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I’ll be honest, I really do need to start making an effort to watch his daily lives more. I litaly never watch them, yet consider myself a hardcore Misfit fan. It’s just hard listening to his monotone, defeated voice while remembering the good old days. I think I resented the fact that he only did them to make money, but I don’t think he really get’s any donations anymore. At least not like he used to.

Doesn’t let any of it touch each other on the plate. Easy psychological read!!

Can go clubbing with Jay Leno and take out a loan to open a gay bar, but won’t pick up Lenny’s bum ass and drive to Prince’s condo for an hour once a month. Nice.

This coincidently is also his to do list for the day

Not a quote, but the now deleted but still infamous video where he claimed to be a mercenary and said he use to do “hits” for the government. The entire thing is so fucking funny.

So fucking menty. They really crashed a geriatric jew birthday party. Jay drunk and slow dancing in the pool. Lenny trying to suck that granny's toes and almost dunking her. Lenny also G'ed up and ready to fuck everybody. So menty.

“Ohh mother, not the dog again”- Jason on the phone with his mother who’s distraught over the family dog dying

Honestly as Jason’s peak social media influence that cup probably would have been worth a couple hundred bucks.

“Other than my obesity, I’m actually in great health” - Jay Masters

Only thing funnier than the dialogue of that fight was what Lou was wearing. Fucking trench coat, sunglasses, sweat pants, and drinking a bottle of Jack in broad day at like 1pm in the park lmao

Need a CSI episode covering this!

Tbf it wasn’t brad that said anything. Per usual it’s Lenny spilling someone else’s beans.

100% Taco Queen’s idea. I imagine she’ll be investing a whopping 0 dollars and somehow still own 50% equity.

If true for once I won’t shake my head at trolls that go after his business. I usually think that’s a shitty thing to do, but if you don’t have time to film a podcast once a month but you’ve got time to start a fag biker bar with your single mom girlfriend then what comes around goes around.

Pretty sure he’d just cut himself shaving like a potato

Yeah, seemed pretty strange that in one 7 minute video he declared 4 or 5 times that he sees no way possible that someone else was involved.

Everyone gonna pretend like they’re grieving, all while making sure their reaction video is monetized.

I remember him talking about how he was suffering from kidney failure. He said he was stage 3 failure, and there was no stage 4, lol.

Never forget Lenny saying in all seriousness that people are getting cancer due to not drinking enough water, lmao.

Big Swole may be the most bizarre thing to ever have happen in the Genovaverse. I know he was already in bad health, but to come out of nowhere, and star in one of the main channel videos, then die after litaly only 1 week of hanging out with Lenny. It freaky.

If you’re an American living in Thailand those are pretty much the only reasons you’d be living up there. Maybe if you’re on the LAM as well.

Seriously, why would you post a potential crime scene photo right after someone died? It pretty spooky!

Lenny is a dumb drug addict, but he’s got a ton of good in his heart too. My condolences to Andrew’s condolences. Hope he and his Mom find peace.

While I do think that some of the stuff on that main thread was going a bit far, he’s in now way “one of our own”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t he use the Misfits as a crutch to get his channel going in the first place? I also am unclear about his relationship thing but pretty sure he was a wife beater? Could be wrong about that. Either way it’s just a lil gag. Rest in Piss Leo.

It’s just a snack god damit!!

Holy shit! That was ruthless lmao.

Looked that whore right in her eyes lmao

In an alternate universe where Lord isn’t brain damaged from boxed wine and Haldol

Pre workout gatorade for carbs. Post workout quart of chocolate milk for carbs and protein. Then a Grand Slam meal from Denny’s. Probably follows that up with some canned goods or that processed lunch meat for ghetto sandwiches. Finally a couple thousand calories of Steel Reserve.

He’s weighed the same since entering the Genovaverse. With exception of the Vegas trip where he bulked to an absurd 340+ and when he got out of his coma. He’s been talking about cutting to 275 for years but never does shit. To your point, I have no idea why he still weighs what he does. There’s no way the doctors told him post coma that he should get back up to that weight. He’s not trucking anymore, basically retired so he’s got plenty of time to go on walks and stay active. Also supposedly not drinking anymore. It freaky metabolism.

It gorilla ass unfortunately. Black tans love grabbing it!

This was Lenny's last chance to change his physique for the better imo. Had Lenny adopted the philosophy Jay and Andrew were trying to teach him here he probably would look way better than he does now. Focusing more on range of motion vs weight and "tension reps". Instead he did the parallel box squats once and then never did them again. Similar to how Jason was forced to do a proper workout with PJ then never tried to train hard again. Now Lenny is stuck living his remaining years with the ROM of a mummy. Feel cold.

Menty entrance from Jay. Strolling in with his Michigan lanyard, liter of Chocolate milk, liter of Powerade, shaker bottle, and vintage bad breathe.

M'lord going for the Aryan Brotherhood look again

An entire house filled with jews Jason dressed like Scarface and eating pizza by the slices Jane seemingly boozed out her mind shaking her tits at everyone and coming on to Bard Jay showing up shit faced, wearing an OJ jersey and weilding a real machete Jay calling an Indian women a fortune teller and asking her for her 1-800 number Jay sucking Jane's toes Lenny dressed as a tranny Jay trying to fight Lenny and Lenny pulling off his wig to mog Jay Jay molesting Jane in front of Jason and telling him he needs to get lost Pure unadulterated piss

Not talking about the one's like Cutler and Ronnie Coleman, but think about all of the pro bodybuilders that train, diet, and take drugs for multiple decades just to die young and be forgotten. All while M'lord will always be remembered in the bodybuilding community without having ever won a single competition. Huehuehue, it menty!

Bessie strip pole tease video!
Nate8000 is going to lose his fucking mind lol

Joking aside, what’s the likelihood that Andrew killed that homeless guy?
We all know the story by now about when he stuck a firework in a sleeping homeless man's mouth. Fireworks back then packed a bigger punch than they do now. M80's used to be like a smaller stick of dynamite. How likely is it that he killed that homeless guy?

He never was the same after visiting Brad

I came here to fight for you because I love you!

Trying to sound like a tough guy. Tough guy. You fucking tough guy.

Anyone catch Lenny’s live last night where he clowned Jay for being in the marching band in school for like 20 minutes?
He made fun of him because he didn't play football like him, but he failed to mention that even as a pussy marching band geek he was outlifting the big tough football player. He's outlifted Lenny in every decade.

Wtf is he reuploading this for? This was literally my, and a lot of fans last straw with Lenny. I've never moved on from this.

Lenny should do a Ted Talk
Picture him waddling around the stage with one of those little ear microphones in his ear talking about the dangers of tranny porn.