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Ah to be young again. And now look at us all these years later, on a message board dedicated to Bunch of Florida gym weirdos. It sick it piss

Fuck that was the day I started dating my woman. Still together fonrtunatel

He assumed he knew what he was doing

That seems to be the trend nowadays. I see a lot of “programs” that are 2 day splits chest/back/biceps, legs/shoulders/triceps. The old school bro splits are definitely frowned upon by “geniuses” like Lan

Who in the blue hell would go to this guy for advice on anything?

Would smash the HR lady, unfortunatel

She still looks okay for now but it’s definitely all downhill from here. Would still smash unfortunatel

Soooooooo…… You gonna show us your bush or not??

That dude looked like a skinny version of wrestler The Godfather

I remember Lenny defending him on a podcast, of course

How about Pakis? The ones who were born here (North America) can be beautiful but they don’t seem like the pump and dump types

Any fellow maniac ever been with a black girl? Paki? Asian?
I struck up a conversation with a nice looking black chick today. I thought about banging her but a buddy told me their pussies stink bad. I think I’d fuck a Paki before a black chick, just to hear the gibberish coming out of her mouth while I plow her. Asian seems like it’d be okay, except I might get horny an hour later.

I knew a girl who was convinced she could make a living selling pictures of just her feet. “There’s a market for that!” she kept insisting. She got mad when I said I’d only buy a pic of her feet if they were covered in my jizz. Haven’t talked to her in awhile but last I heard, she’s a “photographer” now, taking pics of pets dressed up in Christmas hats. I’m thinking of offering her fifty buck to take pics of her sucking my doodle. It good deal.

Yep. My wife’s family consistently gets the flu shot - and now Covid booster - year after year, and all we hear about is how sick they are. Then they act all surprised that we never get any shots and are rarely sick, and my wife works with germy Kindergarten kids. Her family are all university graduates (her sister is a nurse) and these are some of the dumbest people I’ve ever met in my life

Hate to admit, but it’s happened to me. Weirdest feeling ever

My gym tried to sucker me into personal training when I first joined and their “deal” was $1500 for 6 months. They got real snippy when I told them my plan was to “lift, eat, sleep, and grow.”

It’s probably a good strategy in the gym’s part to have decent looking pieces of ass “train” out of shape old guys who enjoy having a hair pie hovering above their faces while they bench the empty bar. It scammening

He really is a smug little prick

What’s with all these tatted up whores becoming “personal trainers”?
I see this at my cookie gym all the time. Skinny chicks who look like they just got out of Dachau or rehab, covered in tattoos, walking around with clipboards and wearing “Personal Trainer” t-shirts. None of them look like they’ve been lifting for more than a year but they way they walk around you’d think they were the next Miss Olympia. And their “clients” act like they’re getting advice from Arnold himself. I’ve heard anyone can take a weekend course online and get certified but is the bar really that low? It confusening.

Cum will not be wasted. If you are not given the pleasure of an anal or vaginal creampie, all cum must be swallowed. If any cum is wasted, you will be punished. I’m not into that pulling out, doing a money shot. What’s up with that porn money shot? I’m not into that. I want that in their mouth, in their pussy, or in their ass. I don’t want it all over the fucking place. Cum shall not be wasted, or you will be punished." - Big Jay Masters, aka the Bedroom Bully

“Let me tell you something about Jim Harbaugh.”

When I got my bell ring and walked off the field!!!

Agreed fanbuddy. Her and her big alligator mouth

Fuck, Britney was cute back in the day.

I saw a video on efukt of a bunch of different women talking about porn being “empowering” interspersed with scenes of those same women getting pissed on, eating guys asses, and licking toilet seats. Sure, whore, keep telling yourself that eating some scummy losers butthole is “empowering”.

Why can’t I ever run into one of these empowered bitches?

“D-D-Dave told me about it.”

Not really rare but that always cracked me up. Everyone knows a guy named Dave

What happened to Adam Pollard?
Listening to episode 2 of the podcast and he calls in with a hilarious Jay Masters impression. “I’ve got my cock in a glory hole and the guy’s beard is tickling my taint. It’s gunna make me COME!” He also did a bang up Jason impression. Can’t find anything on YouTube. Entitled. K peaceoutbye

Says he’s 43. Looks more like 53. Just needs lethal injection

Big Jay Checking In From The Grocery Store
Had to downsize to 5-tons due to recent health problems. ![](