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Prison slop for inmate mcthey. Round the clock care in dead granny house.

I’d bet hes left a pile of greasy dishes and burnt pots for mother to clean up also

Going to walk into Emory University hospital with patches on his jacket in his late thirties, get honorary degree in recognition of genius, pull it all together. …

Doodle not work unfortunately, it haldolening.

I think all women, like jews, are instinctive communists. Why they should be barred from participating in the public sphere.

only way you can be moderately right of centre and still play the media political class game. total control of the system

Cleaning up after myself is an entire internal dialogue, its exhausting, confusing and distracting…

Most people see a poverty stricken internet laughing stock, chronic liar, lazy bum, no life, assets, education, friends with a melted candle physique to match his grotesque personality. Most people are wrong. …

galaxy brained amphetamine fuelled crypto scam artist. A female McThey.

e30 M3 is in the shop bro, you dont understand, it was the perfect era of technology, aero, driver aids, budgets and relevance to real world cars. …


Trust fund jew, in a poly relationship, heavy amphetamine and reddit user, full of own self importance, but most importantly she ASSOOOOOOMED her big brain and amphetamine use was a substitute for real life experience and actual knowlege. …

make me sit in back seat with booster. Ian no like, Victoria let me sit up front…

OF model. Personal training, blow some rich old jew in exchange for condo.

Wooah is that a young Aileen Wuornos?

Film it all, balls to the wall, 300 pounds shredded, massively muscular gut and go out his his shield like the thong warriors of old. Snack on Danger, Dine on Death! …

Yes, its the sole non cookie cutter content either she or pinworm puts out, would be quite entertaining to see it gradually ramp up

Jason: You like YouGottaBeAFreak?

Uncle Rosov: Yeah… they’re okay.

Jason: Their early work was a little too unnerground for Sith Lord tastes, but when their yootoob channel came out in '13, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistic-ening. The whole channel has a clear, crisp sound, melon subs, and nices sheen of piss that really give the songs a big bass boost. He’s been compared to Elvis, but I think YGAF has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor.

Uncle Rosov: Hey, Giovanni?

Jason: Yes, m’Uncle?

Uncle Rosov: Why are there copies of the Style section covered in piss and crumbs all over the place? Do you have a dog? A pug or something?

Jason: No, Uncle.

Uncle Rosov: Is that a chewed up goodwill Iron Mag Labs Hoodie?

Jason: Yes it is! In '13, YouGottaBeAFreak released on his youtube channel, “Its Skittle Time”, their most accomplished single. I think its their undisputed masterpiece is, a song so catchy, most people probably don unnerstan the lyrics. But they should, because it’s not just about the pleasures of non-conformity, and the importance of ignoring trends; it’s also a personal statement about the Piss itself! Hey UNCLEl! [Uncle Rosov turns around and gets cleaved with an axe by Jason] Try getting a reservation at Golden Corral now, you fucking cookie cutter! You fucking greedy Jew BASTARD!!

“My mom sent me round the neighborhood asking does anyone need their leaves raked”…

All the jews supposedly against this, the Neo-Cohen grifters Shapiro et all, keep the head down and never call out their fellow ethnics.

He has never even done 60 hours of what could be termed “productive activities” in a week

NoooooooooOOOOooooo Goodessss

Degenerate La Creatura Tan Ten Ten aficionado loves kikes.

Imagine my shock.

Look at her earlier nudes. her tit growth is weird,

“If you will please, uh, hey uh monkeyprick, you wanna take that image off the screen please”…


Delray Misfits board will pay for not buy New Order product to fund my reddit gold premium membership! Inshallah!..

So hers can look like this.