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i noticed tiny weiner man is gone.

white insulting blacks: “we conquered you”

black insulting whites : “you conquered us”


the best argument for abortion is the women who are most loudly pro-abortion. like those who were screaming on tv yesterday. do we need more of these in the world.

mccuck, avg rich, big rahb. Cuban is really boring too imo

lol i just thought about him again yesterday after years. telepathening.

it comes from equipped lifting where the lift is harder at the top. You CAN do max effort/rep effort instead of the DE bands stuff, which is another valid conjugate template. i prefer it to high specificity program like 531/SBD/bulgarian although i agree that it is complicated and i dont think speed work makes u “faster” independent of just the muscle/strength gain

it actually is a good system but not the way he does it. correct way is like 50% 1rm on the bar and 25% of bands. plus his accessories are dumb.

check out the titties on the guy spotting him lol. blaha level fat…

newest blaha video he says he can bench 405 @ 198 full power (his best is 286). ego off the charts.

lmao finally someone clowning on that french fairy boy NH

The Ment Spirit has ceased to share his gifts with us lowly maniacs.