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Thanks alot, and I am sad to hear you have some weird shit too. They say everything will we ok as soon as I find the max carbohydrate I can put in my body without getting paralyzed. So there will be a lot of trial and error in the future weeks, but I hope I can nail it as fast as possible. Feel cold for you too fanbuddy, may I ask what you a diagnosed with?

Trust me, I have been having many weird scenarios in my head while I’ve been laying paralyzed lol. Not fun to call big brother to get him to lift me up to the toilet to take a shit, and pick me back up again when I’m done. Atleast I can whipe my own ass.

Appreciate that, I am all good now, but the disease will last for the rest of my life. But as long as I find the golden range for carbs and potassium, I won’t even notice I have this weird disease. I used to be a very serious bodybuilder and they said that’s why I have not been paralyzed before. Because I have been eating so healthy. So now I got a real reason to take things more seriously, which I needed! You are my favorite ment guy!

You didnt see the video he released last year? He put out a video called “Overcoming my addiction”. So I figured he was using other drugs too and not just steroids. But he legit talks about how he is broke because he spends all his money on cam girls lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0zePr-5ilE

Pology asspted for being sick, I am sorry for my condolences and hope my fellow pisstroopers are too, it goofy being away from the piss. Since I still havent gotten access back to my instagram.com/playhardtolittleget I have been slacking on content. I will try to make a new profile and keep up making pictures for you guys. I know most of you guys don’t even use it, but I get 20-30 messages everyday from people that think I’m Jason, and they are not looking to fuck with me. They ask about where our new home is and they are surprisingly friendly and constantly asks me if I want cash, some guy sent me 200$. He asked if I wanted money and I wrote “lord like cash” just to see what happened, and he kept sending me from time to time, said he laughed so much of my pictures so he wanted to give me money. Imagine how easy these days e-girls have it. Losers throw thousands on them, just look at Larry Wheels, didn’t he spend 30k a month on one single cam girl while he had a girlfriend? Was menty that he just straight up was honest about it.

Hypokalemic periodic paralysis is the name of the disease for those wondering. My body can’t hold potassium like normal people so I have to take alot extra. And if I eat carbohydrates the process goes even faster, so I have to live like im on a diet for the rest of my life, so that’s atleast positive, so I can be 50 and still look like I have lots of muscle. No doctor in the world has a clue about the nutrition you can eat when you have this shit, so the doctors actually told me I just had to try out anything and hope something sticks. If I fail, I wake up the next day 100% paralyzed in the entire body. So I have taped my phone and a bag of potassium pills on the side of my bed so I can use my fingers to call 911. The finger fortunately works. But I tell you, waking up and feeling like you have a car put ontop of you with no chance in hell to move it, will scare the shit out of you. The pillow feels like it weighs 400 pounds. Just a lil update if anyone noticed I was gone.Pology assepted !!

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I just wanted to let the fanbuddies that I chat with on Instagram why I don’t answer or put out new menty pictures. I’ve tried pretty much everything, but I won’t give up on getting it back. …

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