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What I wanna know is how is it that jay looks like he could be his moms dad

Jay looks older than his mom lmao

His mom is pretty hot from what I remember. Would do unfortunately

Low energy beta music

Dude is providing for a kid that isn’t his lmao not to mention he ditched all his friends for this hoe to be beta provider

Brad is the ultimate NPC in the genoverse.

1.Thinking tats make him tuff(lol).

2.Making fun of people weaker then him(actual retards like Jason) then getting pissy when jay says shit about his daughter being slow.

3.All his humor is one liners from random TV shows he’s seen. It’s weird af.

Textbook NPC. Dude was brootal towards Jason back in the day then gets mad when jay says something about this mental daughter? Hypocritical NPC doing NPC things

I 100% believe jay used to pull when he was 18. Theirs old photos of him where he looks like a chad

But yeah then he fell off hard asf at like 25. Got fat as fuck and became alchoholic

His slaying days is prob what gave him that mindset. Too bad he became wage slave and alcoholic and fat and aged like crazy on gear

Lmfao you’re a clown and crabs in the bucket loser who cares what others think

No one gives a shit what NPCs say behind your back. I’ve never gotten fillers or surgery but will prob when I’m 35-40 to combat lost tissue aging.

And I could legit give af what any NPC says lmao. In fact I’ll prob brag about it to NPCs just to make them mad

Stay away from bitcoin unless you have 500k capitol to invest. Most btc can do is 30x

Ian just needs jaw and chin inplants/jaw filler

Maybe upper eyelid filer aswell and he’ll have pussy.

He got the hair so that’s a plus. He’s norwood 0

Could prob get you this all done for less than 2k

This would infuriate the maniacs seeing Ian transform into a chad while being NEET. That’s what I would do if I woke up as Ian

I’ve been in crypto since 2018 and if you were around for early 2020+ it was impossible not to make atleast one 100x. Every coin pumped

Key is to find ultra low cap coins. Less than 1 million mcap. They’re bound to pump sometimes

I found shib before it went 30,000x+. Literally the first day shib came out I found it.(found on 4chan biz) contemplated buying it but didn’t cause it was hard to buy. Regrets bro. I caught a few 100x but I missed out on shib. If I just put in 100$ on shib when I seen it I’d be multi millionaire lmao. If I put in 1k I’d be a billionaire

Load up on low mcap shit for next bullrun and pray it goes 1000x+. Always be on on the look out for new normie shit. It’s clown market. All the make it coins are off exchanges. Maybe hold some Highcap alts that are down badly for a 100x

Can’t even reply to piss o my boi cause blocked lmao. Wagies tune out reality and continue on that hamster wheel locked in the cagie. Can’t have their delusional views shattered

Pointing out how the world works is insecure according to piss.

This is a typical NPC response who resorts to attacking when a question challenges his very existence and how the world works

Jason looks better than he did in 2018-2020 lmao

In 2018 dude looked like a 45+ year old sack of fat shit.

Now he looks way younger and not a fatass. Atleast face wise

Brad is the biggest cookie cutter beta provider NPC faggot there is

All his humor comes from weird 1 liners he gets from watching NPC comedians. It’s so fucking weird. NONE of his humor is original. He just repeats what the TV says

He’s never had a single original thought in his mind

Raises another mans kid and burns bridges with jay to be beta provider

Thinks tats make him tuff(just lol)

And like others have said can dish it out but can’t take it

You can’t get anymore NPC than this

Trt aka rapid aging time machine

That’s a good idea

I currently have the corono virus

Same got in around early 2015

Honestly I don’t even remember when Marc order 66 was I just remember being apart of it

Any other pisstroopers here when we order six six Marc lobineer?

I think it was 2017. Remember it like it was yesterday thousands of people just writing order sissy sixes on his insta …

Huge cope. Looks and muscles is what matters

It’s only when it gets too much/too big that it becomes a gay dude fetish

Also the most important muscles are obv the shoulders that give you that wide vtapper look

This was a mugshot of a criminal from 150 years ago that was in the paper and women in the comments were fawning over him.

Theirs obv different kinds of visual attraction

You can run bad boy game etc in the end it’s mostly about aesthetics. Face and body wise

Thug maxxing/bad boy game is another viable strategy tho if you’re lacking looks(talking about just lacking a tiny bit)

Plenty of women don’t have a problem with dumb guys, yet those aren’t the same thing as weirdos.

Richard rimerez was the biggest weirdo in history and has more woman than 99.9999999999% of men on this earth


So again this shuts down your entire argument

Aesthetics and muscle aren’t some golden pass to every woman ever like how you’re imaging. They’ll see right through your low social intelligence and your desire to entirely rely on exterior appearance.

Biggest cope I ever seen. You are clueless and delusional lmao

If anything, low IQ is a positive for slaying women/wifes/every woman

If you want to know why wage slaves hate this dude it’s because the wage slave has sacrificed his looks and health …


Wage cucks only go after Unssesful NEETs like Ian …


I’m sure some of you remember him. I think it was like 2017-2018 …

Also did I forget I hate Lenny because he gets to sleep and get his meals in hehehe. Can’t have that on my watch …

They all look 35+ at 27 and have huge beer guts. And are invisible to the opposite sex unless it’s for beta providing …