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Lenny was gonna give him sloppy head to ease the situation. He wasn’t about to fight.

Blame Lou’s stupid ass. Encouraged lenny to post tranny porn and got him fired,so he’s now stuck living with his mom.

Ian Mccarthy thought of himself to be better than Jason in every way yet but gets ragdolled by his freaky scoliosis strength

Alot of cookie cutter use reddit to circle jerk ideas. I’ve been perma-banned like 20 times for saying some of the softest insults. The fag mods will look for any excuse to ban you if you don’t follow the hivemind

You have to delete the app or they will just ban you again for “ban evasion”

Powerful sith lord I have become

When you have to walk your dogs on your dainty deer ankles

Swing her? If you’re implying he “got” her,she was a degenerate pornstar who wouldn’t even touch him. Getting friendzoned by a pornstar isn’t swinging someone

He probably had the same thing happen to him as a teenager and wanted to feel like a badass.

Was listening to podcast with Lou and apparently Lou fucks the hottest chicks,owns the most successful businesses, and can easily knock anyone out. Any story anyone tells Lou has one even better. Is he really a badass ceo playboy or full of shit?..