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I really don’t care what McCuck thinks or says about anything.

It Gimli lord of Moria

Blue Oyster Bar fayugs

Takes 10 years off his tired ass, looking thirty and dirty.

Few weeks in incarceration shows up the bald head. Get a transplant or a hair piece bro…they make some nice one’s now

Fuck that guy…mixed mutt trading white girls for profit…nahhhh

Lenny is a lost cause

Leather Daddy bar. No beard leather and tattoos, no entry

No, that’s a normal heterosexual reaction, sir.

The piss rolls forever on …

I’ve never been to the Philippines but I’m sure I could buy my way out of a murder/rape spree if I tried

Tony downstairs listening. Thinking up excuses on the fly.

Nothin like a gook pointing at a corpse fan