

He’s the greatest man that ever lived and if you disagree you’re either a Jew or one of their tools.

Horribly worn.

Sickening mammaries.

If you could fight anyone from history who would it be?
I’d love to beat the absolute fuck out of Winston Churchill.