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Because Ian visits there regularly with his private jet. Delusional fuck that he is

I’m convinced that there is a total of 12 users on here the rest are throw away accounts

He would stop doing lives and basically spending everyday visiting goddesses and going to the club

His youtube channel is dying. When shit was going well he was spending his money on $800 shirts and sneakers. Now he is forced to live on less money and he is selling this to supplement his lifestyle. Probably getting pressure from Paty also and we know Nate will do whatever he is told. Meanwhile Dumbo the little cunt moved in there and started putting on the airconditioner like it was her home. And got Nate to move out and leave his grandma alone with no company and nothing to live for. Fuck Nate get what deserve

Seriously who hurt this bitch. Either her family gave her no attention or maybe she was bullied or abused. I’ve never seen a person more starved for attention. I’ts kinda weird actually

deleted by creator

Not good man!

Brad looked less bloated here. Must be before Valerie started the poisioningening

See he really does want to be the misfit circus freak. Give it time he will be doing Elvis impressions very soon

Stomach full balls empty fin

Imagine Bard being alone in that big estate with no whore. He would be back to filming in no time. Bard can’t be alone he needs constant reassurance by a woman unfort

Men and womens attention from what I hear

Why does Valerie have a gym membership?

Bard has a massive gym in his backyard with 10’s of thousands of dollars of donated equipment from the maniacs. Yet Valerie would still rather put her thong and tights on get in her car and drive to a gym. I don’t trust this woman at all… Ever since Bard has been eating her food he’s face is about …

A lot of the names are Jason references

I would just keep doing what Ian does. Get a youtube channel and upload all his content which is already menty. Just document my whole day being homeless and rant about how the world owes me money and food

What is wrong with Nate fans?

His choice in “women” is not good man! He must hate himself a lot. That would explain why he lets “women” treat him like absolute shit and why he puts the sluts on a pedestal where they don’t belong. This new one doesn’t even like him. At least Dumbo pretended to like him. There’s something wrong w…


I use this genius quote everyday in my life and it makes everything better. I want to thank the philosopher Janoy for introducing me to this concept. For example I’m stuck in traffic WHOOOO CARES. I had a bad day WHOOOOOO CARES. It helps you from stressing about the little things in life. It reprogr…

Jay and the misfits

Jay had a pretty decent life before the fighting . He had some solid friends in Bard and Andrew and was very strong for his age. He had a stress free job and was in line for a large inheritance. Then he some how sabotaged it all to make drunk lives about every person that ever cared for him. Had it…

Lenny is retarded fans

He is still drinking 3 gallons of water a day. My guess is he will be back in hospital within the next couple of months. He looks like a Sasquatch with a big fat gut and no muscle. Lenny is a waste of resources and taxpayer money because he doesn’t listen to anyone and expects to be saved by "DOCTOR…