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bonus: coath adam finding his dunkin donuts receipt: ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/Y3KHhxWmbi.png)

saw this menty thumbnail on yt fitness, some calisthenics thing. looks like lassie's wet dream

freudian slip. OP obviously thinks about pinworm Nate a lot! Will is ripped but has that kofi kingston pec area tho

creatine may or may not work but u can get pure creatine monohydrate for like 15-20 buck a year. no need for proprietary blends that could be hundreds/year

train the rear of ur body more to avoid injuries (hamstring to prevent knee, rear delt to prevent rotator cuff etc)

and lastly stop watching ecelebs who have a temporary look or peaked strength (often frauded) that even they can’t actually obtain let alone you .

way too long but am watching the bits where he is interviewed. impossible to like him

rundown: nh and the whole natural crowd seem to have affinity with far right and incel stuff (whoooo) which isn't surprising if you know these spheres and that there are only really a few points of reference (ie if you know of NH or the misfits you almost certainly know Tate and likely the BAP stuff if you're 20 something). Blaha tried to cancel them which should be easy given sjw culture but literally no one cares because he is so below everyone. He lives in S8 with a murderer and alan thrall has a family and is a marine/body bearer. even NH at least has a large cult following. It tells us that cancelling people only works when you have the power.

well kind of, he started the “spot a fake natty” thing where he said everyone who looks better than him is on drugs, but now younger ppl with better editing skills and who actually lift have pushed him out of his own club lol.

he doesn’t know all the most vocal online WNs are all swarthoids overcompensating

fanbr0… you need catching up

I love how he failed to cancel NH despite “racism” being a life ruining label now because he’s so beyond taking seriously.

“b-but… muh noble nazis” “who is this autistic freak and why is he talking to us?” 🤣

exhausted frogtech roider's 1000 yard stare into camera, 100% male gym clientele crammed like sardines into an uncomfortable gas chamber (with pm music blasting) thinking they will impress some bitch who will still choose the tall lanklet drug dealer over them

he is basically the irl version of the south park guy “grinding” online

i'm so glad people are free to come to their own rational opinions like richard here. so glad we are out of the dark ages.

0400 - wake up dis moanin 0600 - brefis (either samlon cooked straight from frozen or eggs /fart powder if cutting) 0700 - preworkout in car 0800 - it train, bench 135 for exact same reps as last time, mixed grip upright row, asymmetric claw/hammer curls. 1000 - do NOT go to burger king for post workout 1100 - put in some sloppy hours at publix or whatever job 1400 - shop for star wars toys (previous one is horribly worn) 1600 - lil treat aka a full meal, surf internet for coins or to see if YT celeries mention him 1800 - dinner with m’jane 1900- crash from all the preworkout and carbs 2100 - im up again this evening, more stims, spends whole night making coin videos or dialling his friends who have fallen out with him 0200 - go to sleep for a restful 2 hours

I definitely have it guise, i got dis-ah-bi-luh-teee money for it.

assuming no bands, leg raises on bed (lie down with legs hanging off side, grab behind u and leg raise), step ups, pushups either wide or w hands very close together and nearer the face for tris (on a book/something for wrist support)

This doesn't appear to be a troll, he has a whole 2nd channel about God stuff. I remember his original girls rating physiques videos, think janoy was in one (blaha definitely was). He still does the prank vids tho.

ive seen this guy back when he was training with the lilliebridges when i used to be a powercoper who followed that. strong as fuck but basically made all his progress as a junior (like collura) and is getting diminishing returns from all the roids. He “broke” some world record with very bad judging and everyone called it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24XFk-MEoeY

oh boy you don’t know.

since maybe 2016 but turned up to 11 recently, huge push for reverse sexual dimorphism where the women are physically bigger and stronger and this is supposed to be good. “muscle mommy” huge thing. biggest sex symbols are women like rhea ripley and lean beef patty and “men” like harry styles

outright humiliation stuff increasingly common with men online like the recent USA mayor guy who was outed as being a “humiliation tranny” enjoyer despite not even being an obvious troon. cuck stuff/polyamory more and more mainstream

mental role reversal where women pursue goals while men wait for things to happen to them. “slice of life” animus popular with men, men identify with ponies and little girls with no struggles because these men do not want to face life. incel phenomenon/manosphere where even the furthest right socially and most masculine men of this generation are still terrified mousey children who cannot approach women

we in gen z have lived to see the man made horrors beyond comprehension.

this muscle girl/androgyny stuff is some weird zoomer shit that I don’t even remember existing pre-lockdowns. think being stuck online all day litelly made a whole generation gay or at least perverted beyond repair

nobodysh got aidsh! i don’t want to hear that word again!

also i have michael douglas hair for some reason, it AI bug kpissoutbye

this is the same guy from the famous leg lengthening where he got crippled to gain a 1/4 inch in height and still needs crutches 1 yr on. non cookie cutter af but stupid. just a clusterfuck of bad decisions 😢 ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/0CdUk9S2xB.jpg)

only thing I have ever enjoyed in football was the 3 PMs all missing their penalties against italy. they were clearly raring to go with a massive “racism forever BTFO” media moment and it failed

why do his arms look like Glenn Quagmire after he discovered porn

forgot the synthol in one of them unfort

he is actually right this time but only because he majorly flip flopped after his man crush jamie lewis made fun of PL. he mentions getting rid of all equipment (although he weirdly brings up weightlifting which has just as much or more equipment), no dumb arches and no sumo. him saying "I judged worlds" though... come on I would add u have to be weighed litelly right before or even after the lift. not even a 2hr weigh in where some can still cut 5kg.

he is still SO fucking butthurt about that "god hates him" line. he mentions it like every 2nd video.

could peak collura have done this with the same equipment and ROM?

unfort this isn’t even any different to now if u look past the language, it’s the same thing of globocorps breaking down barriers to sell as much shit to as many people as possible. uk was a bit behind but conservatives were soon doing similar “labour says he’s black, tories say he’s british” stuff.

it’s not a choice for many guys. i didn’t go my own way, got sent my own way unfort.

but grass is greener im sure some men with families hate it + wish they could up and leave like a PM.

even assuming he is not larping this isn't impressive. fat ppl who don't lift have bigger calves. also the delusion at getting forearms that strong when he can't mixed grip 550+ pounds lols.

