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That quote was the first time we heard of anything about Jay’s dad. Mail_Prick is right though. Back when Jay was going hard as fuck and doing lives 3+ times a week he mentioned several times about a man who he though actually murdered his dad. He even mentioned his full name a bunch of times and gave us little hints about how to find him. I wish I could remember what lives they were.

That’s 100% what he’s doing this for. No way a suicidal person is gonna openly joke about it like this on Facebook for his friends and family to see. Because anyone with a brain would know that if they post this, they will get messages left and right.

Gorgeous mother and chad father. Now Jay’s hooked up to breathing machines and dying. Feel cold fans. Hold me…

Cottage cheese and greek yogurt are pretty high in protein. But this is Blaha, so it could just be vanilla ice cream under there.

He flew there to film a video with her to save her face, lol. It doesn’t get more embarrassing than that.

1: Chef Crackhead. Dude literally would get law enforcement involved if he saw any mentions of his name online, anywhere.

2: Bob Swags. Joking aside, there’s no way if evaluated he wouldn’t be diagnoses with some kind of mental disorder.

3: Jason during the quarantine. Due to not having his Haldol shot for several weeks he began deteriorating mentally right before our eyes. The guy was wearing an Elvis suit all day long while hanging up a fans asshole hair on his wall.

4: Jay. He went after a disabled child because Brad made a middle school insult about his mom.

5: Us. We’re fucking crazy fans! We’ve been kicked off of every major platform and yet 10 years later are still here. Still talking and obsessing over the random internet people we’ve watched for hundreds of hours. We psychos now!

Yeah, people complain way too much about those videos. I thought they were great. Also forgot Lenny watching tranny porn and talking about it out loud on a packed plane of people. Jay being insufferable was annoying, but the cooling station was funny.

If it were fuck, marry, kill I’d definitely marry Liz. She good girl!!

It’s actually pretty cool that Jason’s name and his sayings are basically cemented in online bodybuilding communities forever.

1: Alyssa

2: Coach Karren

3: Bessie

4: Dumbo (strictly from a brutal punishment fucking)

5: Coach Karren again

I love how he always violently turned the bottle upside down causing half the beer to turn to foam. He never learned either. Litaly every sip.

I like the old video where he’s posing in the gym mirror and some chick wanting the equipment he’s near asks if he’s about done, and without even looking at her Jason goes “no we’re not about done”. lol

Selling your self respect for 3 buck. Sad days we live in.

Voodoo Ranger is great. It’s got a orange crisp taste while being like 10%abv. I like all of Blue Moon’s stuff too.

I love them roasting him to his face on the podcast about this video.

That’s more than enough fan. Once you’re in the piss, the only way out is in a body bag.

Loved her puffy androgen tits sticking out through the shirt. “I came here to fight for you because I love you!”

Remember when a fanbuddy posted this to a popular reddit page and it got like 30k upvotes? Nate was trying to DM the guy to get it taken down because it was making Livia look bad…

It’s the weekend and Father’s day. We’d almost certainly be getting a menty poolside live today if Jay wasn’t dying. It sad…

Got permabanned from Reddit for the most absurd reason 🤦‍♂️. So tired of pussies and censorship!

So first of all, I only used Reddit to talk sports. I followed a few other subs and participated in them here and there but that’s about it. However, I did use it everyday. I was on the account for like 4 years. I quoted lyrics to a rap song on a daily discussion thread in my sports page and got per…

It’s not sick. It’s not piss…

Jay writing his will

And I want to leave all my empty Steel Reserve cans to Brad. I’d like my CPAP machine to go to charity. My half back of smokes can go to my lovely on again off again girlfriend Linda. Please bury me in my Michigan T-shirt. In loving memory, Father…

EDIT: Another post said he’d be in the hospital for a couple days…

Similar to the post a fanbuddy made the other day about screenshots you can’t help but laugh at…


Come with me to the menty side!..


It walk like a girl, it talk like a girl, it got boner like a girl…

Jay please go live on Youtube today!

It’s ok Father, don’t be afraid of the big bully JT! Need Father time!..

She got with Nate solely to build her own YouTube channel and get a green card. She even made Nate get her 2 little dogs and cheated on him several times. Even making Nate fly across the world to film a video saving Livia’s face because word of her cheating got out. Once she had gained a following o…