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100% this, the less toxic modern media you consume, the happier you are. Focus on the things that bring joy to your life and what you’re good at and you’re fine.

I mean, Aboos are kinda retarded. At the same time I question the validity of IQ tests, how much value can you pace in it when it comes to countries where most people only have a very basic, elementary school education?

Tony would probably try to sneak drugs in your food and beverages to get you to try out trannies, that guy seems to be obsessed with it.

Nah, those filthy protestants 100% deserved it!

Nah, apparently she was chubby when she met him and only slimmed down afterwards.

Right now Lucy has probably been turned into Loosey by some hung Armenians.

deleted by creator

From what I’ve hear you already encounter a lot less creeps up North in Chiang Mai and it’s a lot more tame than Pattaya or Bankok. Probably because backpackers have a lot less money/aren’t usually willing to pay for sex.

At least McCuck will be there for hours every single day so that he can hand out with his idol.

Guy with no prior experience starts dating a barslut who convinces him to open a bar, what could go wrong? I’ve seen this movie before…

Some fans should go there and order some Grey Smurray.

Brad will be the next victim of the piss, all that extra stress + the trolling will lead to a heart attack.

The funny thing is that months earlier he totally sperged out when I called him the Lionprick and send me whole walls of text.

Yeah, I doubt you’d have travelled to Thailand otherwise. Just a lil gag, don’t be mad.

Honestly, the tranny lovers, creeps and pedos ruin Thailand for everyone else who just wants to train martial arts or do stuff up in the mountains up North, apparently it’s a great place to ride your bike.

Who necks!

Title says it all, who will be the next piss related person to die? Will it be Lenny or Jay, like the naysayers have been saying for a long time?..

Will get transported to Florida and used as part of a real Rosov mushroomcap risotto, non negotiable!

People there take selfies with corpses after car crashes, it’s rather disturbing.

That cockroach gypsy probably would have found a way to make things escalate that much that Tony would die before him.

Connor Murphy will be Tony’s next victim.

Either that or self harm during a drug induced episode.

Is the “jay longevity” livestream still up somewhere?

We need private investigator Jay Longevity to solve this mystery!

My comment from over a week ago about his videos has aged like fine wine: “report and dislike everything, death by a thousand pissdrops!”

Stepdaughter, he’s a cuck after all! I bet he’d take offense if you wouldn’t point that one out.

Alexandru Lungu, a Romanian MMA fighter with a respectable kickboxing record. Built like a truck, 183cm tall and 150-160kg heavy (160 in his “prime”, he slimmed down a bit later). …

Could have worked as an exotic dancer, if he needed during undercover missions…

Looking at his latest meet lifts no way this is legit, even if the stiff bar (if it actually is one) bends a bit. …