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Jay’s twin flame. They still together? Was she ever in any videos? Was she even real? Always wondered. Happy thanksgiving fanbuddies alright pissoutbye

Is she still alive?~___~

Exercises to do at home?
What do the fam buddies recommend? Am on parole unfortunately and have ankle monitor so can’t go gym feel down dumps!! Planning on ordering some home gym equipment when next SSI check rolls in

Take me through a daily routine at Genova Manor
What think M’Lord and M’Goblin do their estate all day?

Would pay big bucks to punch that face as hard as I fucking could with some brass knucks fortunately

Bone Dry
In the realm where ments once played, Where Jason Genova's tales were laid, Now echoes silence, stark and gray, The ments, like Genova, have gone astray. Bone dry, the riverbed of joy, Where once did Genova's antics deploy. His banter's brook, his humor's stream, Are but a parched and distant dream. The sun of wit, once bright and high, Now hides behind a cloudless sky. The fertile fields of Genova's jest, Lie fallow, empty, unexpressed. The laughter's leaves have fallen down, Genova's sunflower wears a frown. The chuckle's chirping birds have flown, In this desert, we stand alone. Bone dry, the well of wit runs deep, In this land where shadows creep. The echoes of Genova's laughter past, Are whispers in the howling blast. Yet, in the heart, a hope does lie, That Genova's ments will fill the sky. And once again, the land will be, Awash with waves of jollity. Till then we tread on sands of sigh, Underneath the humorless sky. In this world, so stark, so sly, We dream of days not bone dry.


Don’t worry, when the dust settles, Subway will still be hiring.

Name change? What did he change it to?

How did Chef Crackhead get all these interviews? Did he go on a world tour or something?

Seeing the Iron Extornionist trying to rip-off the blacks would be next level ments

^This Her body just looks gross too I don’t find her attractive at all

The reason it less stress
the reason why I stay up in relationshizzlez wit a toxic thug longer than I be suppose to. Because I be nanipulated by tha honey moon faze. Da fact dat he first month n' a half is perfect. When her big-ass booty starts lein mean ta me & treatin me like shxt. I forgive Ind tolerate it so much cuz I have faith up in tha elationshizzle goin back ta how tha fuck dat shiznit was tha straight-up original gangsta month. thatz why it takes me a cold-ass lil couple months ta finally give p n' say itz over n' shit. But now dat I know how tha fuck it goes. thatz not goin' down again. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. Im phat enough ta eave when l'm suppose ta now, nahmeean, biatch? 408 20 1 all day baby

Same fan No hassles baby, no work, empty gym can train as long as want!!! Enjoy day after!!

Aggravated assault unfortunately

On parole maniacs
Bored out of mind unfort What should do???

The only thing that’s autistic are those faggot “RIP posts” and that insufferable Pickles fucker

Right? If it wouldnt have died of its death all the troopers would probably still be there

I miss it lmao the Ruqqus era was menty fresh Think about it!! Chef Crackhead making dozens of accounts, Dr. Plum injecting himself into the piss, the battle of Spanish River Park (still fucking blows my mind that happened) Good times fan buddies

Showing my bodybuilding diet
Wake up at 10am Breakfast: three large cones of half peanut butter/half chocolate ice cream 1 chocolate ice cream bar 1 nutty bar 11:30 am post-breakfast snack: three large pepperoni pizzas from Pizza Hut 12:30pm lunch: three burritos, six tacos, two chalupas, one diet Dr Pepper 3:30 pm, midday snack: orange chicken from Panda Express, Beijing beef, and fried rice and two egg rolls b 5:00pm dinner: three double cheese burgers from McDonald’s three large fries and two 20 piece McNugget meals 7:00pm two milkshakes 9:00 pm drink two beers before bed Kpeaceoutbye

Think this longest
I think this is the longest M’Lord has been on social media since Chef Crackhead dropped the hammer a few years ago Come YouTube play doodle????

Are you saying I need to STEP UP?!?!?!

