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What exactly makes you think that Brads gym equipment is worth any substantial amount?

He has a Jay’s old power rack, $300 at most. Also a squat rack, $600 at most, a chest fly $400 in used condition. Some bars and weight plates, $300. a stationary bike, $200 used. A rack of dumbells, ~$800 used. All around maybe 3k worth in equipment at most.

How, its a exact continuation of the previous ones

15 for homemade peppers? It good deal. 12 for shipping? My dude probably lives in Congo

They arent fake fanbuddy they’re screenshots from my phone

He’ll make sure to visit at least once a week

McCuck clearly has a humiliation fetish, why else would he want to associate so desperately with a fanbase that absolutely loathes him

She doesnt want him online period

congrats, you can squat everyone’s bench warm-up with scientificly perfect form

Nah i remember him being underage in 2011

He’ll be back in an instant once granny drops dead

Wow, Lan has huge similarities with John Forbes Nash, the famous Nobel prize winner and math genius who slowly went insane, except Lan doesn’t have a Nobel price and isn’t a genius at anything.

Most top bodybuilders have absolutely abysmal form, so that just goes to show you it’s all about genetics

yes kaizenproductions I’ll get my passport soon

Him raging at McCuck right before their boxing „fight“

from the way he dresses it’s completely obvious that he’s a full blown fag so he 100% did G4P in the 90s


All you would have to do is go to the register tell him Natalie Portman is on the phone and he would instantly dump the entire cash register into your bag to get a chance to talk to her

Lenny has been overdosed for the last 20 years

Hey Lan you might wanna look up this thing called “food”, which gives your body actual energy

McCuck that is…


I think you can make a strong argument this was the peak ‘Delray Misfits’ era, not Janoy though

If anything, he kept the ment alive for a little longer. There are three major events that led to the death of the ment. 1st was World Gym shutting down, 2nd was David Rosov shutting off Jason and 3rd was Jay doxxing Brad’s daughter and burning bridges with everyone.

List of every Genovaverse charater that we have porn of. Just lol.
Janoy - brass bed doodle videos Leggy - tranny vid with mouth pissing Bedroom blueberry - mushroom cap during stream Bessie - snatch pics and soon porn Coath Debbie - own BDSM service Jennifer - cookie cutter naked pics PeeGay - doodle vid after he just got done doing legs Weeeeeeeeee

Could Lenny move his own wheelchair?
He can barely extend his arms 90 degrees. If he sat in a wheelchair and pushed his fatass around he’d be out of breath within seconds. Might be legitimately immobile after this. Might wanna ask Blaha about his wheelchair endeavors.

damn, those florida jail sure do look nice @adammcleod @Powerlifter

there's no proof he's in jail there's no proof about anything you guys claim after Broccoli PM confronted Leonard. Nothing happened since then. show proof of anything other than him getting sued for 50k in damages for crashing Lou's car in 2015

Unfortunately I can't find a source anymore but here's how it went: Shorty after the Adam Harper Era, Coath Adam posted something on his companies' facebook along the lines of: **"Like this post to get a chance to win one of two $75 coupons for the Delray Beach Mall!"** Guess who immediately posted a comment? Jane Frantzen (from her former real account). I can't recall what exactly she wrote but it was huge wall of text along the lines of: **"Hey Adam, I'm glad you're doing good, we haven't heard from you in a while. Here, things are pretty rough these days. My mother is currently in the hospital again for major check-ups and we're all going through hard times. It's nice to see your business is going well. Anything would help so we're looking forward to hearing from you again!"** She wasn't directly begging him (like Jason would have) but it was so painfully obvious that she was lusting for those sweet coupons. Back then you could still see people's post history and this was the first activity her account had in MONTHS. Some Miscer posted a screenshot of it in an old megathread and it was absolutely hysterical. It's honestly so fucking hilarious how the Genova clan does EVERYTHING in their power to behave like the most laughable over-the-top jewish stereotypes every chance they get. Phucking lol.

Can someone aware me on why people are talking about hiding milk from Leo?
Obviously, something must’ve went over my head, but why is the milk associated with this dude