Bloath new vlog - debuts his new fluff and puff training style to “improve outreach”
part of me thinks he is just doing junk volume to make the vlogs longer for ad money (that six feegur income drying up guise).

They're for the ruby classic 2033 when i finally get lean

we forget that "youtube fitness" is actually a tiny % of the videos people watch on training. these dumb celeb mens health type circuit training vids are what 90% of casual ppl are watching (Rock one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_42d7MslMAc ) i used to worry that lifting becoming popular would make srs training circles full of cookie cutters but most of them will just do this shit for a month and burn out and quit. better to have a home gym anyway (cant talk 🙄 )

lmaoooo he got ptsd from the powder wars with that alarm.

it quick self destructening like hamas towelheads !

https://www.youtube.com/post/Ugkx0hZnwspTpKRQk06q2DoDuqfCQYnFC0Ok "I'm less than a month into my cut and am leaner than anyone remembers me being so that is a good sign." 🤣 🤦‍♂️

dude, NSFL ! did not need to see bloath’s cottage cheese glutes 🤣

just found out that Oct is supposedly black history month . yes we have two because as an occupied country we have to sit through america's too.

fukkin gr8 stuff. how does he keep answering you when he knows it will just humiliate him lol.

sincere (but menty) analysis of Jason Blaha’s squat
reminder he claimed a 600 at one time and this vid basically displays a sub 400 squat.

Jason “gossip girl” blaha: relationship drama is not for lifting YT, but he engages in it too
includes a ment where he implies greg doucette is a fayug but he simped for greg's GF.

I have chicks telling me I'm RIYUPPED in person.

well yes very high carb/fruit/jasmine rice (of course). in one vid he claims 20g of dietary fat a day which is actually below a healthy threshold. yes he was doing gomad/steak and eggs in 2019-21 when he did the porc mode conjugate where he got up to a passable strength level.

his best "lifts" (note the gym lifts may be completely fake) 484 meet and 505 gym squat in UK black mould dungeon gym on roids (he did keto for this iirc). huge dip when he was on the Jason's deli vegan slop diet back in texas, had like a 500 DL and never competed. then went on the "orc mode" diet to get his crowning achievement 550 belted low bar squat weighing like 260 but again this wasn't at a meet. now is down in the low 4s squat doing a 90% plant high carb diet. ah flip flopped on everything roobyyy

needs 8 monitors to have simultaneous pron vids open

hobby secret

vid (will give him views unfort tho) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szdcChmH40c in mid 2023 he "did" a 315 x 8 and 365 close grip, and was "inclining" 225x10, all with surely fake plates cos his body didn't change at all. he has gradually worked these down to more realistic numbers (315 for 2 and 185 for 8 on the same lifts) and my guess is he is competing soon (at whatever memefed hasn't banned him) and wants to explain away the discrepancy between those gym lifts and his likely sub 300 meet bench. now he has the plausible deniability of "sure ah cayn't do this in meeets but ah did these lifts at a heavier bodyweight guiseee". PS. even if his bench truly is this current level and he can replicate this in a meet, that's like a 325 bench at 242, lol.

masters athulete, can’t raise arms over head

at least he had taken a year off making these before this. hopefully he realises he can just leave bloho in the dust now (including surpassing his subs within the next month lol)

the extremely loose basis for this: 1. NNs make vids very infrequently about bloho including jokes about his fetishes. 2. one time, bloho claimed to be a victim . so this means that there is a causal relationship between the two and that the ONLY reason NNs are making videos where maybe 5% of the content is related to blaha, is to "silence victims". absolute persecution complex and delusion. this particular spergout came from him being caught saying no one is natty except guys he has defended who he has a hardon for (all strength guys or personal friends) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNqbcf-5nORpyfzrqQNLSVw/community?lb=UgkxLuQttinuwNN8PYbYtJq4xtfU7BazPuNn

yes his problem is working TOO much.

ruby classic tier name recognition. not gay (not bald).

look at the live viewer count. I legit can't envision watching mainstream stuff unfort, it takes all I can to just smile and nod whenever ppl bring up the latest football game or netflix slop.

(update) (mirror) - Bloho goes over the edge from BetaDestiny drama and makes crybully video about Uncle Mike
archived for posterihteee guise cos he'll delete like a fayug. but heres real link too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0LGZhGPrdc he is talking about a Natural Hypertrophy video which correctly pointed out bloho's history of creepy comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1G3r3UOar0 NH making this video supposedly makes NH and everyone associated with him paedos. (including a ~1 million sub channel Alan Thrall who could probably afford to sue bloho into the ground for this claim, lols).

Blaha says BD can't lift anything (obviously wrong) and that his bench HAS progressed guise, so BD wrote this absolute autist screed in response basically correctly pointing out that bloho was squatting more and benching the same back in 2019. Bloho can only respond with a crybully cope equating jokes about Uncle Mike to being real paedos or enabling it. ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/swhCTw9hR3.jpg) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/ad78v5F5Tx.jpg)