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Shit face , eating ass , witch doctor told him to ___

yes just like the dna tests sites all say everyone is some percentage Jewitch

it also helps with taking a dump helps clean out bowels. just like Lenny said cookie cutters are afraid of pain it is almost like training carrying home a big bag of food ,i think most people are in walking distance of the shops if not take the bus half way

The only problem is carrying shopping back home

No having a car is not all bad you can still get around on a bike plus you get a free workout

was cold the fat warmed up

How the fuck do they come up with this shit

do you think jane has ever let a Indian tech support guy onto her pc because of a pop up

mal were can do that it can get inside a network and go to work

just a little bit of jewish inbreeding

not in usa had it with a lemonade

eat good food to get big

it is fucking good

he should be set free hero in our times

it nate put in cock cage by tgirl

show for white people

guy sound like dale

chicks from the 40s

what a cuck

![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/Np5Sh5czEA.mp4) jason https://www.talk.lol/viewpost?postid=6500f477d4d43


Jones BBQ and Foot Massage [0:45]


Is this movie anygood ?

funny seeing lenny talk shit fuck to bard