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You couldnt pay me to watch even a second of that

Pure nigger behaviour

Nigger mentality, it hurts the private Business selling through amazon

Bullshit, this is to drive traffic to a website riddled with ads. The same shit happens with celebrity sex tapes all the time

also off topic

He was only 30 here, he was 29 in Adam harper era and this was after that, prime hindenburg era



Where was that from

Yes and she threw frozen eggs at him

BFD1988 is one of the GOAT maniacs. Disrespecting him is essentially treason.

there’s no universal answer to this. it depends entirely on your lifestyle, your family (wife, kids), your location, standard of living… list goes on.

His grandma died? Unaware. Did he get a huge inheritance or something

totally forgot about that one lmfao

She did her master degree in Miami to get her LL. M (Legum Magister) with a focus on real estate law, that’s where she met Rod. But this degree is essentialy useless in the US since Germany has fundamentally different real estate laws

A law degree doesn’t make you a lawyer. And starting lawyers in Germany actually have very shitty pay

What is your favorite username on here?

@MyWholeLegsIsHuge makes me laugh on site…