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Haha, yeah. Their breakup was pretty menty. Pretty much 100% of the fanbase was on Chris’ side, so the trolling people did to Vince was bad.

Knowing what went on in that gym I imagine the qualification process wasn’t too extreme. She had no idea what she was doing.

Don’t really like any of them now. The prime days of YouTube fitness came and went years ago. I never got into Chewning but I remember watching Chris Jones and POG. Also watched Nick Wright, Matt Ogus, and David Laid up until he got sponsored by Gym Shark. YouTube fitness is nothing by attention seeking fags that just want to sell you their shitty supplements and cheap t shirts.

Yep. Plus wasn’t it Andrew that helped set up Lenny’s own channel, but Lenny was too lazy to even film until Rob helped him? I could be wrong in remembering this though.

Channel was in his name, he filmed everything, he edited everything. The money is his to split however he wants imo. All the guys were gonna be there at the same time anyways. If Lenny really had a problem then he would have said something sooner. It took Bob Swags whispering bs into Lenny’s ear for him to say what he did.

She’s definitely the type of girl to let you fuck the shit out of her while she’s drunk at a party. Then the next day feel regretful so just say that you raped her and go to the cops.

Meal 1 chicken broccoli, meal 2 chicken broccoli, meal 3 protien shake, meal 4 chicken broccoli, meal 6, duhh uhh 5 chicken broccoli, meal 6 protein shake. And I only get 1 cheat meal a week and that cheat meal is a box of sushi… 6 pieces 🤷‍♂️. Simple. Brown rice.

Same. Also the girl Brad brought. She looked way too young for the poster boy though.

“Don’t you wanna win a trophy? Or do you wanna be like Lenny” *Lenny standing like 5 feet away lol

Some if in good condition actually are worth petty cash. Those youtube fags like Logan Paul that talk about spending and selling them for millions are BS though.

Lenny is the worst person to be holding on to one of your deep secrets. Might as well just tell the world if Lenny knows. Eventually he’ll spill it on his own.

and she never will. Just another jew boca bitch scam. She’ll drop one underwear pic a month for like 100 buck.

Couple weeks ago, “Lenny can’t even lift weights anymore. He’s too busy sucking dick” - Jay

Now, “Give us a crab pose, oh yeah he’s still got it” - Jay

Not talking about the one’s like Cutler and Ronnie Coleman, but think about all of the pro bodybuilders that train, diet, and take drugs for multiple decades just to die young and be forgotten. All while M’lord will always be remembered in the bodybuilding community without having ever won a single …

Joking aside, what's the likelihood that Andrew killed that homeless guy?

We all know the story by now about when he stuck a firework in a sleeping homeless man’s mouth. Fireworks back then packed a bigger punch than they do now. M80’s used to be like a smaller stick of dynamite. How likely is it that he killed that homeless guy?..

He never was the same after visiting Brad…


I came here to fight for you because I love you!..


Trying to sound like a tough guy. Tough guy. You fucking tough guy…