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lindas daughter does make up and hair IT SICK ITS PISS!!!

depresses me that mcuck/transformX is one of the last hub for drm content, its really over

hope lenny dies soon 2 put the nail in the coffin so we can just gatekeep forever

ahah i dont do drugs im based i pay for a woman’s shit im like brad im based

are mustangs even considered nice in mutmeraca? iu see alot of losers with them

so excited for the group home era. goblin will refuse too die jewish unfort

fat lou needs too step up and bring in fast food like last time

it public figure bro no doxx here nigger. time for ur long awaited introduction gummy. ur our new robzilla now baby

wow what a great take. this andrew guy should start a podcast with a group of friends and discuss these topics at length

lmao no way hes paying for search ops KEK!

how do we combat this

spoken like a true worker bee expecting no inheritance. go listen to early podcasts were lenny said how much hard work pays off.

epic podcast neshie reference, nate waking up in a hotflush because granny figs turned it off at 3am

the lord manager who knows the rock

one of us unfort. piss trooper she becum


show your work faggot. only admitted to it like 10 times?

wow you killed these podcasts quick MR @WombDestroyer

very important archive work no one would have done. i screen shot and archive your thread and months work

we come across disagreements related to the piss but im glad to call you a brother in this world

forcing a little boy to watch porn with him

fucking a trans hooker infront of her 12 year old family.

picking up skater kids in andrews truck to fuck that local female bodybuilder who turned mentily ill and horny from he drugs.

lenny is a pedo and id fucking say that to a judge’s face, brad and andrew know it. thus this is the time to escape… misfits are dead

if what brad says is true what a truly stupid cunt. going to gym for the talent obvs

i will always rember destiny for the first video i ever saw of his.

he was telling people he has to eat 6-12 jelly donuts a day to dirty bulk and keep the calories up. 2 years later he said he got sick now refuses to bring this up lmao. goMAD retard tier advice


goes on to mock people in the podcasts saying they should have started a go fundme for trannys and gear

videos in the gym with andrew and jay are classic ments now.

misfits claim another gym

absolutely incredible. imagine if the podcast was still around to goof on this lmao

i mean tim must be the stupidest person in delray

lennys always wanted to just sleep on the beach

100% correct. he may stop making content all together

only good comment in the thread

that 1 week stay is one of robzillas most comestible moments rip

fiance is a pig. im on a re listen of the podcasts, cant wait for a part were he shits on single mothers kek

wow this user here is a huge robzilla faggot. you were triggered over this rapist on my latest robzilla packwatch post

truly die my nigger

goodbye robzilla
funeral over. now ur in the fucking ground forever, no redemption for you most of the people there were friends of the wife. only misfits showed up. life was for us. job was for us. it is all ours now. forever u faggots all forget so quick

podcasts will always stay comfy. crazy people can spend so much time together and have it end like this

robzilla now watchable, like leo the scheme didn’t work… unable to monetize us
all the projection lead to nothing so its no longer offensive to me. his new job was a flex on us or a flex on lenny, brad, prince anyone who thought he wouldn't pull it together... he didn't. broke into lennys ig last week shilling shirts and making jokes about looking for drugs. the posturing lead to nothing as did so for leo. emma. swole.. distend to be our plaything for the rest of time, no redemption no new ment. nothing gone forever i can now watch the big lenny archives and not feel taken advantage off or used. bye rob ill be sure to live extra hard just for U!!! ooygooy

waiting for the DRM instagram. prince is always class
brad may take this to heart he got him the job. life short forgive jay?

And To The Bottom You Sink
![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/LBTPZwxjVV.jpg) to much to even say

similar to the monkeys slapping a typewriter. one day brads retarded daughter might slap her iPad and this video of “uncle lenny” could play!!!
very sad from lenny imagine if the mong realized how much of a mistake she is? silly lenny!!! FATHER ALWAYS WINS

the delray misfits died on podcast 43
its worth a relisten if its been a wile. is when the patrion failed and andrew wrote a letter adressing the state of the piss. Lenny instantly goes into talking about dale farts after andrew poured his heart out andrew comments on it and by the sound of his voice you can tell its done... from that day podcasts were once a fortnight... than once a month... ep 1-43 beside curtus and big lou eps are pure comfy kino forever ill listen thru skipping the robzilla story ark than back to comfy ep 1!!!


