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thats cool but does it have shit stains in the bathroom like lennys tranny fuck shack

dont talk about my myom. she has cactus nose too unfortunately

doesnt need to drive truck hungover. could do 4 hour live marathons, from mommys room but does none. sickening pissening retard …

10k a day baby wooo im the real nicki minaj, im out haters

trying to get lenny sentenced to death for being homosexual unfortunately

somebody probably already found lennys dad and emailed him lennys pornhub link unfortunately

i didnt abandon them bro i pay child support. spoken like a true nigger. bard the nigger.

big lenny and big gyay and bard couldnt wait to jump in front of the camera "ready for my closeup mr deville feebleman movie producer jew. bard had his sleeves ready to show tattoos and dropping F bombs look at how big of a tough guy i am. big lenny “what do you think about that dale? any ten ten ten tens” and then big gay talking about his hemrooids. they all owe andrew money unfortunately for wasting his time. They loved the attention more than janoy and acted like even bigger retards. bard would still have his bloated face wanting a closeup of his beard if it wasnt for retarded daughtergate unfrotunately

how do you go from this to preworkout live in mommys suv ok gyms open k peace outbye

bard talking about special olympics did not age well, retarded daughter dox unfortunately

the one where bard talks as loud as possible and uses profanities so anyone around thinks hes cool and not a reject postman with retard daughter unfortunately

get what deserve for not collabing unfortunately

all lenny has to do is drive over anytime. ya right, bard is changing taco queen kids diapers, eating taco queefs ass, if he has any free time, all his abandoned bastards and grace come over for dinner as a lame gesture. then him and taco queef go out to pool halls to makeout for instagram. lenny doesnt want to call and hear “im busy this week”

raising a brown kid thats not his, definition of a cuck

just a little TRT bloatsauce and used up single mother pussy to stay young am i rite?

the snake oil doesnt restore a shit hairline it just helps grow hair in the bald spot in the , back supposedly. itys more like fuzz and not real hair though. the minute you go off the stuff after becoming broke, the hair you regrew will fall out again. if you are that worried about it look into micropigmentation where they basically tattoo a hairline on your head for a full head of hair shaved look. instead of losing money on bullshit supplements

big gyay looks fine bald, it bam bam bigelow. the problem is he lets the fuzz and eagle wings grow in like a recovering alcoholic coomer

TRT and 35 year old single mother pussy. it simple k peace out bye…


just found out the gyatorade is making me fat, dont trust scales bro. dont want to talk about bryad anymore. lenny stop talk shit. ok gym is open k peace out bye …