I have problem
I can’t stop eating 10,12,13,000 calories per day I’m literally fucking crying in disgust shame and disappointment as I write this I just ate a large pizza, it was my third meal of the day and I’m STILL fucking hungry!!! This sucks so fucking bad I used to be lean but now I can literally see myself becoming OBESE and I FUCKING HATE IT!!!! Omfg I’m fucking crying in the bathroom at work right now!!! I’m about to go back to the register, I have a jelly donut in the break room I’m just gonna eat that real quick and then I’m gonna start cutting this is absolute BULLSHIT!!!! I can’t wait to go home and cry myself to sleep.. Girlfriend is coming home this weekend and idk what to do I don’t want her to see me when I’m THIS FUCKING depressed and I’m scared she’ll leave me because I’m a fat disgusting slob omg I just fucking HATE MYSELF UGH!!!!!!! &(&?’dndkdhdlslbcbckdndjdkjdsmcjdmsnd

Bitch is fuckin gross Would 1000% kick her out of the bed

Rajesh is like shitty beard unfortunately
Shave it and then just grows back even uglier and shittier It got hair on it

A revival of PISS
Lord itching to come back Can feel!! Lord bout to break the chains that Chef Crackhead imposed!! Active on Snapchat, soon IG, and YouTube hopefully after!!! Lord’s sobriety from social media bout to end!!

I’m a drifter fans….
As I'm thrown into an empty room, or should I say a box. I try to turn around to leave but the door is slammed and locked. So I sit here and I think about all the evil things I've done. I lost where I was goin', 'cause I forgot where I came from. I surrender, Put my weapons down. I can't remember, What I'm doing in this town. It's time for me to pack my bags, I will always be alone. The only thing I've ever known, Is out there on the road. I'm a drifter. I'm a drifte

Lol so much for “being fucking pumped for university”

TLDR back during the RUQQUS days when we were all locked up bored in our houses with cabin fever a maniac found doc plum’s picture and posted it and then doc plum made an account and started shit with us, didn’t let it go for long time

Can’t make up shit!!! Fraky doctro make problems me!!!

Dumbo blocked me on IG lol
After leaving a series of comments of “be careful rod” and “deport these foreign grifters” it Menty huehuehue dumb bitch

Anyone have the video?
Of Chef Crackhead dipping into the pool? Entitled

Honestly, I do the same thing tbh. Train six days a week, can eat and drink whatever want!!

Quit posting these fuckin gay RIP posts they’re not funny they aren’t menty Drop dead

Lmao the pissening flexes throughout it sick it piss

Trump 2024
So he can deport that fuckin beaner Rod back to Venezuela or where ever that shit skin spic is from #KNOBTALK

I can’t remember did Lan or Emma coin that?

An appreciation post
Cheers, maniacs. Cracking open a steel reserve to you fans. This is our one safe haven where we can vent our frustration about the overt retardation and faggotry that floods this world. We the only sane ones left baby!! We don’t care about political correctness we’re freaks!! Alrightpissoutbye

New Snow White
More like Shit Brown huehuehue

Fuck ‘em. Glad they’re gone. Died of death unfort.

Fuck bessie Marry emma Slap dumbo all the way back to Germany

Whaddya think about THAT, JAYYYY?! Some of these tans ya couldn't even tell!

You dont know sicence i know science

This fucking guy seriously has almost raised $4K by e-begging.

Lenny isn’t what he once was
Lemme essplain you guys something I think Brad had a point when he said that once Lenny lost his job, it was a complete mindfuck to him. He lost his confidence. When you know a routine for so long, and it’s suddenly ripped from you, it has a way of fucking you up. Lenny had a sense of meaning and purpose. Take that meaning and purpose away and well… Get what get ubfort. Same thing happened to my best childhood friend. Really smart, good shape, great job, etc. but then he got laid off and became a completely different person. He’s kind of like Lenny, just a shut in that does drugs all day, and any ‘tough’ or ‘strong’ appearance is just a facade. Old him would’ve told everybody in that stupid video to get fucked and would’ve gone back to doing his thing. Current him would cower just like Lenny did.

He collab’d with Jason on a horribly failed supplement “company”. He apparently murdered a couple and ate their faces. Absolute freak

Ment Request
"JASON GENOVA KIDNAPPED" if anyone has it. It's come to my attention that I was MIA for the mostpart during this weird, freaky era. Just got done reading the cliffnotes and I am absolutely baffled. Fuck man, I thought the museum era was a trip. I missed out on (arguably) the most bizzare era of the Genovaverse alrightpissoutbye

Chef Crackhead went into the Japanese Whiskey business

Coach Johnny
What was his motive? The “those are fuckin beautiful, those are fuckin nice” guy? Trying to isolate Jason? Love triangle over J-Star? What fuck?

I’m hungry
Think I’m gonna go dirty bulk at the Golden Corral boofaaaayyy baby it sick it piss eating 6000 8000 5000 calories in macros gonna be stucf ing my fucking face ice cream cupcake bread meat alrightpeaxeoutbte

Is Jay drinking again?!?!?
I am his AA sponsor. I need to know NOW!!!