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Boosted too friendo,

Vaxxed and boosted unironiclly because I’m not a chud :p

Because soccer is a faggot nigger sport in the first place, hence why father played

Lmao yeah he uploaded 5 pictures of his room this morning. All wiped along with his account

I reposted the worst picture

I reposted a picture of his room and made fun of him for being 40yo upset his mom wouldn’t share his music on her Facebook.

Was just gaging on you bro you didn’t have to deactivate lmao

Get back here you wacky fuck

“Spend all day in the gym” Ooooops

Jay goes from this too “BIG LENNY MY BROTHER”

If jay is okay with Lenny than that makes big jay a pedo via proxy

Jay should have punched Lenny in the gym last week, coward

This is nigger tier you gotta pull it together bro

Very flawed study but y’all don’t care about that. You just care about making fun of my people

(Jewish and homosexual)

Thanks for reupping my link lmao. My favourite ment of all time

Lenny low key knows no one wants anything to do with him, that’s why he won’t make the effort anymore.

He could easily convince robzilla too go train at brads one night after work, off camera politics bro

Yeah wasn’t lennys ribeye my bad

“Somalian’s are the scum of the earth”

But father has real disdain for Africans so he probably touches on the subject atleast once a live

Go thru his archives from early 2020 and post clips on YouTube in the process

Let’s see your bank account and I’ll be the judge on whether or not you should be worried about politics my nigga

You maniacs need to go back and listen too all the podcast episodes.

Some of the bugs taste good and are nutritious.

Being staunch antipozzed is just as cringe as being fully pozzed. The political chatter y’all doing here should be ban worthy, back too /pol/ nigger

“They’re bread that way…”

Always menty when father would talk about women like animals

Trolling a board with the same like 25ish people is fascinating to me lmao

Stop attacking Tim or jay will withhold Andrew ments

Nice try fat nigger I don’t negotiate with terrorists. Tim boomer faggot will continue eating crow …

Might buy followers for lennys YouTube and Instagram too get them flagged

Worth the investment? Fat retard won’t be able to figure out how to make a new account and might be forced to meet Brad…

Jay equating brads ya mom joke too what he said about his daughter is endlessly amusing

“I’d be happy too film with brad I wish he’d grow up except my apology and apologise for what he said about my maaaaaaaam” …

Epic menty from sassy savage goddesses

She’s a misfit always talking too Lenny and jay, having the Biggs melt down ever don’t sleep maniacs!..

Very menty Lenny going in hard today. Itssickitspiss Put together a highlight…

Jays plan is too steal Andrew way on his days off so brad can’t film

It’s jays plan to be adopted by Andrew now 2 days a week because he doesn’t have any other friends. …