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Yea lol i was rewatching old janoy videos and realized that his “chef crackhead” persona was exactly that

All girls should be mandated to do porn at 18

I wasn’t an avid piss trooper during that time. I was an off and on viewer of mostly Janoy and Lenny clips since like 2014 or earlier. I only caught up to the most of the storylines in the last few years.

It is how they should act. Not everyone is a whiny pussy like you

I agree with her. All women should do porn starting at 18

is it all of youtube fitness or just powerlifters? Guessing they moved to tik tok and instagram and shit like that

I totally disagree. Sex or even masturbation doesn’t feel very pleasurable to me unless I get a 1 hr build up at least

Damn she does look really good. I wonder what she’s up to

I don’t get how fuckin caliber works. Is that bigger or smaller than a 45 or a 44?

Fuck Jason has perfect comedic timing even if unintentionally.

Vegan Gains, you are SUCH… a FRICKIN vegan bro

Damn i thought I took bad care of my teeth. I do t have that black stuff there tho wtf is that?

I thought pickles was pretty funny but if he’s actually trying to take the site down he must be dealt with

What do you mean? to me he seems esstremely cookie cutter.

Getting praise? did you watch the video? they are clearly ashamed of him and visibly embarrassed when talking about his lifestyle.

You should be searching that in the first place. Only watch the hardest porn

This place cant get banned… wtf do you mean this isnt reddit

lol those are a retarded and mentally ill people what are they gonna do? No one here does or says anything illegal or posts illegal content. get over it

because ASSHOLES like you go to the hospital when you feel sad. you fuckin faggot

Nah that guy is funny as hell. Cry more tiny wiener man.

We need to focus on getting dr phil and his 10 billion alts the fuck out of here

is it Mcuck? i litally do not know

Impisster? The guy with 1000 alts? Well one of the guys

99.9999 percent of meat eaters don’t look like the guy on the left thi

Someone posted a menty video about Rich talking shit on Buffalo Wild Wings. This is a short clip that I thought was hilarious from that video

Apologies to our resident spammer…
I fully understand why you have a problem with impisster. Guy is a total nutjob. Not only is he delusional but he is esstremely sensitive and blocked me after I called him out. Guys life is a complete mess but wants to tell others how it is. Dr Phil indeed. Anyway apologies to our resident spammer pickles you were doing the right thing