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It Goyimmaxxing. Don't acquire assets, pay interest on depreciating consumer goods. That will assuredly fix all problems in life and lead to positive future outcomes.


Only fans saturated market, so manywhores details to leak, not enough simps. Bessie so minor she isn’t even on any of the aggregators.

Add failed at porn to her resume. Literally to useless to even succeed at being a fuckpig

![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/UYEKYPh1p4.jpg) How do you react?

“The GHB Leonard golem is our most feared weapon, forget what white phosphorus does to kids”

“Moshe, unleash the ZOGbots, tantenten division, start dumping atrazine in the local water source”

It was a contender for ment of the year.


Would rope on the spot if he saw his own future

Bessie sugar daddy save money, get decrepit Dr Pissfingerstein do deal on implants. Get wat get

He goes through ment cycles. Much like Blaha, they can keep it under wraps for a few months before they either stop medicating or something clicks and they implode.

We had our implosion a few weeks/months ago where he lay on the street and doxxed his parents and demanded money.

Three or four monkey prick groups dedicated to trolling Jason at one point, pure piss

Avoid the piss in a personal capacity at all costs maniacs

I cut out Ian’s actual meal, this is a janoy special huehuehue

I'm a real human bean This monkeyprick has got to stop

I'm over here FUCKING my plain stern gf whilst her father listens next door. I follow that up with a barbeque where I stuff my face. Gotta fill out my future father in law's shirt. Property market is just undergoing a temporary blip, sorts the men from the boys. Business is booming, that's why I'm exclusively based thousands of km away.

Fake black Italian New York acting fag acting tough.

Takes them anyway. Non cookie cutter attitude. We don't care about suicide, WE HAVE A NEED FOR LITERAL SPEED HERE

He’s still active, I messaged him, one response, no more unfort

Miscer Miguel Valenzuela/Valenzuelatech went to Syria, disappeared nothing since 2017. PIP non cookie way to go
YET BIG LENNY STILL HASNT GOTTEN A PASSPORT. HAPPY TO ROT AT MUMMIES https://www.facebook.com/valenzuelatech https://instagram.com/missionarystyle?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== https://www.newsweek.com/2018/04/13/assad-syria-fake-news-war-propaganda-russia-iran-united-states-white-helmets-874161.html

Chinese discovering heart of darkness. It's Lenny tier workers, with Genova tier iq and greed.

orgasming is normal, flaccid stim dicks are better for the vagina, and why 14 year old chicks and 19 year old medical school undergrads are the ideal mating pair. Time to STEP UP ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/IQPg1xF4eC.jpg)

A natural, unsurpassed ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/XfbZcqjsDl.jpg)

Shall I: “Accept I have agency and am responsible for my own life”

“Lie in the road, blame mother and demand meth”

DR HOUSE NEEDS HIS METH ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/Jii3eer7Ay.jpg)

He was a contender, he coulda been somebody

Both came from wealth, neglected childhoods, bio father absent, wildly different “career” life trajectories/potential etc. Both end up lobotomised junkies in their 30s.

It twins

Tony Hue needs to step in. End this farce. Execution by ladyboy mafia

A fine twink to add to father’s harem.

Ian has a Blaha tier iq. “Just read someone elses summary(menno henslemens) of a summary of a research paper. Repeat yourself for ten minutes, don’t cite any sources and don’t credit where you got the summary of video outline from”. #teambloach

Mother, this food is horribly worn

and all the money is left to a charity that attempts to teach niggers how to read.

When one of your paypigs asked where the chest program, he paid 100 buck for, is.

Most rotten shins and whitest teeth award

d'Uncle and mother rune life, have live rest life like schmuck ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/JlC9EVI1zB.png)

My message this month, is ignore scary charts and facts. Drink wine and go one dates with your washed up gfs geriatric father. ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/H6WMm3HIk9.jpg) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/SaDPAI9USf.jpg)

Says NO MORE MENTS FOR PISSTROOPERS. Incel neo Nazi virgins not welcome at the cuckshack

Don't be careful Ian, we need ments. Maniacs send Ian the number of all the pill mills you know. ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/ZsSxE21jc9.jpg)

In the space of 5/6 years of self diagnosis and medication, he's gone from being a reasonably coherent Blaha level autist to uploading junkie videos DEMANDING mommy steps up and funds his drugs ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/ikJwnEF3pG.jpg) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/irGLvs55LB.jpg)

![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/7xRd1X9ehI.jpg) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/4olGMzVxpN.jpg) ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/IDdDMNf7li.jpg) I WANT 100 BILLION RUSTICLES HUEHUEHUEHUE

And gave his junkie ass nothing NIKKA. Rosovs win again!

What happened to Tim Terwilliger(&his wife) RZ shitness, Zeiler?
The minor fitness celerys that interacted with the piss? Did they escape unharmed or were they forever tainted by the piss