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So what's actually going on with Sassy

Like does she actually believe the nonsense she says? And how can she claim the govt is watching her and then 2 minutes later being showing us an omelette she made. Also, how can she have a shit stain if she’s not wearing pants (see ig photo)…

Misfit Sit Down

If you could get Brad and Lenny together, what would you say? What questions would you have for them? …

Big Lenny Butter Shakes

@OakmontDrill it wasnt that bad. wasnt good either. About to throw up frothy slick protein all over. wait that didnt sound right…

Fair. Sparkling water is like flavorless piss. at least its close.

So hows it going?

Ive seen the messages to foxprick and the criticisms. Lol im doing my best to be less of a chode. Doing a long video every day is kind of boring to watch. Do you guys prefer short videos every day or like one longer one every week? Still working on getting a video in the gym. most gyms flip a …

Appreciate the thumbnail! I try to use all of the photoshops. these are truly art that should be shared with the world!

Lol it was a joke because paulie tried to 66 us!

we will start a go fund me! hahaha

we hear you guys

We’ve been looking at the comments and posts. we will be uploading another video in the next few days, and we are going to try some new stuff. first off foxprick wont be using the camera anymore since he is a tweaker with ADHD. We will be going more places besides ginger pricks house and plan to …

we might have to wait for episode 3 on that one


Lol none of us are professional body builders but there are some big boys youll hopefully get to see in the next video!

Lol the silver lining!

Excellent idea!

Lol just an idiot from NJ with a dumb idea and not enough good sense to stay out of trouble!

thanks! Ill try to slow it down a little!

You better subscribe when we shout you out episode 6!

Mikey is going to cut down and get ripped. Im going to bulk up so i look less like a manlet and more like a fat manlet.

we are going to hit the gym too. just happened to be working out at mikeys house and got some filming done. We will get more people in soon!

I said some of us are over 200lbs. some of us are built like sacks of mashed potatoes and some of us look like the fucking mayor of munchkin city!

Apologies. too much time in ghetto in New Jersey. Will fix it now!

Thats great!

Heres some sugar free, diabetic friendly content sponsored by Liberty Medical. Another video uploaded soon hopefully with more of us. …