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Don’t know if Lui was trolling about being a recent livestream

He’s above all the hustling & bustling normal people go thru to make a living. His disability laziness entitles him to mooch off of society, all while leisurely browsing social media all day.

Has time to lounge around and watch a concert but no time to send job applications.

Bloho is the lolcow that just keeps on giving, lifetime order 66

His level of entitlement is impressive. Spends all day on social media and watching movies while getting coked up on caffeine and adderall. When money runs out, he concocts a sob story to prey on those who still have an ounce of compassion left.

40bucks, a cigarette and some soda will get you 2 minutes of limp doodle sucking and a finger up the ass. You play to win the game!