Big Lennys Okay…
when Lennys outside on a cool summer sundown with his shirt off.. giving comfy minimalist Eat Sleep Lift life advice.... its cozy i think once he passes we will look back on this period as his oldengolden years. jokes aside he makes almost no money and just does it for us also on my onteenth podcast re listen. ep 39 to 50 are pretty fucking kino if you skip the lou and robzilla eps. but drm pod as a whole goes down as #1 the misfits have the same level of comfort that the office does to libniggers blogpostover fuck lou

i hate him so much bros…

after days like today Jay Masters defiantly contemplate suicide
dont do it father give us sauced up livestreams again it sick

so the boards just given up on IOS support ?
been broken for months. i miss you manics but i toilet post... i dont want to boot up the rig to pisstalk FIX THIS NOW!!!!!!!

where is the video of robzilla and lenny shitting on andrew outside during a live?
i think robzilla strikes any remaining footage of this from the internet. we cant let this pece of media die... this moment killed the misfits. please someone with the archives help on this one. im making a documentary on the subject

a neet with nothing to do but ponder the word of father
![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/zll4lurAZq.jpg) god its comfy bros. i feel like jason in 2018

board still broke jannys
clean this shit up for iphone retards wtf?

i believe we are seeing the final act of “big lenny”
enjoy him and get your fast twitch muscle fiber award wile you can maniacs

mobile broken fix it?
after your "update" i cant use the board on iphone everything loads and crashes cant even upvote shit and fuck m'mcuck

Lenny makes a podcast everyday for us and is never talked about on this board.
When he dies you will say how much you love and miss him. If you’re not dedicating an hour of your day to listen to his teachings. Ur fake fan Lennys putting more work into the piss than ever. But brad and Andrew refuse to do There part They want the piss dead. They want us dead

Love hopping into a sassy stream and feeding the delusions.
![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/zqqKQGa90z.jpg) FUCKING CRACKHEAD TREE LIVING GOOFS YOU FUCKING GOOF!!!!

Tony is Making Leo sound like the most degenerate loser imaginable “ Leo wouldn’t shower or sleep with sheets on the bed not because he’s a slob, but because he was so dedicated to his research” “ I was helping Leo move into his Heram house” Copes worse than Lenny. This whole situation is extremely weird maniacs. I feel like Jason did around Dumbo....somethings not right Nate

Leo’s final moments on this earth. You can’t make this shit up

![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/pPIuRUou9u.jpg) Rest in the piss bozo muslim Nigger. Ameen always wins

Oops just finished podcast 76 back to number 1
Anyone else? Since 2020 this is all I can handle on my morning nature neet walks. Most kino comfy podcast fuck robzilla early episodes are kino

Lmao Jesus Christ Lenny
![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/CbxqBLhCz1.jpg) Not good man

Christmas gift 2023
My mom uses a HomePod every Christmas to listen to Christmas carols it’s filled with absolute bangers like Rod Stewart, Dean Martin etc I’ve downloaded Jason Genova Track “Piss in the valley” Add uploaded it to the playlist under the name “ Elvis Presley 19”66” live from the Pisslabowl” Next Christmas I will be monitoring her activity and I will update the board in a years time Kpeaceoutbye

“I only had to pay À la Moni for 36 months” T.bigbradwolf

One of you lunatics had him record the songs Andrew made a full album out of it, so hilariously abstract. “Piss in the valley” slaps

Lee Priest is a deeply mentally ill individual
![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/LSMw8NLK0B.jpg) He looked good with that shit lasered off his face, then goes and gets a more ridiculous face tattoo over it. Genuinely have to be touched by your dad to do that shit Jason always wins

Fuck chuckecheeseranch
Fucking child molesting Nigger deleted a bunch of Jay masters live streams Such a pansy faggot. Lennys last ribeye is gone I’ll be uploading my whole archive to a YouTube soon, God knows how many are missing now

M’cuck posts voice ai changer drm videos on ig. Transformx posts ai art everyday. Why are we ignoring the obvious
![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/wbM5dJYWx6.jpg) Along with m’cucks clear love for video editing. Father was right all along what a little creep... He goes hangs out with brad than makes fan montages of him That’s fucking perverted...

Now on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. LiL Christmas treat cheese upload the first part, come on tough guy stop being a cookie cutter Big thanks too cubanmafia22 and schlemp, true Malte liquor militia members and ment preservers

“GUNS” confirmed, Apply pressure
![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/lxuXPZdFkr.jpg) I’ll pay for a Christmas miracle for the malt liquor militia Let cheese know you want it and I’ll personally fund it