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Shouldnt Jay updates come from Andrew and not Cuban?

Cuban wants to be accepted as a misfit so bad. I bet you Andrew shook his head seeing cubans update. Any misfit updates should only come from Andrew…

Thanks pomps just trying to stay relevant brah

Better watch your mouth thats 21 nyc adam macleod brah

Mctits the Ewok Leader

Watch out! Such a badass. Remember this is the guy who Jay could of pummeled but quit and cried in cubans car on the ride home. …

Speak for yourself. Mctits gave us the most recent ment of the decade.

I dont believe anything until there is a post on the delray misfits IG. Nice try fucko! Go make more fake posts about mccuck and pomps

Imagine jay waking up in the hospital

In the end Mccuck is having the final laugh. You cannot make this shit up! Imagine jay woken up by haitan nurses seeing mcleods name looking back at him. …

Mccuck said it “Just like that it would be done” it mystic mccuck

Jay's Hospital Name

Brad mentioned it would be funny if he dies there. Lenny said it’s in South Carolina. I thought it would be something with Grace Medical but there are none in South Carolina, However there is a few Mcleod Hospitals… That would be menty as fuck…

No your juice i mean pomps… no your mccuck… i get confused

Righhhttttt we are all mccuck. Your mccuck too! All big ewok clan

Screenshot or it never happened

Jays last years were just pathetic and sad

You either die a freak or live long enough to become a creepy old cookie cutter…

No sympathy for Cuban

Cuban if your reading this. Grow a sack and realize your meal ticket is gone. Your a paranoid old nobody geek that drinks beer, smokes and talks politics WOWW SUCCHHH an Alpha! …

Alladin has a new channel

Cringry bicep video but the sand nigger is still bigger than dale…

New Plan for Jays lives

We run shit not jay, he needs to feel our wrath. What say you piss brothers? Next live bum rush the comments like normandy with Waaaaaaaaa, mccuck beat your ass and you need to drop 150 pounds. …

Jay is a sensitive hypocrite faggot

Is now blocking people on youtube, has omegatron doing the blocking for him. Jay is a hypocrite piece of dog shit. Mccuck should of just put a bullet in him and jay would of died at least giving us the greatest ment of December 26th now he just lowered the bar so low to be a whiny ken. …

Ewok Mccuck said this once and its true

I hate mctits like everyone else but he said a few times Jay is a smarter older version of Jason and it’s absolutely true, unfortunately. From Jay’s lives he basically lives in a delusional fantasy world of his own making. …

Jay doxxed Linda last night

Doxxed her number, does the no family include your own whore?..

Father is banned from Johnnie Browns

JT slapped the shit out of Father in Johnnie Browns and was told he is not allowed back. It sick it Piss…